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English Assignment

Many think assignments are wasteful things as they have no significant importance in academics. Hence, many kids annoy you whenever a tutor assigns you some task. But the truth is. Assignment writing is something that develops your analytical and critical skills. 

Here, we’ve discussed everything on the Elementary Assignment. If you have an idea to join an online assignment class to enhance your ability, you are in the right spot.

English assignment class overview

An English Assignment is a scope to discover various areas of English. Usually, Assignments require in-depth knowledge along with extensive research. Hence, getting help from experts is a better choice to gain deep knowledge and research on your English Assignment. Thus, it is wise to join an online English assignment class to learn more about the insights.

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How do online English writing assignments classes work?

English is one of the languages spoken and learned by more than 1billion people around the globe. People who don’t know how to speak English may humiliate at some point. Likewise, some find it hard to write English.

While writing, many people find it hard to understand vocabulary, pronunciation, and slag variations. For those, English writing assignment classes will help to solve their issue.

With the help of an online English Assignment class, one can complete their assignments on time. Also, it helps to improve your problem-solving ability, writing skills, thinking skills, and much more.

Importance of learning Online English assignment

A teacher or tutor can’t pamper everything for their students. It may harm the learning skills of students and affect their education. Hence, with the help of assignments, kids may gain some knowledge of writing skills.

Do you know why it is important to learn English Assignments? There are many reasons, below are few reasons for your knowledge:

Build concentration

“Assignments are the best booster for the final score in your academics.” Thus, every student should learn to do assignments on time. It may not only help you to score better but also improves your concentration skill.

Problem-solving skill

While writing assignments, students may come across new problems and discover solutions on their own. But, this won’t happen in a day. Seamless practice is required to excel in it.

Time Management

Usually, assignments that are assigned to the kids should be completed within a specific period. Limited-time period saves your Kids time and improves their thinking ability.

Besides, they will find which task should be given higher priority and complete their assignments within the time limit.


Do you know the main reason for providing assignments to kids? The main aim of the Assignment is to analyze whether the students have understood the concept or not. If the concept is not clear, then it will reflect in their Assignment.

Types of English writing assignments for students

Below we’ve mentioned the types of English writing assignments. Go ahead:

Case Study

A case study is a professional context that should be analyzed and concerned with the situation.

Likewise, in a case study assignment, a student should analyze and identify the problems and issues in a particular scenario. They also need to demonstrate their professional policies and theories and solve some issues in the Assignment.


One can write essays on a particular topic or subject. In general, essays follow a pattern where there should be an Introduction, Body, and Summary. The major part of Essay writing is the body portion. It should be in-depth and provided with evidence and detailed explanations.


Review is a critical evaluation of Publication, Literature, and Project that are made using research methods. People from research professionals pay more interest in review writing as well. The review writing is mainly focused on improving ideologies, concepts, and thinking skills.

How can you improve assignment writing skills with Nurtem?

Writing an Assignment can be annoying and difficult at some point. Students may lag without the appropriate info that is required while writing an Assignment. Besides these, there are also other factors like insufficient time, poor grammar, weak writing skills, lack of interest, and shortage of resources for research.

Here are few techniques to improve your Assignment writing with Nurtem:

Comprehend your topic

Choose the topic based on your interest. Selecting your favorite topic will engage your interest in the English Assignment.


Once you’ve chosen your topic, research the topic in-depth. Research as much as you can over the internet. From the available source, you can get new ideas to write your Assignment.

Gather right info

It is always better to collect reliable data than unauthorized data. So, make sure your sources are reliable or not.

Understand structuring

Structuring an Assignment is one of the best ways to improve your writing skill. Hence, make the structure of your Assignment simple and give the effect of professionalism.

Introduction composition

Compose the introduction to the chosen topic. It should be simple, short, and interesting. Hence, try to keep your sentence as minimal as possible.

Be careful with your language.

Use simple language and avoid using complicated words. To avoid complexity, try using informal language.

Proofread and remove errors

Once you’re done with your English Assignment, proofread it. It will help you to find the grammatical and spelling mistakes that you’ve made in your Assignment.

How do you format a case study assignment?

Knowing how to format a case study assignment is one of the core skills. This is because it requires critical and analytical skills. When you are about to write a case study assignment, know how to organize it effectively. Below we’ve provided to format a case study assignment. ‘

Before knowing its format, learn how to start a Case Study Assignment.

How to start a case study assignment?

  • Analyze and Identify the Problem in your case study assignment.
  • Think about the underlying causes for the issue.
  • Make an Outline.
  • Examine and explain the cause and effect of the issue in depth.
  • Formulate possible solutions to the issue that you’ve found by your analysis.

How to write a case study assignment?

Once you’ve done with your case study analysis, follow these steps while writing your case study assignment.


Identify the major issues and write them as a thesis statement. Remember, your introduction should be like a roadmap for your reader.

The introduction portion not only contains issues; you should discuss why this case is being written. Usually, a good introduction part should comprise of:

  • What is a case studied?
  • Why are we investigating this issue?
  • In what way will this research advance your knowledge?

Background data:

Conduct extensive research on the issue and incorporate the data collected over the internet. This is because you need to demonstrate how you’ve researched the issue.


It is essential to provide a realistic solution that explains the issue in your study. Also, describe why this solution will be the best one to solve the issue.

Format for a case study assignment


Create an attractive title for your work. Also, keep it short and simple.


In this session, one needs to describe what you’ve done and how to proceed further.

Subject data:

Provide detailed info about what the case study is about.

Challenges and objectives:

Explain the challenges that you face while writing. Also, determine your long-term goals.

Quotes and visuals:

In the bottom section of your Assignment, add one or two quotes and visuals to make your case study more engaged.

Future Plans:

Here, it would be best to mention the “Future goal” of your case study analysis.

Why Online English Assignment class with Nurtem?

Do you wish to learn how to complete your assignments? Get assignment help from the Experts at Nurtem.

At Nurtem, we have a huge team of experts in English and its other sub-disciplines. So, get help from our certified writing specialists.

Final thoughts

It’s time to wind up. Online English Assignment class is one of the best choices to enhance your assignment writing skill. So, before choosing an assignment writing class, make sure that they fulfill the skills that are mentioned above.

Good Luck!

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