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World History

We all live in the present, plan for, and worry about our future. But why don’t we press pause for it and look at our World’s History? Unfortunately, many find World history as a boring subject to learn. If you are the one among them, know why it is essential to study World History.

World History Class is a field of historical study that tells us who we are and where we’ve come from. It is a great discipline that involves the analysis of cultural events and traditions. As a result, world History tends to be more superficial than traditional histories. Also, it provides connections between civilizations and helps them know how they are influenced by one another.

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Why Nurtem?

  • It’s flexible.It offers a wide selection of programs.
  • It’s accessible.
  • It allows for a customized learning experience.
  • It’s more cost-effective than traditional education.
How World History Tutoring helps students in their academics?

World History is a boundless subject where you can find a wide variety of information. Thus, it can overwhelm even the top-scoring kid. When a child has difficulty learning historical moments, how do they understand the events that have shaped our world? Hire a tutor.

Hiring a World History Tutor can help with the following benefits:

  • It helps students of all age groups to improve academically.
  • With online World history tutoring, you can schedule classes that will help reduce chaos and wastage of time.
  • Kids who are below-average in academics can increase their grade points.
  • Children will be able to enhance their study habits, knowledge to perform better in academics.
  • It will lead the students with personalized attention that they don’t get in a crowded classroom.
  • Encourages self-directed learning and lets the kids learn to take the initiative in his/her school work.
  • Kids will be provided with the right resources and skills.
  • Provide clarity in delivering instruction and assist children with their homework
Expert World History Tutors are waiting to connect with you
  • Our Expert World History tutors have extensive knowledge of different historical eras. Hence, they can help students to understand the various historical events, developments, and cultural involvements. 
  • Help with homework, test preparations, assignments, and much more.
  • Provides individualized tutoring based on the kid’s learning style.
  • Offers best learning practices for the students.
How do you pick a World History tutor?

If you are not sure about choosing a World History tutor for your child, then you should choose the one depending upon the following:

  • Qualification: while hiring a tutor, the first thing you prioritize should be your tutor’s qualification. Know whether your tutor is graduated and certified. 
  • Experience: Experience is the next thing that one must look forward to when picking your history tutor. Hence, know how many years of experience your tutor has in tutoring history for the kids.
  • Testimonials: A tutor should always offer testimonials to let parents know what they are paying for. So, check for the testimonials.
Hot topics to cover up on - through Nurtem coaching?

From Ancient history to Modern World, Nurtem’s World history course is packed with a list of units. Each of which includes interactive and engaging resources for the students. 

  • Imperialism
  • Colonization
  • Decolonization
  • Industrial Revolution
  • World Wars
  • Capitalism
  • Communism
  • Socialism
  • History of the modern world
Why learn World History with Nurtem?

If you are looking for the best World History Tutor, then Nurtem should be your pick! Nurtem is one of the leading educational platforms where you can find your personalized tutors. 

Our mission is to ensure that every person has access to their education. We all believe that education is the foundation for our future. That’s why we open gates to your successful future through accessible education. 

We cater education to students of a wide range of ages, abilities, and learning styles. Also, we’ve certified instructors who are well experienced to lead the learning path to master. 

So, why are you still waiting? Grab your course at Nurtem!

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Where to start world history?

World History can be one of the difficult subjects to study. Not because it is complicated, but because it has massive things to read. Many may struggle where to start World History. There are many online resources like Nurtem where you can start learning World History. So, choose the right one based on your requirements. 

Why is World history important?

World History is a study of the past. Hence, all of us need to learn World History because:

  • It helps us to know who we are and where we come from.
  • It gives us the knowledge to be decent citizens.
  • Make us better decision-makers.
  • It helps us to understand the world better.
How many credits is world history in High school?

Every subject in high school has some credit points. Likewise, World History has about 3.5 points as a credit in your high school grade.

How long is the AP world history exam?

The modern AP World History Exam takes 3 Hours 15 Minutes to complete. It is composed of four sections:

Section 1 – 55 Multiple Choice Questions, which takes 55 minutes.

Section 2 – 3 Short Answers, which take 40 minutes.

Section 3 – 1 Document-based question that takes 60 minutes.

Section 4 – 1 Long Essay that takes 40 minutes to complete

How to learn World History?
  • Focus on retaining key dates and names.
  • Learn Historical literature.
  • Historical Atlases.
  • Learn from inspiring Autobiographies.
  • Learn through Culture study.
  • Watch Documentaries.

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