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Expository Essay

Expository essay is a structured essay that uses facts to explain or describe something. It provides a clear, factual evidence to explain a specific topic or a set of ideas. It investigates, expands and compares a topic and presents everything in simple language to the reader. It isn’t set out to prove a point to the reader. Rather the essay focuses on a balanced view of its subject matter.

 This genre is assigned in classroom for evaluation and exams to test your writing skills. Its study is factual, logical and anecdotal. It also focuses on a bit of creativity. The purpose of expository of essays is to write a balanced description of a topic. It is a best way to test a students writing skills. Although, these kind of essays are often found in various tests and exams. They are relevant in fields like business, journalism, scientific writing and even for college writing.

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How does expository essay tutoring help students in their academics?

Some children may struggle to learn essay writing when compared to others. If your child is one of those struggling, you may require some additional essay writing assistance to assist them in developing their learning skills. So, think about hiring a tutor for your child.

However, before hiring a tutor for your child, consider how knowledge tutoring can benefit your child’s academics.

  • Adapt to your child’s learning style: Each child has a unique learning style. Teachers will not adapt the lesson to everyone’s learning style in school. On the other hand, online tutoring can adapt to each child’s learning style, allowing them to explore more.
  • Test Preparation: Is your child concerned about taking tests or exams? If so, tutoring can help them improve their learning skills and thus perform better in exams.
  • Increase Your Self-Belief: Tutoring allows your child to form personal relationships with tutors. This instils confidence in children and aids in the development of their academic potential.
Expert Expository writing tutor are waiting to connect with you.
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How do you pick a expository writing tutor?

“Tutors help us not only academically but altogether.”

Students who want to improve their academic performance can benefit from the services of online tutors. It takes a lot of time and effort to find a good tutor, especially when so many options. However, to help you find the best, here are some things to consider when choosing a tutor.


Experience is one of the most important factors to consider. Consider a tutor’s years of experience as well as their abilities when choosing one. An experienced tutor will assist you with assignment work and will push you to your limits.


Your coach, as a professional, should be well-versed in seamlessly assessing various concepts.

Hot topics to cover up on - through Nurtem coaching?

Nurtem provides excellent expository essay writing services. Our coaching provides students to make the transition from creative, personal to academic writing. Our expert trainers can assist you in writing expository essays with ease. There are many topics in expository essays. Let us find out:

  • Why do some people have bad memories?
  • What are the reasons behind depression?
  • Latest vaccines for corona-virus?
  • Is mental disorder curable by oneself?
  • Why is the human brain so complicated?
Why learn Expository essay with Nurtem?

Nurtem is an upcoming online learning platform that assists students in achieving academic success. We have qualified educators for all levels, as well as groups for the inquiring mind.

Nurtem’s mission is to ensure that people’s preferences are respected and access appropriate educational opportunities. Although the lessons are not challenging, they are entertaining, open, and affordable.

Thanks to group sessions enhanced by live video chats that connect and engage students and teachers. Each student has a different educational experience. We can also set up one-on-one sessions in their homes.

To get started, students can take advantage of free trial sessions. We also provide full-fledged classes with a certificate at the end of the program. If you want your child to study while having fun, Nurtem is the finest learning environment for them.

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what expository essay?

Expository essay is a structured essay that uses facts to explain or describe something. It provides a clear, factual evidence to explain a specific topic or a set of ideas.

how to expository essay topics?

Some of the best topics of expository essay are:

  • What are the consequences of alcohol?
  • If you were the President of the country for a day, what changes would you make?
  • How does the internet affect the young children’s minds? 
expository language?

Since there is some amount of explanation that goes into expository essay. The tone of the essay has to be easy to understand and concise.

how to start an expository essay?

Start with an outline which should be short yet informative, followed by five paragraph main body with all findings and summarize it in the end.

types of expository?

There are 5 types of expository essays, they are:

  • Problem/solution essay
  • Cause/effect essay
  • Compare/Contrast essay
  • Process essay
  • Definitive essay
  • Classification essay

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