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Table Tennis

Are you a sports freak who loves Table Tennis? Want to be the best player in Table Tennis? Then, you should get good coaching on it.

Table Tennis is a popular sport also called a ping-pong game. Two or four players will play this game. But how? The players on both sides will hit a small light-weight ball (ping-pong ball) forth and back across the table using small rackets. It takes place on a complex table which is divided by a small net. 

Since Table Tennis is a popular game, it is governed by the International Table Tennis Federation, founded in 1926. Today, it includes around 226 member associations. The official rules of Table Tennis can be found in the ITTF handbook.

The main objective of this game is to score 11 points before the opponent does. If the points are tied at 10, the player should establish two points which lead to a win. It’s all about the impact of different spins onto the ball. 

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Why Nurtem?

  • It’s flexible.It offers a wide selection of programs.
  • It’s accessible.
  • It allows for a customized learning experience.
  • It’s more cost-effective than traditional education.
How does Table Tennis tutoring help?
  • Learn opponents move – during Table Tennis tutoring, you’ll be able to learn how your opponents are striking. This technique will help you to learn how to tackle their move in future.
  • Speed control – with online tutoring, your coach will train you how to control your speed when and where it is required.
  • Ball placement – with tutoring, you’ll be taught to place the ball in both irregular and regular drills.
  • Pushes and blocks – helps how to push and block the topspin. 
  • Backhand strategy – it is a technique where you’ll feed the ball using your backhand.
Expert Table Tennis tutor will connect with you
  • Knowledgeable – well knowledgeable in coaching strategies, sport development skills, safeguarding kids.
  • Interpersonal skills – provides excellent communication and analyses with the skill levels in kids.
  • Flexibility – can work in a flexible environment.
  • Qualified, certified, and builds a better team.
How to pick the right Table Tennis tutor?

Make your dream into reality with the best coach!x

A powerful Table Tennis tutor should fulfil the following criteria. Hence, while looking for a tutor, make sure to check the following:

Experience and Knowledge:

A Table Tennis instructor should possess expert knowledge in training the kids. In addition, the course should have good knowledge in improving the player’s skills and maximizing the teams’ ability to win the match.


One of the best qualities that a Table Tennis tutor should have is leader shipping the team. Tutors should lead the team with motivation, positive thinking, concern, honesty, and patience to succeed. 

Time management expert

An expert Table Tennis coach should know how to manage time while playing the game.

Hot topics to cover up on - through Nurtem coaching?

Learn how to play Table Tennis. At nurtem, we offer certified courses with expert tutors. Our course curriculum covers:

  • Introduction 
  • Rules for Single and Double
  • Ready Position
  • Grip types
  • Backhand stroke
  • Forehand stroke
  • Variations of spins
  • Smashing and spiking
  • Chop
  • loop
Why learn Table Tennis with Nurtem?

Nurtem is a top leading educational platform where you can learn numerous subjects online. We are dedicated to helping parents, players, and coaches to connect for better learning progress in Table Tennis. Our tutors are experienced in understanding the physical and mental skills and enhance those skills much better.  

Alongside, our instructors will reach you out on your scheduled time and teach you with the help of video meeting tools. In addition, they will be using digital lessons, printable guides, online videos to build confidence and Table Tennis skills in kids. Entirely, our Table Tennis coaching techniques will help the students to become efficient players. Hence, book the online Table Tennis course with Nurtem and be the best player.


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How table tennis is played ?

Table Tennis is a ping-pong game where the players hit a lightweight ball forth and back using a small racket. The complex table is divided by a black net.

Which table tennis table is the best ?

Some of the best Table Tennis table brands are:

  • Joola
  • Donic Waldner Classic or Premium
  • Butterfly
  • Stiga optimum
  • DHS Double Happiness
Which table tennis balls are best ?

If you’re a competitive table tennis player, then you should use new plastic tennis balls. You can quickly identify it because it will be printed 40+ on the ball.

What table tennis balls are used ?

The balls are used in table tennis or either celluloid ball or non-flammable plastic ball. The celluloid ball will be 40mm in size. But the non-flammable ball is quite a bit larger than the celluloid ball.

Why table tennis is called ping pong ?

In the year 1990, an uncompromising Whiff-Whaff player brought a celluloid ball and said ping pong. And hence, the game is called Ping Pong.

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