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Welcome to Nurtem. We are very excited to see that you have taken the first step by partnering with Nurtem. We have put together a FAQ that will answer some of your questions.


Best wishes for a long and successful engagement with Nurtem.

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Tutor’s queries

1. How does Nurtem work?

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  • Tutor selects join as tutor, creates a profile and adds classes
  • User create account, searches for classes and views tutor profile
  • User book class (User books class)
  • User/Student makes payment for desired number of sessions with selected tutor and registers for the class
  • Tutor receives the request in his/her dashboard and accepts the class request for the student
  • At the end of the month, Nurtem will transfer the payments to the tutor, for all the classes taught for the particular month
    • You will receive a summary email on list of students and list of classes taught on a given month.

For Non-US based tutors

  • Payment will be transferred to the bank account of tutor’s choice
  • Tutor has to provide the bank account information to Nurtem by sending mail to support@ (after creating their profile)
  • Pls send the mail with following information:
    1. Name (as it appears on the bank account)
    2. Name (as it appears on Nurtem)
    3. Mobile phone number
    4. Nurtem profile id
    5. Name of the bank
    6. Bank branch where account is held
    7. Bank account number
    8. Bank IFSC code
    9. Fee per class (Please specify currency as well – USD or Rupees etc)
  • Tutors usually share this information immediately after creating the profile. But some tutors choose to wait for the first student to sign up for class with them and then provide the bank account information to Nurtem. Both are acceptable but sharing this information early helps minimize the delay from our end to send the payment to tutors.
  • If there is any change in payment accounts, pls do contact us immediately.
  • We are working on integrating additional ways to receive the payments and will inform you as soon as they are available
  • If you have a special request, to receive payments through alternate mode, please discuss with your Nurtem support partner you are working with or mail to support team (support@
2. What should be my fees while adding class?

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  • After creating your profile, you can add classes based on your availability.
  • While adding class, you need to specify the price per class.
  • This is the amount you will be paid from nurtem for each class.
  • Please enter the cost of class in dollars at 1 USD = Rs 70.
  • Price you have entered while adding class and price displayed in the search result will be different.
  • Prices displayed in the search results will include Nurtem platform cost, payment processing fee, marketing and sales fee and any other fee that may be associated with it.
  • Nurtem will announce promotions and discounts to students from time to time.
  • Nurtem team, while marketing and displaying your class, will include the Nurtem platform cost in the backend.
  • At the end of the month, you will receive the amount entered per class times the number of classes you have taken in a given month.
  • Pls ensure that you have shared your account information to support@ with following information:
    • Name (as it appears on the bank account)
    • Name (as it appears on Nurtem)
    • Mobile  phone number
    • Nurtem profile id
    • Name of the bank
    • Bank branch where account is held
    • Bank account number
    • Bank IFSC code
    • Fee per class (Please specify currency as well – USD or Rupees etc)


3. When will I receive the tuition fees?

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  • The tutor will receive payment for the number of classes he/she has taught in the given month
  • Nurtem will ensure that money transfer is done in a safe manner adhering to all necessary regulations
  • The fees will be sent to the tutor’s desired bank account on a monthly basis.
  • We are working on integrating alternate options to receive payments other than bank accounts as well
4. Is there a commision for Nurtem?

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  • Tutor does not pay any fee.
  • Nurtem will add nurtem fee, payment processing fee, marketing and platform cost while displaying the class price to the users
  • Nurtem will offer promo code or discounted rates to attract more students for a specific tutor
5. How to bring in our existing students??
You can always bring in your existing students into the system. This will help you to manage the classes, communication via Nurtem, all in one place. You can always contact support@ for more details. We will help you with the on boarding process.
6. What are the benefits of joining Nurtem?
Nurtem will act as a one stop shop to advertise your classes , camps and events. As a tutor you can focus on your students and leave the marketing and advertising to us. We will also handle the payment processing, track fee payment and student progress. Nurtem will take care of all the management activities on your behalf.

About Our Services

How to reach Nurtem
Joining Nurtem is a very simple process. All you have to do is click on “Join as Tutor” from our website. From there choose Sign up via Google or facebook or your mail id. From there it is a very easy process to set up your tutor profile and add classes from your dashboard. You can always reach out to us via support@ or whatsapp/text 408-365-4708.
Is there any fee to join Nurtem
There is no fee to join Nurtem. Creating your profile is completely free and we will handle the marketing for your profile and connect you with the students.
How will I be paid?
There is a separate pricing policy , we will forward once you join as a tutor. To give a simple answer, you will be paid at the end of the month , based on the number of classes you conducted during that month.
How many classes do I need to take?
The number of classes you wish to take totally depends on your schedule. Based on your schedule , you can add the classes from your dashboard. Sometimes we might check with you if we get a new request from a student and if you are available during that time slot, you can accept or you can deny the request.
How to handle class cancellation or make up class?
At Nurtem we expect the tutors and students to inform Nurtem about class cancellations. For class cancellations planned well in advance, the make up class will be planned based on availability of the tutor and the student. Fee for cancelled classes will be refunded to the students.
Will I be able to see the students in the system?
At Nurtem we believe the privacy of the students is very important. You will be able to see the students enrolled in your class.

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