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Inorganic Chemistry

The study of chemical compounds which are not carbon based are known as Inorganic chemistry. It deals with the study and behaviour of inorganic compounds, the understanding of their physical as well as chemical properties. 

There are about 100,000 inorganic compounds. Inorganic compounds can be broadly classified into acids, bases, water and salts. Inorganic chemistry mostly includes ionic compounds which consists of cations and anion, like Sodium chloride (NaCl), which is table salt. 

Inorganic compounds are highly soluble in water, have a high melting and boiling point, these physical properties of Inorganic compounds make them useful in our day to day lives. Ammonium nitrate was the first man made inorganic compound to be synthesized using Haber’s process which was for commercial use. It is used as a soil fertilizer.

Inorganic compounds play a major role in carrying out life processes. The study of inorganic chemistry helps in the medicine field. It is also used as superconductors , fuels, as pigments, and much much more.

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The inorganic Chemistry Classes at Nurtem starts with general Chemistry, including atomic structures and a periodic table. It then builds in-depth discussion into compounds, inorganic acids and bases, and solid-state chemistry. Our faculty will walk you through various topics step-by-step. The course at Nurtem is designed for students to broaden their Chemistry skills and discover the world of Chemistry. The curriculum in Inorganic Chemistry is as follows:

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what inorganic chemistry?

The study of chemical compounds which are not carbon based are known as Inorganic chemistry.

How to remember inorganic chemistry?

To start with Inorganic Chemistry you need to make study plans, incorporate a schedule and practise well. Also keep repeating the sums for an in-depth understanding.

Who is father of inorganic chemistry?

Alfred Werner is the father of inorganic Chemistry.

How to study inorganic chemistry?

Learn the important concepts like the periodic table and chemical bonding. Understanding Metallurgy and analytical Chemistry and read coordination compounds.

Why inorganic chemistry is important?

Inorganic compounds play a major role in carrying out life processes. The study of inorganic chemistry helps in the medicine field. It is also used as superconductors, fuels, as pigments, and much much more.

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