Why parental involvement is important in child online education?

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“At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of parents”.
Parent’s support and involvement are pivotal in nurturing kids for virtual studies. Parent involvement has always been a critical factor in a child’s education success. When a child sees their parents supporting them, they are more likely to show improved behaviour. Hence, this behaviour is essential to earn them lifelong support. Many parents believe that their children’s education is entirely is in the hands of teachers. Yet, this is not the case.
Research shows that there is a direct connection between parents’ involvement and student success. The more parental involvement, the better the student’s grades become. It also helps them be productive and responsible, especially in the growing up stages beyond academics.
importance of parental involvement
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Parent involvement brings many opportunities for success. However, it is not easy in today’s fast-paced world where parents are busy juggling responsibilities. With active lifestyles and hectic schedules, parents find it challenging to offer help. Parents who are doing a full-time job have issues attending parent-teacher meetings. At the same time, others don’t get involved.
Despite all this, if parents find time to make an effort to support their children, nothing like it.
Let us find out how parental involvement is necessary for your child’s education. Also, how to identify the roadblocks for parents. And find time in supporting their kid’s education.

Supportive parents and their benefits:

As online learning has become a part of our children’s daily life. Parents have a lot to worry about today about raising children, especially when it comes to online education. The shift in learning from traditional classrooms to virtual learning is concerning. So, parental involvement is necessary more than ever. It is no doubt that our children need to work online with the right attitude.

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Even though the teachers may assist the child with the course materials and teaching, parental involvement in a child’s education is valuable. When parents work alongside their children, the bond between them strengthens. It also encourages and motivates them in their learning, which provides reassurance to the children in education. Parents who help children with tests, assignments, notes are a great help to them. Supporting a child in online learning brings a positive impact on their lives. It also gives them a lifetime of experiences.

Children who have encouraging parents are more more likely to have:

  • Strong foundation in studies
  • Performance in grades/marks
  • Enhanced student performance
  • Time management and control
  • Strong relationship between parent/teacher/student

How to increase Parent-teacher communication:

Parents and teachers who work together can help student performance. Also, it reflects the child’s attitude, self-esteem, attendance, and confidence. It is never too late to build the foundation for communication between parents and teachers. The sooner the bond, the better the student’s academic performance.

parents teacher communication
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Try these parent-teacher engagement strategies to transform your child’s virtual learning experience:

  • Contact information, SMS, email for reaching out for any query
  • Provide opportunities for parents to get involved with shifts, exams, meetings, etc
  • Sharing daily information to help them connect with the homework, class activities, etc
  • Creating one on one open conversations for thriving online classroom goals

How to increase Parental Involvement:

A parent who checks, mentors, and motivates their children create a positive impact on the child’s education. It not only benefits the child on a mental and emotional level. It also gives them the skills necessary to be successful. It boosts the child’s ability to practice skills that are difficult to achieve. For example, focus, perseverance, control, and time management. With the right amount of guidance and support, the child’s present and the future is secure.

parental involvement
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Let us discuss some significant reasons how parents can offer help:

  • Be available to them/ reach out to them.
  • Daily monitoring of tasks/ assignments
  • Providing digital help when needed
  • Being encouraging and motivating
  • Creating a supportive home environment
  • Become involved in their learning for improved education

Final thoughts

Parents who are encouraging their children in their education help them achieve attainable goals. Parental involvement should not be underestimated. The kind of support the child gets from home enhances his brain. It also supports genetics and works ethic to accomplish. Those parents who motivate their children in virtual learning end them feeling motivated too. With the right attitude in education, they become role models to their children.

The families who assist their children and serve as coaches can help them become even more successful. Research shows that students who feel supported are more likely to enjoy education. When helping your child understand concepts or complete assignments, be more patient. When something becomes difficult to make them know, reach out to their teacher for help. Meanwhile, continue to be involved in your child’s online learning!

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