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China has the oldest and richest continuous cultures on this planet. Its culture is unique, multi-layered, and colorful and has evolved over the last 5000 years. It is one of the most populous nations in the world. 

The Chinese language is the most spoken language on earth. Over 1.5 billion speakers speak it. Chinese is a conceptual language that relies on written characters to express ideas. The Chinese written and spoken language are two different forms. It is also the language used by many on the internet today. Mandarin Chinese is the native language in China. It is the mother tongue of over 900 million people worldwide.

The Chinese language has thousands of characters. Each of the characters is pictorial. Yet People in china have different versions of the language. The written language is often difficult to understand. That is the reason why Chinese written language has two types –  simplified and traditional. What one speaks is entirely different from the other. Two Chinese persons speaking the same language will not understand a word spoken to the other.

Many foreign languages are more accessible to learn than learning Chinese. However, with hard work, one can achieve that. As rightly said by someone – The easiest way is not always the best way.

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Why Nurtem?

  • It’s flexible.It offers a wide selection of programs.
  • It’s accessible.
  • It allows for a customized learning experience.
  • It’s more cost-effective than traditional education.
What is the best way to learn and improve Chinese:

Suppose you have been learning Chinese for a time now but need to improve the language. Or, if you are someone who likes to learn new languages, and learning Chinese was always on your mind, then start right away!  

Many people think that improving Chinese skills is not worth it.  Learning Chinese can be challenging, but it is also fun. The Chinese language is not difficult to understand; instead, with time and patience, you can quickly know. 

We all know that the best way to learn the language is to visit the Chinese-speaking country, which isn’t possible for all. While its true that hard work pays off, but there are some fun ways to learn Chinese.

Let us explore some easy tips to improve Chinese:

  • Read Chinese books 
  • Learn a Chinese song
  • Use flashcards 
  • Chat online in Chinese
  • Watch Chinese movies
  • Practice till you drop
  • Be disciplined and stick to a routine
What are the benefits of learning Chinese:

The Chinese language opens the door to many opportunities such as politics, economics, history, or archaeology. But at the heart of the culture lies the love for the people. So to study Chinese means to study people.

Over the last three decades, China has transformed itself to become the largest global economy. China has boomed, and its status is rising. It has most definitely become one of the world’s growing global superpowers.

  • Learning Chinese uses both sides of the brain, thus important for cognitive development of the brain. Studies suggest that learning the language requires more brainpower. It keeps the mind sharp with visual recognition and helps with motor skills.  
  • They are rich in culture, which is 5000 years old. The Chinese language gives a reflection of the culture. The language is called pictograph since the characters are mainly drawings and pictures.
  • Travel with confidence anywhere in the world, not just China. Not just for your studies or for your business, but to converse in the widely spoken language globally.
  • Making it easier to watch and enjoy movies, serials, books, chats, and music. Using the internet for many other purposes to enhance the language experience. 
  • Enjoy Chinese cuisine like never before. You will truly learn and enjoy Chinese cuisine if you are a gourmet and a food lover. 
  • The Chinese language gives you an edge when competing for an important job. It boosts your career and makes opportunities for employment in all fields.  
  • It helps you expand the market of your business. Hence making you build stronger relationships with your Chinese co-workers and friends.
How do Online Chinese classes work:

Nowadays, there are an increasing number of people who are interested in the Chinese language. The internet is wide and helpful, so finding the right course can be very challenging.

There are classes from beginner to advanced levels. They have different prices for hours per day and classes per week. They have flexible timings tailored to your needs.

 Let us learn Chinese online anywhere, anytime!

What are the Skills needed at different levels of Chinese:

When you need to master Chinese, you need a perfect teacher to guide you through. Every student is different, and nothing is more important than a well-designed course and a professional teacher. The teachers give you a personalized plan according to your learning goals. Many systems are designed for your level, learning pace, and style. 

Let us see the skills required for different levels of Chinese:

Basic Level Skills:

This course is apt for someone who has never studied the Chinese language before. This is a basic or a beginners course which covers basic expressions and phonetics. The learners will be given study materials and made to practice activities. The course allows them to learn Mandarin Chinese to help them make basic conversations. Since the learners dont need to study Chinese characters, it is easier to follow and complete the course.

Intermediate Level Skills:

After getting the tones, vocabulary, and basic grammar right, this course allows you to bridge the gap, explore more topics, and use richer language. The classes will teach you more grammar structures, vocabulary words, and tones in daily conversations. This will improve speaking skills, teaching skills, useful phrases, and typing.

Advanced level Skills:

A lot of dedication and hard work is required to make it there. You will be required to consistently improve the reading, writing, listening, and speaking. At this stage, your Chinese accent, which would’ve been developed, would come into play. You will be able to write and deliver a full speech. You will be able to read newspapers, watch films and TV. You can understand what you read and write and express in oral or written Chinese. 

How about tutors for Chinese classes:

Whether you are a beginner or already fluent, online tutors are beneficial for Chinese learners. They help you improve your skills by having real-life conversations and explanations. These skills are excellent for your speaking and listening skills. 

There are hundreds of tutors available online, but finding out the perfect one can be tough. So before booking your session, make sure your tutor meets these requirements:

  • A native Chinese Tutor with good professional experience
  • A tutor who encourages you to speak the language and instills confidence
  • Provides you with in-depth answers to all your questions
  • Availability and convenience to suit your schedule
Why learn Chinese with Nurtem:

Nurtem is an upcoming marketplace for learning online. We have professional tutors who have deep classroom and online teaching experience. The tutors teach many spoken courses and individual topic-based classes. Each student gets a personalized learning experience- including notes, audios, pdf, etc. Plus, they get easy access to our daily curated videos. The students have free trial classes. We also have full-fledged classes and a certificate at the end of the course.

We have helped our students break through and learn to speak Chinese with confidence.

If you want the best, then Nurtem is the right place for your child!

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Why learn Chinese?

A language which is most widely spoken, Mandarin language being spoken by over 900 million speakers and a 5000 year old culture. Learning Chinese not only allows you to learn a new language and connect with other people, but opens the door to many opportunities.

Will learning Chinese help my career?

Yes most definitely. The demand for chinese language speakers has increased tremendously. Also it enhances your relationship between you and your colleagues, in turn making an impact on your work environment.

Can I learn Chinese in 3 months?

Yes you can. Within three to six months of learning Chinese will give you a basic knowledge of the language. To gain fluency, it takes about eighteen months to two years depending on our learning. Like any other language, to become fluent in three months only seems impossible!

Why is it important to learn Chinese?

It is important to learn Chinese today because It enhances your career opportunities, expand your business and communicate with millions world-wide. It is the most used language on the internet today. It develops your cognitive brain and develops critical thinking. 

How long does it take to learn Chinese fluently?

Within three to six months you can learn the basics of the Chinese language, but it takes approximately eighteen months to two years to become proficient in the language. Full immersion method will help you in gaining fluency faster than any other method.

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