How do student’s score well on a Math exam?

math exam

Maths as a subject can be daunting for many students. Either they are great at it, or they suck at it. Besides, there are many ways to help them become better. The one and the most important thing to do well in math is practice. At the same time, any math practice revision will help you in some way or the other. There is a way to improve your revision strategies to help you improve your overall performance in math. Although class 10th students score high marks in maths compared to other subjects, it is disliked by many students.

It is difficult for anyone to fall in love with math overnight. But with sheer determination, you can develop a liking for the subject. Try focusing on math problems and ways to deal with them quickly. To start practicals, you must first understand the theory. The basic concepts in math are the most challenging. The number of questions does not matter when solving sums. Sometimes all you have to do is practice a variety of questions. Practicing good quality questions which are challenging to solve will test your aptitude.

How to score well in math:

Many of us believe that we need to have super brains to do well in math. But, unfortunately, that is not true at all. Firstly, you should stop thinking about good grades if you want to perform well. Getting good grades is easier than you think. If you aspire for good grades in maths, you have to commit yourself to some daily practice.

So, coming to how to get good grades in math, we have some simple steps for you:

1. Start with the basics concepts/ Foundation

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Understanding the basics of maths is not easy. First, one must understand the theory of maths to understand the basic concepts. Once you are clear with the ideas, application, and techniques, you can proceed. This way your ability to learn maths and overall performance will improve.

 2. Formulas are helpful

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Studying math requires memorization of formulas, theories, and concepts. Therefore, it’s always better to write it and keep them handy. This way, you can memorize it whenever you have the time. The practice is beneficial for last-minute studying. Although the formulas are critical, the logic involved is far more critical. The reason may seem a bit difficult to understand, but that’s the challenge.

3. Practice makes perfect

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The best way to master math concepts is through practice. Practice different types of problems as much as possible. The quality of the answers matters, not the quantity. Select issues that challenge your understanding and solve them. This way, you will be able to tackle the most difficult sums.

4. Focus on improving

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Focusing where you are weak can help you score better. If you struggle with a particular concept, you can work on it to gain clarity and understanding. When solving problems, writing tests, and sample work, you can gauge your areas of weaknesses. Also, practicing issues in a variety of ways can test your knowledge. This will help you to utilize and use more formulas. Focus on which you need more practice and improve your scores.

5. Simplification is vital

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Whenever you solve a question, try to focus on the steps involved in getting to the answer. Keep in mind the process to break down and simplify. You cannot simply write and secure good marks. Sometimes, the professor is keen to know the process behind the answer rather than the answer itself. After all, maths is all about the process. Also, learning to write step by step will lead to good secure marks.

6. Make the most of your time

most of the time
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When faced with difficult questions during an exam, go to the next set of questions. This way, it will save you a lot of time to answer the ones you already know. If time permits, you can always go back and attempt the ones you left. In case you complete the exam beforehand, you can double-check the answer for extra clarity. By doing so, you may find some errors you didn’t notice the first time around.

7. Find a good tutor

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A good tutor can show you your strengths and weaknesses. They can help you identify where you need to work. Once they prepare you for the exams, you are good to go. Spending a few hours with a tutor can enhance your performance in maths. Having a tutor prepares you for any maths challenge ahead of your exams.

8. Make math fun and interesting

math is fun
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Math is easy when you understand its logic. Of course, the formulas are essential, but that alone is not enough. When you start applying maths in your daily activities like cooking, baking, exercising, etc., it makes sense. In addition, there is better student engagement when you implement fun strategies like playing maths games, both printable and digital. There are many fun math activities like interactive games, picture games, and card games to make learning fun.

 Take away: 

Exams play a vital role in education today. To feel anxious or nervous is quite normal for any student. But you are stressing out too much before the exams are not correct. Your child needs to minimize the fear and write exams with an open mind. After All, how well you perform in your exams determines your state of mind. Till then, happy studying and all the best!

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