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Attendance Report – Tutor

Nurtem provides attendance reports for tutors to view the attendance records of their students. Here is how the attendance report works:

  • Tutors can access the attendance report by clicking Attendance Report from the left side menu.
  • Select the tutor name, followed by the class for which they want to view the attendance. You can also filter by date and filter by students.
Screenshot 154


  • The report will show a list of all the students enrolled in the class and their attendance records for each class session.
  • Tutors can use this report to track the attendance of their students over time and identify any patterns or issues with attendance.
Screenshot 234

Overall, the attendance feature on Nurtem provides a convenient way for tutors to track the attendance of their students and ensure that they are meeting their attendance requirements. By having all of their attendance data in one place, tutors can easily identify any issues with attendance and take appropriate action to address them.