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At iAspire, we take a holistic approach to the college counseling process. It is not just about getting into the ‘best’ university; it is about getting into the ‘best’ university for YOU, as a student, as a person and as an engaged member of society.

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Our Services

We personalize our services to meet the individual needs of the students and their families. Some students want a jump start on their college admissions planning and are on board with us from the beginning of Grade 9. Others turn to us from their junior year, wherein we provide guidance and support through those very crucial high school years. For the rising seniors, up for a marathon commitment, we see them through the final stretch to get their applications done well and on time. We welcome students at any point in their college planning journey.


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About Us

The college application process can be daunting, even overwhelming, causing anxiety and stress. We are mindful of the students’ heavy workload, their extra-curricular commitments, the pressures to excel and the constant college conversations as they get into the college mode. Our goal is to demystify the process and debunk the ‘I heard that…..’ myths about college admissions. We take time to talk to our students individually, and as a family, to get to know them well – their personality, their interests, their aspirations. This personalized approach allows us to create an exclusive college plan, designed to enhance the unique abilities and meet the specific needs of each student.

Our individualized guidance plans focus on helping students reflect on their values and their goals, identify their interests, uncover their passion and connect these discoveries with their academic trajectory and career prospects. We will recommend suitable summer programs, community service options and internship opportunities so that they may further explore and enhance their interests. These experiences, while often the foundation for a distinctive college application, also build self- confidence and give the students a deeper sense of who they are.





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Sheetal Mehta

About the Founder

Sheetal’s approach to college counselling is informed by her international background, her work as a journalist and her love for academia. A Stanford graduate with a master’s degree in Communication and Culture, she has worked as a journalist in Bombay, India, writing for a local newspaper and as a community television reporter in Toronto, Canada. Her interest in the role of media within the public sphere led her to pursue another master’s degree in Sociology and Equity Studies from the University of Toronto.

Sheetal enjoys and is skilled in mentoring young people to help them reach their potential. She has extensive experience in guiding students and their families through the admissions processes in the UK, Canada and the US. Her students have been accepted to prestigious programs in highly selective schools. She works with the students and their families to demystify the applications process, making it accessible in terms of understanding the system, finding the ‘right fit’ school for each student’s personality and career plans, and provides hand holding or tough words as needed. She engages the student to critically examine their relationship with education and the world around them, motivating them to ask difficult questions and to discover a real sense of who they are – their passions, their values and their goals.

Our Mission​

We offer highly personalized, individually attentive college counseling services. Our mindful guidance and meaningful support to students and their family is designed to help navigate the high-pressure world of college admissions. Choosing a college will be one of the defining decisions of your life. Our bespoke admissions planning process will empower you to take charge of that decision, facilitating a choice where you will thrive, academically, socially and personally.





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What they are saying…

“I am incredibly grateful and lucky to have Sheetal as my counselor. Sheetal is someone I trust and turn to with any issues I may have. I think it is this connection that has helped ease the stress of high school and my upcoming university applications. She is dependable and kind, but doesn’t sugar-coat things; and I can always count on her.”


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