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Life Science

In our school days, we all might have come across the subject of life science. So, what exactly is Life Science? 

Life Science is a field of study that examines live organisms and life processes on Earth. It includes animals, plants, single-celled organisms, bacteria, viruses, and much more. In other words, Life Science is the study of biology that helps us understand how organisms live on Earth. 

As there are different species and life on Earth, different forms of life science are there for you to learn. Some of the significant branches of life science are: 

  • Ecology – it is the study of the interaction between the organism and their environment. Through Ecology, you can learn the food chain, species relationship, biodiversity, and much more.
  • Botany – is a study of the plant kingdom. From grass to towering woods, everything is covered in Botany. It helps you to know plant genetics, anatomy, physiology, and morphology.
  • Zoology – Like botany, zoology focuses on the animal kingdom. It helps you with animal behaviour, habitats, breeding, and more. 
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How does Life Science tutoring help?
  • Tutoring helps students of all age groups to improve academically.
  • With online Life Science tutoring, you can schedule your class at your flexible timing. This will help in reducing chaos and wastage of time.
  • Kids who are below-average in academics can increase their grade points.
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Expert Life Science tutors will connect with your kids

We know some kids find it hard to learn Life Science. So, if you are the one and wish to excel and get good grades in Life Science, connect with our Expert tutors.

Our expert Life Science Tutors:

  • Certified and well qualified with excellent knowledge.
  • Identify the student’s areas of weakness and target for improvement accordingly.
  • Will be patient and friendly to students with smart teaching techniques.
  • Responsible for the kid’s learning progress.
How to pick the right Life Science Tutor?

Below are a few tips to consider while picking an online Life Science tutor:

Knowledge and Experience:

While looking for an online Life Science tutor, it is important to find an expert specialising in Life science teaching. Experts know how to treat the kids’ learning styles depending on their grades and skills level. In addition, you should know whether your tutor is knowledgeable in addressing the student’s reading issues and solving them accordingly.

Teaching quality:

Customized one-on-one tutoring service to reach students’ learning goals. Hence, your Life Science tutor should have the ability to provide thoughtful insights on each topic. 


Online tutors might have testimonials about their work. Testimonials are the key to a tutor’s reputation. Hence, look for testimonials on their website.

Hot topics to cover up on - through Nurtem coaching?

Life Science is all about studying life on Earth. Since there are different living organisms on Earth, life science includes different chapters with exciting facts. Here are the chapters that life science holds:

  • Molecular biology
  • Ecology and evolution biology
  • Immunology
  • Genetic engineering
  • Cell biology and microbiology
  • Enzymology
  • Plant and Animal physiology
  • Tissue culture
  • Plant and Animal anatomy
Why learn Life Science with Nurtem?

If you are looking for an expert Life Science tutor, Nurtem will be a great place for you to check out. 

Nurtem is an online education platform where you can find the best and certified faculty. Our mission is to recognize the students’ learning needs and serve them the best accordingly. We strive to provide a world-class education for the kids via our custom online tools, relevant content and the best tutors.

Further, we provide customized classes and group sessions with other students to gain more learning strategies, to stay on track and focused. In addition, the students can have free trial sessions to get started with. So, join Nurtem and learn Life Science with our experienced and certified tutoring experts.

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When does life begin, Science?

The perspectives on when life begins range from fertilization to gastrulation.

What life science definition ?

Life Science is the study of life living on the Earth. The life sciences comprise all branches of Science since it involves living organisms like plants, animals, bacteria, viruses, and human beings. 

What does a life science consultant so ?
  • Genetic and genomic expert advises on gene therapy and gene editing
  • Qualified industrial experts help you with the business strategies
  • Biotechnologists guide lab strategies.
Why life science is important ?

Life Sciences are concerned with plants, animals, anatomy, microorganisms, zoology, and much more. The world we live in is filled with lives. Hence, life science is important in our everyday life.

Best life science course

The best life science course that you should learn are:

  • Anatomy and Morphology
  • Behavioural Science
  • Entomology
  • Ecology, Evolution and Environment
  • Biology
  • Biophysics 

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