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Let your kids Explore Skills beyond Academics,
With After-School Enrichment Activities!

  • Highly Experienced & Certified Tutors
  • Stress-Free. Fun Learning. Better Grades
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Charles K.Branson

Thank you Nurtem Coding Classes! My son was once addicted to games, but now he’s creating those same games with coding. Also, I am happy to see his progress in academics as well –Charles K.Branson [Parent of 13 Year Old]


Edwina Smitth

I am looking for ways to engage my daughter in productive activities. After taking Nurtem Coding classes, I can see her improvement in Creative things and Problem solving. –Edwina Smith [Mother of 10yr Old]



Jennifer Shelly

Once, we thought coding was hard and complex. But, after attending Nurtem’s coding classes. Their Goal Based learning is making coding fun and engaging activity for my child.  –Jennifer Shelly [Mother of 14yr Old]

Are your kids facing any of these problems?

Nurtem’s Enrichment classes are the solution!

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  • Spends Too Much Time On Mobile/Video Games?
  • Child’s Time Not Productively Used
  • Lack Of Interest In Learning & Easily Bored
  • Lack Of Concentration & Easily Distracted

 Do you Know ?

“1hr of After-School Enrichment                     Activities improve 8hr of Academics.”

Don’t Worry!

Your Kids learn Life Skills & Improve Grades with our
After-School Enrichment Activities


  • Logical & Analytical thinking
  • Creative Thinking
  • Critical Thinking

BUILDS CONFIDENCE  &                                                CONCENTRATION

  • A variety of creative &                           challenging activities can help           your kids build confidence &               concentration.
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  • Improve Thinking Abilities
  • Teaches Life Skills
  • Builds Confidence & Concentration
  • Helps Improve Grades
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  • Problem Solving
  • Leadership & Decision making
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Communication.


  • Boost Kid’s brain function,           concentration and time               management, all of                       which lead to higher                       grades.

For kids aged 6-18 years

Our 100+ Interactive Online Classes

Why Learn Coding with Nurtem?

Nurtem Tutoring For your Kid’s Improved Grades & Confidence


Milestones Based

Nurtem monitors your progress & adjusts the learning style.


Personalized Training

Personalize teaching based on student’s strengths, needs, skills and interests

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Affordable Price

You can choose an experienced tutor that fits your budget with 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

For kids aged 6-18 Years

Nurtem Tutoring can make your kid fall
in love with Learning!

Good college with qualified staffs.teacher in coaching very much no ragging.discipline mainteined in friendly way.cse lap facilities and staffs are so very good.happy to be at a good job position now.good college to join.


Kumar Selva

One of the bestest college where I completed my engineering. Great infrastructure apart from the strict rules of the college. There were excellent and well experienced Professors, lab instructors, lab facilities and scheduled hours. Very friendly staffs .Great memories of those days.

Shewani Susan

Great college, I had a good experience from here.. I got placed in Wipro and am happy with that…Thank you Alpha College for helping me to make my dream success

Sneha Pk

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the trial lessons, we will give you a free replacement with another tutor or a full refund.

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100+ Skill Development Classes
to build your kid’s Life
Skills & Confidence!

  • Highly Experienced & Certified Tutors.
  • Stress-Free. Fun Learning. Improves skills.
  • Affordable pricing with 100% Satisfaction.
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