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elementary english writing
Elementary English Writing

“Education is not only a learning fact, train your mind to think.”

When we think about the skills, the essential skills to develop among kids are Reading and Writing. Reading and Writing are the fundamental skills that remain essential even if your kid’s formal education comes to an end. From Vocabulary to conveying your ideas, Writing is a mandatory skill.

But, Writing is one of the most difficult and challenging tasks for young children to learn. However, in this digital age, learning elementary English writing is made easy. All you need to do is, join an online course. 

In this blog, we’ve discussed a brief note on Elementary English writing. Read ahead to know why elementary English writing is essential and how to learn.

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At what age should my kid start writing?

Many people think that kids don’t rely on Writing until they reach kindergarten age. A study has unleashed some interesting findings: A child can learn the fundamentals of writing at different ages. They need to meet certain milestones at a certain age. 

  • Age 1 to 2
    • Hold crayons to scribble.
  • Age 3 to 4
    • Learn to write letters.
  • Age 5 to 7
    • Can hold a pencil and write the letters accurately.

Mind you: All kids are different. Based on their learning capability, they begin their writing journey.

What is the importance of writing skills in English?

There was a time that people taught only digital marketers and journalists should have good writing skills. But now, writing skills is more effective due to the growing importance of communication. Below are few reasons why Writing skill is important for you.

Be professional

With effective writing skills, your thoughts and ideas can be understood by others in a better way. So, learn to write a clear message to convey your thoughts and ideas to others.

Boost your self-confidence

Each content has some motive. A well-written content for the enterprise will attract investors and partners. Alongside, with your exceptional written communication, you can complete your projects. With this, you can grow your confidence and positivity.

Strong grammar

Some might have a great idea in their mind. But because of the poor grammar skill, they may fail to convey their ideas and thoughts. Writing every day can improve your grammar skills.

Writing activities for kindergarten students

Usually, kids need different platforms to read and write. Don’t restrict your children while writing on the wall or door because it is their first writing activity. Aside from this, here are some interesting and creative writing activities for Kindergarten students. Let’s look into them.

Dot painting

Your kid can begin painting dots pictures using his or her finger. Later teach them to progress paint letters using Q-tip. Dot painting helps your kid to familiarize with alphabets and number shapes by practicing regularly.

Letter tracing

Before teaching your kids to write, teach them to practice letter tracing. It will help them to develop a strong bond with letters by memorizing how to write letters. So, add sensory material to trace letters.

Dot-to-Dot joining

Create a dot-to-dot cater for your students based on their needs. For example, if you teach the letter “L” to your student, place three dots and let the kid join those dots to form “L.”

What are fun ways to teach English writing skills?

Looking for fun ways to teach writing skills for your students? As a teacher, you can make writing fun for your students. Here are few fun activities that may help you to teach writing for your kid:

Surface tracing

Trace a letter on any surface and ask your children to retract it. If your kid is struggling to trace, hold their hand and teach them to trace the letter. Or else, make use of the stencil to trace alphabets and letters. 

Arrow cues

Create arrow cues for the letters on paper and let your kids track the arrows. Once they are done, teach them to trace the letters without any arrow cues. It is one of the effective strategies when letter formation. 

Sense the letter or number

Place the magnetic letter or number on the wall and make your kid feel or sense them by closing their eyes. This will help them to learn letter formation.

Play with sand or clay

Kids can use the pen or pencil to write letters on paper. Before that, teach them to write on sand or carve in clay. This will allow them to write better in the future.

How to practice handwriting for kindergarten?

Handwriting is one of the essential skills that a kid develops. Through handwriting, one can able to express their thoughts and communicate with others. Are you a kindergarten teacher looking for a better way to teach handwriting to your kids? Here are some ways on how to practice handwriting:

Teach to hold the pencil properly

The first thing that you should teach your kid is – to hold the writing tool properly. Generally, children love crayons and sketch pens. But, for better handwriting practice, ensure that they are perfectly holding the pencil.

Relax the grip

Try to monitor your kid’s Writing closely. If you find an imprint on the next page, it means the kid puts more pressure while writing. Help your kid to relax and tell them to reduce the pressure while writing. Sometimes, such kind of pressure could lead to finger cramping.

Provide a good writing environment

The posture and angle of a letter give good handwriting for a kid. Provide your kid with a convenient ambiance. It is advisable to provide a writing chair and table rather than a bean bag or rocking chair because they may impact a child’s Writing.

Proportions matter

One of the main reasons a kid fails to develop good handwriting is a lack of focus on proportion. Every letter is different in its formation. Hence, to maintain good handwriting, it is essential to maintain the size, width, and style while writing.

Teach them the difference between lower case and upper case letters. So, help them to practice handwriting with the group of lowercase letters and uppercase letters. This process will help the kids to learn cursive handwriting style.

Practice regularly

Handwriting is an art. Practice regularly to acquire good handwriting. It is not a huge task. There are many handwriting games available online. Make use of them.

What is the most effective way to teach Writing?

Writing is a fundamental skill. The ability to write words on paper is a critical skill for kids. 

Read up

Reading is a stepping stone to write better. It helps the kids to enhance their vocabulary and writing skills. Hence, it is advisable to read together with kids every day.

Begin writing

Sometimes kids fear a lot to begin their Writing on paper. Relax your kid and make a fun way to begin writing. 

Make writing fun

Provide fun activities to encourage Writing. Word games and Crossword puzzles are the best choices for everyone. Especially, little ones will like to play word games.

Create writing worksheet

Create a worksheet like connect dots to learn writing effectively. Kids usually learn their Writing by letter tracing. So, creating a worksheet for Writing is a great way to teach elementary Writing.

Encourage journaling

Journaling is one of the great ways to express ideas and thoughts while writing. Teach your kids to journal some interesting facts and encourage them to write about their journalism. Make them practice journaling regularly.

Spend time

Make sure that you are always available to help your kid while writing. Whenever your kid writes something, proofread them. It will help the kids to improve their writing skills.

Connect the kid’s interest

If your kid is interested in something, connect them with their Writing. For instance, if your kid likes stories, make them write their own story.

Why learn writing with Nurtem?

Looking for an online writing course? Don’t know where to take your writing class? Don’t panic. Join your Writing Class at Nurtem.

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Final Words

Every individual has the potential to learn Writing. Are you the one who is willing to enhance your kid’s writing skills? Grab Writing course at Nurtem! Good Luck.

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What are writing strategies for elementary students?

When a kid struggles to write about something, try to follow these strategies:

  • Share ideas before you begin to write.
  • Get involved with the kids.
  • Writing warm-ups.
  • Structure your ideas.
  • Give assignments to write.
How do I teach my child to write stories?

Writing stories is one of the activities that every child is asked to do in school. By writing stories, children can convey their thoughts to others. But some kids struggle to organize their thoughts. If your kid is one among them, then teach them with these steps:

  • Read some favorite stories of your kid together with them.
  • In the middle, ask the child to predict what is going to happen next.
  • Once you’re done reading the story, ask them to
    • Tell the complete story.
    • Who are the characters and what do you like about them?
    • What do you think about the end of the story?
  • Give them some topics and tell them to write a story by relating the given topics in a well-organized manner.
How do you teach virtually to write?

Teaching virtually to write is a great way to learn. But how? Here we ensure how the students are getting the best writing instruction virtually:

  • Know the kid’s interest in writing.
  • Organize the virtual lessons to write.
  • Keep your writing lessons short.
  • Independent writing.
  • Be outspoken with students.
How can I improve my child's writing?

Writing is one of the most important parts of our day-to-day life. As a beginner, every kid finds some difficulty while learning to write. Here are some tips to improve your kids writing skills:

  • Provide their space to brainstorm ideas to write.
  • Get involved with your kid to read books.
  • Encourage the kid to write or draw something and let them discuss it with you.
  • Play fun games to write.
  • Suggest note-taking habit.
  • Correct their grammatical and spelling mistakes.
  • Let them write their own story.
How do you teach elementary kids?

One of the hardest tasks for teachers is learning how to pick the right teaching methodology for students. Many different methods can be used in teaching students. So…

  1. Keep open communication with kids to know them in-depth.
  2. Make a schedule with creative lesson plans.
  3. Make learning fun and more interesting.
  4. Teach organizational skills.
  5. Enhance their study skills.

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