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Like physical exercise to the body, our Brain needs some exercise to refresh our mind. But how? Play Chess!

When we say “Chess,” probably some may think it is a simple board game to play. But it is not. Indeed, Chess is one of the great activities that give Exercise to your Brain. It is like an energy booster that enhances your patience, concentration, and much more. This is why many people around the globe are praising Chess as a great game.

So, are you new to Chess? Don’t know where to start? Then this blog is for you. Here, we’ve provided all the basic needs that you should consider while learning to play Chess online. So, let’s take the right move!

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Why Nurtem?

  • It’s flexible.It offers a wide selection of programs.
  • It’s accessible.
  • It allows for a customized learning experience.
  • It’s more cost-effective than traditional education.
What is the right age to learn Chess online?

“There is no age limit to learn.” Hence, Chess can be learned by anyone at any age. But, if you are a parent, you may wonder what the best age to introduce Chess to your kid is.

Every kid is brilliant and unique in their way. Some children learn Chess very early, at the age of 3or 4. At the same time, many children pick up Chess’s basics when they are 5 or 6. So, don’t push your kid to learn Chess if the child is not ready to.

If your child is interested, then it doesn’t matter how young they are. You can start teaching them some aspects as long as you can do so in a step-by-step and fun manner.

What skills does Chess develop?

Unlike other sports, playing Chess will help a person to enhance their personal skills in life. Also, it gives numerous mental health to your Brain. If you are new to Chess, you may not be familiar with the benefits of playing Chess. Below are some of the best skills that a Chess Player can develop in life. Know them before you begin your gaming.

Increase creativity:

We all know, one of the important organs in humans is the Brain. Studies have proven that playing Chess will activate the right side of the Brain. This leads the way for innovative thoughts and creativity.

Further, a person’s personality will come out while playing Chess. Everyone has their style to play the game. Every Chess player shows their creativity in their moves, plans, and tactics while gaming.

Prevents Alzheimer’s disease:

As our age grows, it is important to give Exercise to the Brain to stay healthy. A study featured in the New England Journal of Medicine proven that people above 75 years who engage in brain games like Chess are less likely to develop dementia than other sports players.

How Chess helps in a child's education

As a parent, you might have wondered how playing Chess will help your child’s education. The answer is here for you. Below are some of the educational skills that your child can enhance by playing Chess:

Enhance Reading Skills:

In 1991, Dr. Stuart Margulies conducted a study to examine the students who play Chess’ reading performance.

In his report, he stated, “children who participated in chess programs have a better reading skill than the non-chess players.”

Improves memory power:

Playing Chess can increase a person’s memory power. This is because a player should remember the complex rules of Chess while making a move. Also, to avoid previous mistakes, the Brain will recall and remember the opponent’s playing style. Hence, a good chess player will have excellent memory and verbal skills as well.

Improves concentration:

While playing Chess, concentration is one of the main factors of the game. Without concentration, the player can’t checkmate. During the game, the opponent of the kid won’t tell them which piece they have moved. Hence, a kid should be focused and pay attention whenever the opponent moves the piece on the board. As a result, it not only make your child checkmate. Also, it improves their concentration skill.

Does Playing chess increase Kid's IQ?

Of course, Yes! Chess is one of the great and powerful educational tools. It strengthens a person’s mind and teaches how to think, analyze, and solve numerous problems. Also, Chess helps kids’ academic performance like reading skills, logical reasoning, mathematics, and much more. As a result, it strengths the kid’s cognitive skills and increases their IQ level.

Note: A Study in Venezuela proved that playing Chess has increased student’s IQ significantly. The government of Venezuelan was impressed with the result and introduced Chess to all schools at Venezuelan.

How do you pick an online chess tutor?

“Without a good coach, the chances of winning are hard.”


If you wish to master the skills of Chess, then hire an online chess tutor. Choosing a chess tutor is quite complicate task if you have numerous options. To reduce your burden, we’ve compiled some things that you should consider while choosing your tutor. Here we go with them:


Experience is one of the essential things that you should look for. While choosing a chess tutor, know their years of experience as a tutor. An experienced trainer will help you in developing a deep understanding of different levels of the game.

Coaching skills:

As a professional tutor, your Chess coach should have good skills like understanding students’ strengths and weaknesses. Hence, choose the tutor who has exceptional skills to improve your gameplay.

Why learn Chess with Nurtem?


Nurtems’ mission is to ensure the kids and Chess lovers with a high-quality learning experience. The main goal of Nurtem is to mold the budding and aspiring players into professional chess players through interactive classes by professionals.


Nurtem’s Vision is to value the satisfaction of Chess learners, Kid’s parents, and their tutors.

  • Professional chess players and Tutors are available at Nurtem.
  • Analyze your play style and detect what you need to work on.
  • Develop a good training plan.
  • Teach you how to think, move, and special tactics to confidence while gaming.
  • Students will be given assignments to improve their skills in Chess.
  • Conduct tournaments to analyze your gameplay and guide you accordingly.

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I have been tutoring for many years in a variety of subjects and feel that my calm demeanor combined with my excitement for teaching and my ability to creatively look at problems from different perspectives helps me develop a necessary rapport with my students. Although much of my education and...

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