Why parents should stop helping their kids with homework?

If you are the parent of school kids, you might have witnessed your child’s anxiety and struggle with challenging Homework. I’m sure you are tempted to help them in some way with their Homework. Am I right?

I know it is hard for the kids when they are assigned complex assignments. It is common for students to hate Homework. Teachers, on the other hand, hate unfinished Homework. Due to this, many parents assist their children with their Homework. But, Is it a good idea to help your kids with their Homework?

Assigning Homework or performing assignments is like making the kids recall what they’ve learned in class. But, parents are not thinking twice before they help their kids with their Homework. If you are helping your kid, then you should stop it from today. Why?

Here we have the reasons for you. Before that, I would like to share why Homework is compulsory in kids’ education.

Why is Homework essential?

  • It improves your child’s memory and thinking skills.
  • It helps your child develop good study habits and skills that will serve them throughout life.
  • A child’s Homework encourages them to utilize their time effectively.
  • Your child learns how to work independently through it.
  • Homework teaches your child responsibility.
  • It provides an opportunity for your child to review and practice what they have learned in class.
  • Assists your child in preparing for class the following day
  • As part of Homework, your child learns how to use libraries, reference materials, and computer Websites to find information.
  • Taking part in activities like Homework encourages your child to explore subjects more deeply than in the classroom.
  • The child can extend their learning by applying skills in new situations.
  • Your child can integrate learning by applying multiple skills to a task, such as writing a book report.
  • Parents can learn more about “What their child is learning in school” through Homework.
  • This is an excellent way for parents to communicate about their child’s learning.

Why should parents stop helping their kids with Homework?

Homework is like a pillar for a vital education for your kid. It is their responsibility to finish it off. Parents have to monitor, support, clarify the doubts, and ensure their child completes the Homework or not. But, you should never do your kids’ Homework. Because:

1. Kids lose motivation

According to the study, it is evident that kids whose parents are helping to complete Homework are less motivated in their studies. This is because children with their parents’ support in doing their Homework will be more enthused and creative when reading. But, when we do their homework, they don’t have the spark to flame.

2. Lacks Responsiveness

Homework is your kids’ responsibility. If you do their Homework, how could your child learn their responsibility in life? Support and encourage your kids to do their work rather than completing by themselves.

3. Non-beneficial

Research has proven that Homework has little academic benefits in kids’ education. That is, for primary school children, Homework doesn’t have any educational benefits. But when it comes to high school or junior school, students have educational benefits from Homework. If you help your child do their Homework, it would be an excellent benefit for the kids to instantly escape from their teachers. But here, the fool is not the teacher; your kid is. If they don’t do their Homework, will they be able to solve a question during the examination? Think wisely.

4. Low Grades

As I said earlier, if you do your kids’ assignments, they won’t gain any knowledge. They don’t learn what their teachers taught in their class. So, this will automatically leave them with low grades. Do you want that?

So, how do you back off?

Here are the Tips for the Parents:

  • Keep an eye on your child’s academic progress, but avoid being more interested in their schoolwork than your child. Doing so may make your child believe it is “your thing” and not “their thing.”
  • Children should be taught when and where to do their Homework, especially when they are young.
  • Don’t offer your help before they ask; let them ask. Doing this will gain confidence in completing their schoolwork without constant adult assistance.
  • Teach instead of doing. Don’t try to fix every mistake or act as an editor. Instead, allow your child to ask you specific doubts and questions they have in their mind. This will let them know whether they are on track or not.
  • If your child is in junior school, get their Homework done before they have fun things like playing or watching Television.
  • Constantly evaluate whether your actions prevent your child from developing essential skills, including responsibility and autonomy. Additionally, you should remind them when their Homework is due.
  • This includes accepting responsibility for Homework. This includes accepting responsibility for Homework. Your child will be motivated by these and will be able to work on their own without your assistance.
  • Finally, remember the golden rule: Your actions as a parent should not be mainly about making them successful now but about preparing them to succeed without you in the future.

I won’t put a barrier to the care that you show towards your child. But, too much care is like too much sugar in your tea. It can lead your child on the wrong path or to challenging situations. So, it is always better to be supportive in their life, especially when doing their Homework. Avoid doing their Homework and begin helping with their Homework through your motivation or support. By doing so, your kids can benefit more in their careers and life!

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