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Elementary English Reading

“The more you read, the more you’ll learn”

In today’s emerging world, reading is one of the essential things in everyone’s life. Some people think that reading will be difficult and boring. It’s not. If you are trying to learn English, Reading is more important. Though you can listen and understand English, you won’t be fluent if you don’t know how to read.

If you are looking to learn elementary English reading, you need to be a smart reader. Here, we’ve covered everything about Elementary English Reading. So, let’s go ahead.


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At what age should my kid start reading?

From confidence with words to vocabulary, there is a lot to learn when a kid starts reading. Every kid has their space when it comes to Elementary English reading. Some kids learn reading at the age of 3, whereas some will begin reading at the age of 5 to 6. Even some kids may enhance their reading skills with the easy Phonics from the nursery. So, as a parent teach your kid at the right time based on their ability. 

What is the importance of reading skills?

Many students might have puzzled about how to improve their English. So, my suggestion is: read more. Reading is one of the best components for kids to develop their English speaking skills. Alongside, it helps you to explore other related skills like vocabulary, grammar, etc.

Is it still confusing? Below are some of the beneficial facts for you. This will show you why it is important to learn Reading.

  1. Reading Enhance Concentration

While reading, one should be more focused for a longer period. Thus, for understanding the entire text, kids should concentrate on their reading. By doing this, your kid can enhance their concentration skill in a powerful manner. 

  1. Enhance Vocabulary and Communication

Are you worried about your kid’s reading skills? No worries. Teach them more words every day and give them access to the world of words. It not only improve their reading skill but also enhances their verbal communication. 

  1. Exercise your Brain

Generally, reading is considered a Brain Exercise. Because when we are involved in reading something, our brain cells will start to understand the meaning of the text. Reading stimulates the brain and makes it think in all possible ways to know the meaning.

  1. Reduce Stress

Reading is one of the great habits that every human should learn. Because reading will amuse, entertain, and enrich the knowledge of the reader. Also, it helps in reducing stress and boosts the energy of the reader. 

  1. Improve writing skills

As reading helps in improving our vocabulary, it gradually enhances the reader’s writing skill as well. This is because reading boosts the ability to think, and this leads to a  way to improve the writing.

Reading strategies for kindergarten students

Now that we’ve detailed why reading in English is important. It’s time to learn the reading strategies to make your reading pretty easier.

  1. Read aloud

Reading aloud will be helpful for the kids because they can hear the words while reading. This will help them to learn faster. Also, it acts as an English-speaking practice for the kids.

  1. Use pointer method

While reading, try to point the text using our pointer finger. This will help you to stay on your track. Also, this will force you to read each word to understand the meaning of the text.

  1. Play Kindergarten Reading Games

Get young with your kid and play kindergarten reading games to improve your kids reading skills. Some of the kindergarten reading games are:

  • Roll word families
  • Bingo
  • I Spy
  • Act out passages
  1. Help kids to make connections

Helping the kids to make connections will be more effective to improve the reading skill. That is while reading kids should get involved and connect to the stories. This will enhance their imagination skill as well.

  1. Reread the passage

While reading, if your kid doesn’t understand the meaning, teach them to reread the passage. Reading a quote two or three times will help your kid to understand the meaning of the text. 

If they still don’t understand the meaning, teach them to look at the pictures for a clue. This will make them think what will be the concept of the story.

What are fun ways to teach reading?

Sometimes it is good to change things up in a kid’s reading routine. But how? Teach them in a fun way! This will help the kids to read smarter. Let’s read smarter in a funny way:

  1. Act it out

Some kids love to play roles by watching cartoon characters. For those, you can teach through “Act it Out”. Before you begin with your teaching, ask your kid what role he/she wish to play because this brings some excitement into their reading time and helps them to read the text with their imagination. 

  1. Word Puzzle

Make a list of words based on your child’s reading level and mash-up. Make sure the words you picked are familiar to your kid. Now, let them find the words that are hidden in the jumbled letters. 

  1. Letter Blocks

Playing blocks is one of the fun ways to teach children. Usually, kids love to play with blocks. Hence, it would help if you introduced things like Phonics with the letter blocks. This will help the children to learn new words.

  1. Play Treasure hunt

Make a game like a treasure hunt to find a book. Leave clues for your kid around the unexpected places of the house. Now, it’s time for kids to hunt. At the end of the game, your kid might have learned some words via the given clues.

  1. Imitation Game

When you read with your kid, try to change your voice like a Donald duck and tell your kid to imitate the same. This will be fun for kids and excite them to read.

How do you practice Reading for kindergarten?

Well, we all know learning to read is not a natural process that happens on its own. It is quite a complex one that requires more practice and strategies. But how do you practice reading? Try out these simple strategies.

  1. Nursery Rhymes 

In general, kids love rhymes and rhythms a lot. So, if you are looking for a better way to practice reading for your kid, try this strategy. 

  1. Ask Questions

Asking questions while reading not only practice your kid to read. It helps to enhance vocabulary, fluency, and much more. Hence, ask questions whenever your kid learns a new topic. 

  1. Word Games

Create simple word games and play them daily with the kids. Focusing on the gameplay enables various skills in kids like listening, identifying, etc.

Why reading class with Nurtem?

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At Nurtem, you can learn reading from respected scholars and researchers who bring real-world insight to your online class.

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You are not alone at Nurtem. Our student support teams are there for you. So, step up with Nurtem and track your way to thrive in your reading program.

Flexible Learning Formats:

Is your reading style unique? Nurtem has designed flexible ways to fit all your reading needs.

Final words

“The possibilities are endless these days”. Learning to read elementary English is not a big deal. Make use of the skills mentioned above and strategies to explore a lot in your reading. We wish you the best!

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What is the best program to teach reading?

In today’s online world, there are many programs to teach reading to kids. However, it may differ based on the kid’s learning style. Here are some of the best reading programs for your kids to enhance their reading skill:

  • Reading Eggs.
  • Teach your Monster to Read.
  • Book Adventure.
  • Kiz Phonics.
How do I know my child's reading level?

Usually, a kid’s reading level will be measured at their school. You can ask your kids’ teacher about it. If your kid is a non-schooler, then try the five-finger rule. Just choose a book and flip to any page in it. Tell your kid to read. This indicates their reading level

Why is Elementary english Reading so important?

Studies have proven that learning to read everyday is a great choice especially when you are trying to learn English. Though you are good at listening English, you can’t claim that you are fluent in English. That is why it is essential to learn reading in our daily life.

How can I improve my child's reading level?

Each child has a unique reading skill. If you are looking to improve your kid’s reading level, then use some proven approaches as follows:

  • Decode mystery words.
  • Establish a regular reading practice.
  • Stay involved with your kids while reading.
  • Encourage them to read more books.
  • Ask questions.
  • Maximize their reading time.
What is the most effective way to teach phonics?

If you are teaching your kid to read, then you might have come across the term “Phonics”. Phonics is one of the methods to teach reading for elementary students by relating sounds to the letters. There are some effective ways to teach phonics to your kids. Here we go with them:

  • Letter Sounds – Teach the children to see a letter and let them pronounce the sound it represents.
  • Blending – Students should be taught how to blend the individual sounds to read a word 

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