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Stay Competitive

Stay Competitive

In a world which thrives on cutthroat competition, it is important to be fiercely competitive. Nurtem gives you a healthy dose of testing to test your mettle.

Stay Ahead

Stay Ahead

Stay ahead of the game and sharpen your skills for the outside world. Know how others fare and be better equipped to set your goals to get an edge over your peers.


Improve your Testing skills

Practice makes perfect. Be ready to face exams equipped with not just subject knowledge but also on the know-how of how to tackle exams without succumbing to its pressure and how to enjoy it.

Result Oriented

Test Yourself On Your Learning By Taking tests

There’s no better way to stay ahead of the learning curve than to continuously push yourself further. Know your status quo by testing yourself in a consistent manner to identify your strengths and weaknesses to work on them to make yourself a well-rounded individual

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Our Classes & Camps

We know how important classes & camps are for the social and emotional development of children, and how especially important it is this year, Our camps will continue to offer high-quality, fun experiences for children to grow and build new friendships.


“Taking online Math classes via Nurtem is fun. They connected me with students, fixed a common slot between me and the students, which reduced my workload a lot. All I have to do is login and teach. The team is available all the time to help with any problems or questions, I might have. This reduces my overload as a tutor””


“It’s been almost a year since I started working for Nurtem. Year went by like a breeze. Nurtem team is very warm and friendly, yet very professional. It’s been very fulfilling to see how much the participants have benefitted from my classes. They all seem to enjoy being challenged, and feel excited to learn new poses. Overall it’s been a very rewarding and pleasurable experience.”


“Nurtem  is a fantastic place that has allowed me to find a balance between my academics and work by providing flexible hours!”


“Nurtem relieves the burden of finding students and billing them for my services so that I can dedicate more time and energy designing individualized lessons.”

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