A Collaborative Story by Manvik and Sayan

Willy and Floppy are best bunny friends and next door neighbors. They both love carrots more than anything. One day, they decide to plant carrot gardens in their front yards. Willy and Floppy buy seeds from the market and return to their homes, excited about all the carrots they will grow.

Willy starts out by preparing the soil. He removes all the weeds and rocks and decides where he will plant his seeds. He uses a spade to make evenly spaced holes for each seed. Then, he places one seed in each hole and covers it with soil.

Floppy, on the other hand, scoffs at Willy’s careful efforts to plant his seeds. He instead throws all of the seeds in the air and lets them drop to the ground. 

“Floppy, if you throw all the seeds like that, the carrots won’t grow! They need to be covered by soil, or there won’t be enough nutrients for each one,” Willy explains. 

“You really think so?!” says Floppy. He pours a bag of fertilizer over the seeds and remarks, “Problem solved.”

“Whatever,” Willy mutters.  Then he pours water over each seed.

At the same time, Floppy throws the hose up in the air and water splatters everywhere. 

“Phew! It’s hot out here,” Floppy says as he goes back into the house. He sits on his couch and is asleep in minutes. 

When Willy realizes that Floppy went back inside, he calls out, “Floppy! We still have more work to do!” All Willy hears in response is Floppy’s snoring. Willy finishes planting his garden and then goes inside for the night. 

The next morning, Willy wakes up at 7:00 to eat breakfast and water his garden. He fills his watering can with water and carefully pours water over each seed, making sure not to flood any of them. 

Nextdoor, Floppy sleeps until noon. He eats cereal for breakfast and plays video games until dinner, forgetting to water his thirsty garden. 

This continues in this manner for two weeks, until the seeds in Willy’s garden begin to burst out of the soil. In another week, Willy’s carrots are ready to be picked and he stocks his carrots from the garden. 

Nextdoor, Floppy’s garden is barren. He watches as Willy munches on his carrots. Winter soon comes, and Willy is well stocked while Floppy has no carrots. 

“I wish I had listened to Willy and taken better care of my garden,” Floppy thinks to himself. “Next season, I will not make the same mistake as I did last time.”                     


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