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Elementary Math

How is landing on the moon possible? What calculation was used to construct Pyramids? 

In all these questions, you can find your answer “the usage of Mathematics.”

From our tender to the end of our lives, maths is present in all aspects of our lives. Hence, it is an essential part of every individual’s life.

Are you a parent whose Kid is interested in Maths? Willing to enhance your Kid’s Maths knowledge? This blog is for you.

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Elementary Mathematics overview

Though everyone learns mathematics at school, it is difficult to explain what exactly mathematics is. The best way to understand Elementary Maths is – to do Maths.

Elementary Maths is the language of our Universe. Also, it is the science of order, relation, and structure. It has evolved from the elemental practice of measuring, describing shapes of objects, and counting. Also, it deals with quantitative calculation and logical reasoning. 

One thing that usually appears in Mathematics is “abstraction”. Instead of thinking about numbers and equations, Mathematics tends to think about its underlying patterns and structures called “Theorems”.

One of the fundamental things that you find in mathematics is “Proof”. Mathematicians can’t say that an idea is right without evaluating it. This is why mathematics is harder than other sciences. 

But how does a kid learn mathematics? Do you have any idea?

Hire an Online Maths Teacher or Grab an online Elementary Math class!

How to choose an online maths teacher for your Kid

Decided to grab an online Elementary Maths class for your Kid? But don’t know where to enrol on the course? Here are some facts that you should consider while choosing an online math teacher for your Kid. Know them before choosing an Elementary Maths teacher.

Experience and knowledge

While looking for an online Maths teacher for your Kid, it is essential to hire an expert in Maths. Depending on your kids learning the skill, you need to make sure that your Maths teacher knows that specific Maths area.

Quality and Ability

One of the best things you should look for in your Math teacher is their quality and ability. A math teacher should have the ability to provide thoughtful insights to the Kid. Also, they should have the quality of finding what is needed for your Kid. 

Passion for Maths

In addition to experience, it is essential to find a teacher who is passionate about Maths. It will ensure that your Math teacher can work with the Kid even when frustration arises. 


When choosing an online math teacher, you need to make sure that they have a good reputation. If your teacher has a website or Facebook page, check for the testimonial or feedback. If you don’t find any of them, ask the teacher and contact their students’ parents.


Like passion, patience is an essential skill for a teacher. If your Kid finds difficulty solving a math problem, your teacher should have the patience to help the Kid.


Whether it is time for the teaching session or not. Your Kid’s teacher should be available to help your child. 

At what age should my kids start learning elementary math?

Learning Maths is not a wonder to happen overnight. It takes years to master Mathematics. But, what is the right age to start learning elementary math? Mathematics is more than addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Kids who love maths can start their learning even at the age of 4.

What is the importance of skills in elementary math?

Without mathematics, our Universe would be a missing key. In our daily routine, maths play an essential role. But, some like maths or dislike it. Mainly many students hate maths because many of the concepts are abstracts. Are you a Maths lover? Willing to join an online course? If yes, before choosing an online course, know why it is important to learn elementary math.

Good for brain

Analytical and creative skills are highly desired for everyone. Usually, to process information, the human brain develops essential neural pathways. Hence, there is no wonder that Maths plays a major role in brain development.

While doing Maths problems, our brains will collect the info, observe the relations and solve it rationally. So, if a person can solve a math problem with a logical solution, they can train their minds to solve the real-world issue. 

Research by Dr Tanya Evan of Stanford University stated, “kids who know Mathematics can recruit certain regions of the brain reliably. Also, the brain regions involved in high-performance were associated with certain tasks like decision making and visual attention.”  

Thus, learning mathematics will not only improve your knowledge but also boost your brain further.

Provides good problem-solving skills

“Without a problem there is no Maths.” Hence, as a student, learning mathematics will help you to develop a better problem-solving ability in your career.

Universal Language

Mathematics is also called “Universal Language” because it is the only language globally that is understood universally across different traditions and countries. 

Every career requires math in some way

Mathematics is all around us. For instance, if you are working as a cash register operator, you should know basic arithmetic. Likewise, people who work in industry or factories should have the ability to understand arithmetic to keep track of their work. Every job requires the use of maths in some way.

How to make elementary math interesting for kids?

To make elementary math interesting for kids, we don’t need to master any degree. A change in their mindset and outlook will do the magic. Here are a few ways:

  1. Make mathematics a part of everyday life

Mathematics is ubiquitous and all around us. From morning wake up to the bed, we used to look at time. So, use simple activities like counting steps while climbing stairs. When you relate the real-life situation in your Kid’s learning, it will be quite interesting for them.

  1. Visual learning

It is one of the interesting ways to get a child’s attention towards learning. Student-friendly and clear visual representations are always required for student engagement. Visual representations will hold Kid’s attention and help them to understand Maths in a better way.

  1. Know your child’s interest

Do your Kid’s love to do mathematics? If yes, then know their area of interest. Also, find the difficulties they face while solving a problem and encourage them to work it out.

  1. Play Games

Board games are one of the interesting ways to get Kid’s attention on Maths. Counting and Number recognition are part of board games. Hence, your Kid can learn numeracy skills easily by playing games.

  1. Approach mistakes with encouragement

Mistakes are the proof of trying something in Maths. Without errors, no one can solve a math problem. If your Kid solves a problem, find their mistakes and encourage the Kid to correct them.

Why Math class with Nurtem?

Choosing an online Math class is always a tough task for parents because some online math classes won’t be fun and engaging, whereas others may not offer detailed explanations for complex math. 

Tired of searching for an online Math course for Your Kid? Relax. Join Nurtem!

From student-friendly to detailed lectures, Nurtem’s Elementary Math class provides all the essentials you are looking for. As a bonus, your kids can practice their math facts through our skill-focused and fun activities.

What is included in Nutem’s Math class?

  • Expertise and certified tutors with a good reputation.
  • Multimedia-based lessons, instructional visuals, and fun activities.
  • Detailed activity plans and lesson plans.
  • Real-life applications to reinforce Mathematical concepts.
  • Improves your Kid’s learning speed.

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How much do elementary math tutors charge?

While hiring a math tutor, the first thing that comes to mind will be the tutor’s charge. However, the charge may vary depending on your child’s academic needs and mode of tutoring.

What type of math is taught in elementary school?

At elementary schooling, kids learn:

  • Numbers
  • Counting
  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Decimals
Why is math so hard?

As a student, your kid may find it hard to learn elementary math. Because we all look at the numbers abstractly. Other reasons are:

  • Anxiety
  • Lack of interest, practice, energy, and time.
  • Some find difficulty in relating the concept.
  • Dyscalculia (kids struggle with formulas and shapes)
What is the best math program for elementary?
  • Learn Math Fast
  • Horizons Math
  • Cuemath
  • Math-U-See
  • Life of Fred
How do you teach elementary math?

Teaching elementary math to your kid is quite easy. Do you know how? Just follow these teaching tips:

  • Begin with number counting.
  • Use objects to count, add, subtract, and multiply.
  • Play Mathematical games.
  • If your kid is interested in learning Abacus, teach them.
  • Do the math regularly.


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