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Add Camp – Tutor

Nurtem provides a feature for tutors to create camps for students. The following details need to be added by the tutor while creating a camp:

My Camps -> Add a Camp


Whats this camp about? – This field allows students to easily search and identify camps that match their interests or learning goals. The tutor can provide a brief overview of the camp, including the topic, skills or knowledge covered, and any unique features or benefits of the camp.

Camp Name – “Camp name” field is where the tutor can enter the name of the camp they are offering. The name should be clear and descriptive, and should give students an idea of what they can expect to learn or experience in the camp. A good camp name can help attract students and make the camp more memorable.


Teaching Level : The “Teaching Level” field is where the tutor can select the level of teaching for the camp they are offering. The tutor can choose from beginner, intermediate, or expert level. This will help students to identify the appropriate level of the camp based on their skill and knowledge level. It’s important for tutors to accurately identify the level of teaching to ensure that students have an enjoyable and successful learning experience.

Teaching mode : 

  • Online
  • In-Person

The “Teaching Mode” field is where the tutor can select the mode of teaching for the camp they are offering. The tutor can choose from two options, online or in-person. This selection will help students to understand how the teaching will be delivered and plan their attendance accordingly. If the tutor is offering online teaching, they need to provide details on how the classes will be conducted, what platforms they will be using, and any other relevant information. If the tutor is offering in-person teaching, they need to provide details on the location, date, and time of the classes.

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Max no.of seats – The tutor can select the maximum number of seats available for the camp to ensure that the class does not become overcrowded and that each student gets adequate attention and support.

Add image and flyer for camp Adding an image and flyer can help to create a visual representation of the camp and make it more attractive to potential students. The image and flyer can be uploaded in the Add Camp form, and it is recommended to choose a high-quality and relevant image to make a good impression.

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Age Group – By selecting the appropriate age group, the tutor can ensure that the camp is suitable for the targeted audience and the students can benefit from it.

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Package Name – The camp package name should be descriptive enough to give potential students an idea of what the camp is about.

Date & Time – The start and end dates should be clearly mentioned so that students can plan their schedules accordingly. The timing should be convenient for the students.

Cost – It should be reasonable and competitive compared to other camps of similar nature.

Screenshot 137

Addon Details – Addon details are an additional feature that tutors can offer to students who are attending their camp. Addons are optional items that students can choose to add to their camp experience for an extra cost.

In the addon details section, tutors can add the following information:

  1. Minimum number of addons to select – This is the minimum number of addons that a student must choose to purchase in order to attend the camp.
  2. Addon name – The name of the addon.
  3. Description – A brief description of the addon.
  4. Cost – The cost of the addon.
  5. Mandatory – Tutors can indicate whether the addon is mandatory or optional for the student to purchase.

By offering addons, tutors can provide a more personalized experience for their students and potentially increase their earnings.

Screenshot 136

FAQ-Tutors can add frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to the camp to provide more information to the students. This can include questions about the camp’s curriculum, requirements, duration, fees, etc. By adding FAQs, tutors can ensure that the students have a clear understanding of the camp.

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