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AP Physics 2

AP Physics 2 tutors is an introductory algebra-based physics course that is taught in college. Up until 2014, both AP Physics 1 and 2 were under a single name of AP Physics B.These courses provide students with opportunities to prove the foundational physics. At the same time, it delves deeper into more advanced topics than AP Physics 1.

The courses need students to spend 25% of the instructional time on hands-on laboratory work. These inquiry-based laboratory experiences support the AP Physics 2. The students experiment through first-hand observations and make predictions. They also collect data, analyze mathematical routines, develop explanations, and communicate their work.

AP Physics 1 is a full-year course in the second-semester. They provide opportunities to enable students to learn the seven science practices. The students should have AP Physics 1 or an equal physics course. The classes will focus on advanced version of physics knowledge. Therefore, the students should also have good knowledge of pre-calculus.

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How does AP Physics 2 tutors help students in their academics?
  • AP Physics 2 tutors online provides an environment free of distractions and helps your child focus on studies
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Expert AP Physics 2 tutors are waiting to connect with you.

  • A team of skilled AP Physics 2 tutors who specialize in one on one tutorials
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  • Provide them with smart technologies for fun teaching methods
  • Class evaluations and assessment to promote student learning
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How do you pick a tutor?

“An excellent coach is hard to find, difficult to part with and impossible to forget”

Online professional tutors support children who need hassle-free learning. To search for a good tutor takes time, especially when there are many options available. But, to ease your burden, keep in mind the factors below while choosing a tutor.


Experience plays an important role in choosing a good tutor. While choosing a tutor, know their experience and background of their years of teaching. An experienced tutor will offer round-the-clock support in homework and ensure that learning does not stop.


As a professional, your coach should help you perform better and offer solutions in a step-by-step manner. 

Hot topics to cover up on - through Nurtem coaching?

With AP Physics 2, Nurtem provides students with additional algebra-based topics. Students should have done an algebra course before taking this. Our coaching provides them with the resources needed for better grades, test scores, and stronger college applications. Our AP Physics 2 curriculum is designed for students to help meet target scores. The course covered in AP Physics 2 are:

  • Fluids
  • Thermodynamics
  • Electrical force, field, potential
  • Electric circuits
  • Magnetism and electromagnetic induction
  • Geometric and physical optics
  • Quantum, atomic and nuclear physics
Why learn AP Physics 2 with Nurtem?

Nurtem is an upcoming online learning platform that provides exceptional services in education. We have terrific online tutors for Kids & Adults who are affordable from Academic to Non- Academic Teaching. 

We at Nurtem provide situational support and give leveraged learning to help weak students buckle up their marks. Engaging classes that are fun to learn and grow.

Each student gets an individualized learning experience-enabling undivided attention and an expert team at your service. They also arrange specialized teaching support from their homes. 

The students get a free trial session, and we offer them full-fledged classes and a certificate at the end of the course. If you want students to excel in learning, then Nurtem is the best choice for your child.

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How long is AP Physics 2 exam?

AP Physics 2 has a 3 hour long exam. It has Multiple choice questions and free response questions which are 1 hour and 30 minutes duration each.

What is AP Physics 2 equivalent to?

AP Physics 2 is equivalent to algebra-based physics which is a year long semester course taught as an introduction in college.

Which is harder AP Physics 2 or 1?

AP Physics 1 is harder because of multiple concepts but AP Physics 2 is difficult to master.

Is the AP Physics 2 exam hard?

Yes it absolutely is because of the abstract nature of the course It can get even more hard if the student did not take AP Physics 1 earlier.

Is AP Physics 2 easy?

No. AP physics 1 is not easy and difficult to master.

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