Tips to accelerate your child’s Foreign Language Learning Progress

foreign language

Learning a new language is a treasure! So, why don’t you give it as a gift to your child?

Learning a foreign or a new language could be more beneficial to a child’s career than learning English in this globalized world. But…Since it’s new, it may be tricky and frustrating for some. Is your child among those struggling learners? Take it easy! To avoid the lags, we’ve come up with some helpful tips for accelerating their learning journey.

Follow the tips and help your child delight in learning a new language!

But before we move further, let me explain why it is essential for a child to learn foreign languages. It will give a clear knowledge to the parents who don’t understand the importance of foreign languages.

Why learn a Foreign Language?

Why learn foreign language
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Since many parts of the world are proficient in English, the English language is considered the world’s lingua franca. However, foreign languages are also necessary because they can open doors for children in the future. Guess how?

Nowadays, many children wish to go abroad for higher education. Imagine your child is traveling to a new country where they don’t speak English. How would your child communicate with them? Sounds scary, right? This is why I recommend you train your child in a second language.

Did you Know?

How many Languages are there on the globe?

Roughly around 7140+ Languages are being spoken across the globe.

Learning a new language can benefit a child in many ways. Here are a few benefits of learning foreign languages for your knowledge:

  • Enhance Brain Power and Memory
  • Improves Decision-making skills
  • Improves Academic Performance
  • Advance networking skills
  • Improves multitasking ability
  • Open up a career opportunity
  • Connect with other culture people
  • Stimulates Creativity and Self-confidence
  • Can travel Abroad

Let’s talk about some tips now. Are you ready?

Tips to Accelerate your Child’s Foreign Language Learning Progress

1. Introduce the new language to children at a young age

Introduce language earlier
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A study states that it takes 10 years for a person to acquire fluency when learning a new language. So, if you wish to introduce a new language to your children, do it at a young age.

2. Teach Foreign Cultures

A person who wishes to learn a new language must also know its origin.

foreign culture
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Kids are often curious about learning new things. Therefore, don’t just focus and put all of your efforts into teaching your child a new language. In addition to teaching the language, teach about the culture and places related to it. Through this, children will be amazed to learn the new language and its related things in depth.

3. Practice Everyday

Sounds like a common tip? Though it appears to be a common one, it is essential when learning a new language.

Learning a new language requires more speech practice, just like math. In other words, “Practice is one of the best ways to improve your Child’s speaking and learning skills”. If you don’t practice every day, you won’t become proficient.

Thus, you should schedule time for your child to master the target language even if they are busy with academics.

teach foreign culture
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How do you practice every day?

Kids cannot learn a foreign language faster by reading or writing foreign words alone. How can we help them practice a new language?

This may seem insane to you. You don’t need to worry about this. Have a conversation with your child. Try talking to your child in a foreign language instead of your native tongue. Kids will gain fluency this way.

4. Let them Make Mistakes

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There is a common saying, “learn from your mistakes”. That’s true. Children who speak in a foreign language or English hesitate to speak. One of the reasons for this is mistakes. Healthy learning requires mistakes. So, don’t let your kids down if they make mistakes when learning a new language. Rather, please point out the mistake and correct it. So that next time when they deliver a speech, they won’t repeat those mistakes.

5. Make new friends

We all live in a socialized world. So why not make friends?

Make Friends
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Every language has an association or a community where you can find people who speak your target language. Find these people and become friends. They will enable you to learn the language faster and improve your way of speaking, mannerisms, and intonation.

6. Watch Movies and Media

Do you like media or movies? Have you ever considered learning a foreign language? Then use your screen time wisely. Here’s how.

kids watch movies
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In recent years, almost every TV service provider has been offering foreign language channels to its customers. Thus, everything is available in your target language at home space, including news and movies. The question is, how many of you are taking advantage of it?

You can help your child learn a new language by subscribing to the channels broadcasted in your child’s target language. Watch the channels with your child. By watching movies, programs, and news in that language, your child will improve his or her skills.

7. Look for online resources

Everyone is online these days, even infants. That’s because the internet is a magical place. The internet has something for everyone. So, take advantage of the technology for better education. Here’s how

online resource
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Have you ever used Google Translate? Among the best ways to learn a foreign language quickly, this is one of the most effective methods. There are other ways to learn languages, such as YouTube videos, language learning apps, social media, and much more. All you have to do is search online for the best resource for your child.

8. Join online courses

online course
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Some parents might have trouble teaching their children a foreign language. In that case, consider online courses at Nurtem. From French to Spanish, you can find certified tutors at Nurtem. All you have to do is join your kids in an online course and relax. The tutors will handle the rest!

Wrap Up

Change your Language, and you change your Thoughts – Karl Albrecht.

I’m sure the tips mentioned above might be useful for your language learning. However, every individual has a unique learning style. Hence, when it comes to foreign language learning, you can find an infinite number of ways. So, be focused and find the best ways that work well for you in person.

Happy Reading:)

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