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english second language
English Second Language

Nowadays, the English language has a great influence on people worldwide. As it is shortly called, ESL is a term used for the study of the English language. The primary language is not English. English as a second language is a high-demand subject of instruction and continues to grow. It is growing across schools as a second language. It is becoming a compulsory language in many schools. 

Children learn a second language much better and faster compared to adults. This is because the ability to grasp at a young age is far stronger and more effective. ESL is designed to teach young minds and train them to excel in the subject. As we know, that English words have different pronunciations when written. The teachers can help them identify them better through stories, themes and concepts. This way, the teachers prepare young minds to learn. They use different methods and apply new strategies in teaching.

ESL is for individuals who want to improve reading, writing, listening and speaking. Different levels and courses are starting from basics, intermediate and advanced. The course prepares young minds to speak in English for daily use and work-places. The learners enjoy them and succeed in an academic environment. This improves their cultural and academic aspects too.

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Why Nurtem?

  • It’s flexible.It offers a wide selection of programs.
  • It’s accessible.
  • It allows for a customized learning experience.
  • It’s more cost-effective than traditional education.
How does English second language tutoring help students in their academics?

When compared to their peers, some youngsters may struggle with English second language. If your child has difficulty, you may need to hire a tutor to help them improve their learning abilities. As a result, you might want to consider hiring a tutor for your child.

Consider how know-how tutoring could assist your youngster with their education before hiring a tutor.

  • Adapt to the child’s learning style: Each child learns uniquely. Teachers will not adapt the lesson to each student’s preferred learning style at school. On the other hand, online training can be tailored to each child’s learning style, allowing them to expand their horizons.
  • Preparation for the Exam: Is your child afraid of exams or tests? If so, tutoring can help students improve their learning abilities and exam performance.
  • Boost Self-Belief: Through tutoring, your child can develop a personal relationship with the tutors. This boosts children’s self-esteem and allows them to reach their full academic potential.
Expert English second language tutors are waiting to connect with you.
  • A professional tutor will provide you with personalized one-on-one tutoring
  • In problem-solving sessions, voice and an interactive whiteboard are used
  • Advanced and tried methodologies are used to make teaching and learning simple and enjoyable
  • At the end of each session, the tutor and students give each other feedback
  • Make an appointment with your tutor at a time that is convenient for you
  • Science homework, exam preparation, assignments, and adult education classes are all available with assistance
How do you pick a tutor?

“Winning is difficult to achieve without a qualified coach.”

Get an online English second language instructor if you want to improve your skills. When you have a lot of choices, choosing the ideal teacher might be difficult. We’ve developed a list of items to consider while selecting a tutor to make things easier for you. Take a look at a few examples:


One of the most important variables to consider is experience. If you’re looking for a great teacher, find out how long they’ve been teaching. A skilled educator will walk you through the steps of gaining a thorough understanding of the topic.

Ability to coach:

Your tutor should have good coaching skills, such as analyzing students’ strengths and limitations, like a qualified teacher. As a consequence, select an instructor that possesses unique abilities to help you improve your grades.

Hot topics to cover up on - through Nurtem coaching?

Nurtem coaching provides this course to students from beginners to intermediate levels. The faculty helps students to speak with a higher level of proficiency to improve communication. ESL course at Nurtem helps students score highly on the International English Language Testing System or IELTS . The curriculum focuses on all language skills- reading, writing, speaking, and listening. 

ESL curriculum has different levels for each student’s needs. The levels are:

  • Beginner level
  • Elementary level (A1)
  • Upper elementary level (A2)
  • Lower intermediate level (A2-B1)
  • Intermediate level (B1-B2)
Why learn English second language with Nurtem?

Nurtem is a new online learning marketplace. Professional tutors with extensive classroom and online teaching experience are available. Tutors instruct a wide range of spoken courses as well as individual topic-based classes. Each student is provided with a personalized learning experience that includes notes, audio, PDFs, and other materials. They can also now watch our daily handpicked videos. Students can sign up for a free trial class. We also offer full-fledged classes with a certificate at the end of the program.

Our students have benefited from our instruction and are now more confident.

Nurtem is the place to be if you want the best for your child!

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What is english second language?

English Second language or ESL as it is shortly called,  is a term used for the study of the English language. It refers to those people whose first language is not english.

How to learn english second language?

Take up an online course, converse with an online tutor daily, writing it on a daily basis help pick up the language.

How to improve english second language?

Watch movies, read books and practice more writing.

Where to learn english as a second language?

Nurtem, a leading educational platform which offers ESL classes for students of all ages. It has flexible timings, trial classes and well-educated tutors.

Where is english taught as a second language?

It is taught in many countries across the world. 

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