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vocabulary building
Vocabulary Building

Do you think that your speaking and writing skills are below average? Willing to build your Vocabulary to enhance your skills? Then, it is good to inform you that you have landed on the right blog.

In this blog, we’ve discussed everything about online Vocabulary building. Keep reading ahead to get some interesting facts!

What is Vocabulary building?

Many people think Vocabulary is a word that is associated with several words. But the word Vocabulary has many shades of meaning with various collections of words. 

Building a strong vocabulary will not only help you to speak and write English. It will benefit you with better communication skills when you are at a job interview, seminar, and meeting. The larger your Vocabulary, the more you can communicate with others.

If you are not familiar with building vocabularies on your own, then join an online vocabulary-building course at Nurtem. 

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Why Nurtem?

  • It’s flexible.It offers a wide selection of programs.
  • It’s accessible.
  • It allows for a customized learning experience.
  • It’s more cost-effective than traditional education.
Vocabulary development activities at Nurtem?

Vocabulary activity is used to help students to enhance their knowledge of words. Also, it helps them to learn when and where to use the words. x`

Don’t have an idea to learn Vocabulary? No need to get tense. Nurtem’s tutor knows that students who have good vocabulary knowledge are an asset to them while reading and writing. So, our online vocabulary-building experts train their students with various vocabulary development activities.

Are you curious to know Nurtem’s vocabulary development activities? Below are a few Vocabulary building activities that Nurtem offers for their learners. Here we go with them:

Roll the dice

In this game, students should pick a word from the cards. Once it is done, a student should roll the dice. Based on the roll, students should do the following activities as follows:

  • Roll 1 – Define the word on the card.
  • Roll 2 – Make a sentence using the word chosen by you.
  • Roll 3 – Write the Synonym of that word.
  • Roll 4 – Write the Antonym of that word.
  • Roll 5 – Draw a picture related to that word.
  • Roll 6 – Act it out.

Word guessing

Word Guessing is one of the best games that is good to learn more abstract words. But how do we play this game? Choose a few words that are relevant to a conversational theme. So, write a set of clues to guess the words.


 This is a fun method to learn vocabulary building. In this activity, the tutor should put the vocabulary words on the cards and let them pick any one of them. After choosing the card, the kid should act them out without saying any words. You can play this fun activity in team formation as this makes the activity more fun and exciting.


The Pictionary is exactly similar to the Charades. But here, students should draw an example for that word on a board or paper and let their team members find it.

Word formation

It is a simple and exciting game that entertains your kids. In this game, you will be provided with some letters on a sheet or board, and the countdown will begin. For instance, you will be provided with random letters like BKEWMCPLO. 

Now, students should form words from these letters before the countdown stops. You can form COME, BOW, COW, COP, POLE, WEB from the letters mentioned above.

How can students improve their Vocabulary?

Kids won’t like to spend much time learning new Vocabulary. Here are some tips to improve students’ Vocabulary that may enthuse kids to learn new words.

Develop a regular reading habit

Building a Vocabulary is simple when you encounter the words in a text. While reading a novel or an article, you may see some new words. Collect such kinds of words in a list. By doing this, you not only learn new words, but also you can learn how to use those words.

Use Flashcards

One of the best ways to master vocabulary building is using flashcards as a puzzle game. Take a card and write words on one side and pronunciation on the other side of the card. Show either one side of the card to your student and make them identify the other side of the card.

Word mapping

Some kids will be visual learners. They may learn words with the pictorial representation of vocabulary words and its meaning. If your kid is a visual learner, give them assignments like creating word maps for about five words. This can be funny and good to learn for kids.

What are some vocabulary-building strategies?

Improving your Vocabulary can provide various benefits for you. But how do we effectively learn new words? Make use of the following vocabulary-building strategies to develop a strong vocabulary in everyday life.

Read Voraciously

Undoubtedly, reading is one of the most efficient ways to learn new Vocabulary. When you read, you may see some effective words that are being used in the context. Try to gather those words as a list and find out their meaning. It is one of the most natural ways of learning a language effectively.

Be a friend with the Dictionary

A dictionary is one of the best resources that is used to enhance your Vocabulary. This is because it is the only thing through which you can learn its meaning, alternate definitions, grammar, spelling, and other useful info. Besides, a Thesaurus is also a good resource for building Vocabulary.

Learn few new words everyday

Try learning a few new words in your daily routine. It will step up your vocabulary-building knowledge to the next level. You can find many word games online. Make use of those and start learning a new word every day.

Personal Lexicons

It is always good to maintain a list of vocabulary words that you’ve learned before. It gives you a handy reference while writing or speaking. 

Make it fun

Playing word games or engaging in fun activities with your team members are always a good strategy to learn Vocabulary. Some interesting games like Bingo are the best choice for you. Also, there are paid box games to learn words.

However, some will not like group activities. For those, there are many fun activities available on the internet. Make use of them.

What are the types of Vocabulary?

There are for types of Vocabularies: 

  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Reading 
  • Writing


“Listening Vocabulary” is nothing but the words that we hear while someone communicates. For instance, a fetus in a mom’s womb can listen to the sounds when they are at week sixteen. Likewise, kids should keep on listening to various words to build listening vocabulary skills. Note: If the kids are Physically challenged (deaf), they are exposed to visual learning.


Speaking vocabulary are the words that we speak. Most of us use almost 10000+ words to communicate. But, the words that we use in speaking Vocabulary might be less when compared to listening Vocabulary.


Reading Vocabulary are the words that are recognized while reading some context. We are capable of reading many words and can use them in speaking Vocabulary. But, we don’t utilize it in the right way. If you are a reader, then you can learn more words by reading a lot.


In this Vocabulary, we will use the words that we’ve listened to, spoken and read to express our thoughts. It is pretty easy to explain our thoughts verbally by using expressions and voice modulations. But, communicating those words via writing is not much easier. So, use them properly.

What is the importance of having a strong and vast vocabulary?

Most people wonder why vocabulary building matters. For those, the answer is right here:

Improved Reading Comprehension

Research stated that “a child should understand about 98 percent of words while reading.” Hence, learning Online Vocabulary building can enhance your kids’ understanding level. 

Helps in language development

Kids who are good at developing rich Vocabulary may tend to think deeper, better express thoughts, and read more. Also, it improves language learning skills at younger ages and aids them to score good grades in their academics.

Express your ideas

Having good vocabulary knowledge can drive you to write effectively. Thus, students should learn to use formal tones while writing something. It will convey your thoughts and ideas to the readers. 

Enhance your communication skill

While communicating, one should use proper words with proper tone to the listener. This is because using the right words will be more effective while communicating with others.

Career growth

Vocabulary building is not only used in academics. While attending an interview, you should use Vocabulary. Without good speaking skills, nothing is possible. In that way, learning vocabulary will help in your career growth. 

Why online vocabulary building at Nurtem?

Nurtem is the most intelligent way to improve your vocabulary building. We combine the world’s smartest tutors with adaptive learning to help you master words. Our expert tutors will figure out which words you are familiarised with and which words you need help with. So, instead of memorizing, learn building words with Nurtem.

Bottom lines

Everyone can explore new words in everyday life. If you are interested in improving your vocabulary building, join an online vocabulary-building class at Nurtem. I hope this article is useful for you. Thank you! 

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Why is vocabulary building important?

Do you know why learning vocabulary building is essential for your kids? If not, here are some reason why your kid should learn vocabulary building:

  • It improves Reading Comprehension.
  • Increase the level of confidence.
  • Bolsters the ability to grasp new ideas in a logical way.
  • Allow you to communicate effectively.
How many types of vocabulary are there?

Vocabulary are classified into four types:

  • Listening Vocabulary
  • Speaking Vocabulary
  • Reading Vocabulary
  • Writing Vocabulary
What is productive vocabulary ?

Productive vocabulary is nothing but words that are pronounced by the learners. Learners can use those words while speaking and writing. 

How can students improve their vocabulary?

Developing strong vocabulary skills can allow you to become a better communicator verbally and in writing.  But how?

  • Read Popular literature and relevant blogs.
  • Play reading games and make your learning fun.
  • Do Journaling.
  • Learn a few new words in your daily life.
How can I solve my Vocabulary Problems?
  • Focus on Active and Passive Vocabulary.
  • Learn new English words with their synonyms and similar words.
  • Remember the words.

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