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Welcome to Nurtem! We are thrilled that you have taken the first step by partnering with us. To address some of your questions, we have compiled a FAQ section.

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Tutor’s queries

1. How to join Nurtem?

Joining Nurtem is a straightforward process. Simply click on “Join as Tutor” on our website, and you can sign up using Google, Facebook, or your email ID. Afterward, setting up your tutor profile and adding classes from your dashboard is a breeze. If you need any assistance, feel free to reach out to us at support@nurtem.com or via WhatsApp/text at +1 408 365 4708.

2. Is there a fee for joining Nurtem?

Joining Nurtem is entirely free, and there are no fees involved. Creating your profile comes at no cost, and we take care of marketing your profile and connecting you with potential students.

3. How will I receive my payment?

Once you join as a tutor, we will provide you with a separate pricing policy. In brief, you will be paid at the end of each month, depending on the number of classes you conducted during that month.

4. What is the purpose of connecting my bank account in the Tutor dashboard?

To facilitate automated payment processing, we request you to connect your account information via Stripe in the Tutor dashboard. Stripe is a trusted payment processing platform that ensures the security of your bank account information. Rest assured, your bank details will never be exposed to Nurtem. Once the payment is sent to Stripe, they will transfer it to your bank account directly. Stripe is widely used by leading e-commerce platforms, and you can find more details about them at this link: https://stripe.com/customers.

5. How many classes are required for me to take?

The number of classes you choose to take is entirely flexible and depends on your schedule. You can easily add classes from your dashboard based on your availability. Occasionally, we may inquire if you can accommodate a new student’s request within a specific time slot. You have the option to accept or decline the request as per your availability.

6. How should I manage class cancellations or make-up classes?

At Nurtem, both tutors and students are required to inform us about class cancellations. If a class cancellation is planned well in advance, we will schedule a make-up class based on the availability of both the tutor and the student. Additionally, the fee for cancelled classes will be refunded to the students.

About Our Services

How can we onboard our existing students to Nurtem?

You have the option to onboard your existing students into the system, allowing you to manage classes and communication through Nurtem, all in one convenient platform. For more details and assistance with the onboarding process, you can reach out to support@nurtem.com. We’ll be glad to help you.

What advantages do I get by joining Nurtem?

Nurtem serves as a comprehensive platform where you can promote your classes, camps, and events. As a tutor, you can concentrate on your students while we handle the marketing and advertising for you. Additionally, we take care of payment processing, fee tracking, and monitoring student progress. Nurtem efficiently manages all administrative tasks on your behalf.

Can I access and view the students in the system?

At Nurtem, we prioritize the privacy of our students. As a tutor, you will have access to view only the students who are enrolled in your class.

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