The Chronicles of Candyland


Jenny, a 12-year-old cheerful girl, had straight brown hair and green eyes like seaweed. As she came home back from school one day, she cried, “Mom!”

“Yes, dear,” her mom answered coming back to the kitchen from the backyard door.

“I’m hungry,” Jenny replied.

“Well, eat this bar and go to the grocery store,” her mom said as she handed her a list of items to buy.

As Jenny was walking to the store, she saw a wandering cute, little, white dog. She went to the dog and picked it up.

“You seem to have an owner,” she murmured as she saw a dusty collar around the dog. She wiped the collar to read the dog tag. All of a sudden everything around her changed. Instead of trees there were lollipops, and instead of homes, there were gingerbread houses. There was a big hot chocolate pond too right in front of her. Jenny, who was a great swimmer, had no interest in swimming in hot chocolate. Jenny was so shocked she almost fell down.

But just then, a girl popped out from the lollipops.

“Hello,” the girl exclaimed, “My name is Lolly.” She smiled. Jenny was amazed to see Lolly who had a beautiful face on a body made out of white chocolate, a light pink dress and licorice hair. “You must be new,” Lolly remarked as she looked at Jenny’s shocked face.

“Y-yes,” Jenny stammered.

“Not many people come here,” Lolly said. “You must be some kind of gummy bear from the Gummy Bear Land”.

“Umm actually no,” Jenny responded, “I am a human. What is this place?” Jenny asked.

“You are in great danger, I must hide you,” Lolly shivered.

“But what is this place?” Jenny questioned.

“Candyland,” said Lolly.

“Why am I in danger?” Jenny asked.

“You see, there is a witch here, who is looking for humans to make her immortal. She might have tricked you into coming here and now must be looking for you here in Candyland,” Lolly explained.

Just then, they heard a cackle. Lolly and Jenny turned around and saw an evil face, with a long nose and a pointed hat. There she was, the witch, Minerva, in her black dress sitting on a long broom.

“I believe she belongs to me,” Minerva smiled as she got off the broom. She pulled Jenny out of Lolly’s hands. In a split second, she put Jenny on her broom and flew away. Lolly gasped as she saw all this.

Jenny closed her eyes trying to think this was all a dream, but by the time she opened her eyes they had reached Minerva’s house. The house was all black, and surprisingly the walls were made of metal instead of candy. There were potions all around. When the witch was done tying Jenny on a pole, she grinned, “All I need is one pint of blood for the spell to make me immortal.” Minerva went to her table and got a knife. She went to Jenny and slash ! Minerva made a cut so deep on Jenny’s hand, blood started dripping out of her hand. Jenny felt a sharp pain, and looking at her blood made her feel like throwing up. Minerva took a bottle and filled Jenny’s blood with it. “It will just take a day to make the spell,” she cackled.

In the meantime, Lolly went looking for her gummy bear friend Jimmy, who she knew would be able to help her. She found him right in his lovely, colorful, gingerbread house.

“Hey Jimmy, the day we feared has come. Minerva found a human and is about to cast the spell to make herself immortal,” gasped Lolly.

“What? We need to do something right away! we cannot let this happen! Minerva will capture Candyland and make all of us her slaves as soon she becomes immortal,” Jimmy said while thinking what to do next at the same time.

Jimmy quickly ran and got a book which had the same immortality spell that Minerva was about to use. They started reading and found another spell which could make someone unconscious. Jimmy tore that page and kept it in his pocket. They rushed to Minerva’s house.

Minerva was starting to make the spell. She had tied Jenny to a lollipop tree right next to her house. Jenny was sick. She was getting more and more tired, but she still had hopes that someone would come and rescue her. As she was about to lose consciousness, she saw Lolly and a gummy bear walking towards her.

Lolly felt really sad for Jenny and decided to help her.

“First, we are going to help her,” said Lolly.

“But –,” Jimmy began.

“Please,” Lolly begged.

“Oh, alright,” Jimmy groaned.

“I know what will help her. There is a glowing magical herb in a cave. Let’s go!” Lolly replied as she took out a map from her pocket.

They started following the map to reach the cave with the glowing herb. While they were walking, a small gummy monkey came and pulled Lolly’s dress.

“Hey!” Lolly yelled and she took a jolly rancher stick to hit the monkey. But soon they figured that was a big mistake, because the next thing they knew, was a bunch of gummy monkeys were holding them.

“Ahhh!” they both yelled. They were swinging through the lollipop trees. One of the monkeys pulled the map from Lolly. In a few moments, the monkeys fled, dropping both Lolly and Jimmy on the ground.

“Which way are we going to go?” Jimmy asked.

“Let’s just look in every cave we find,” Lolly answered. So they kept on walking until they found a cave. That cave was filled with bats and there was no sign of a glowing herb. So they ran outside. The next cave they found was dark and empty. It echoed inside and Jimmy got scared. Again there was no sign of a glowing herb.

The third cave had a sleeping dragon inside. They thought the herb wasn’t in that cave either, until they saw something glowing in the dragon’s claws. It was the herb they were looking for! They quietly went closer to the dragon, but the dragon woke up. Lolly gasped. However the dragon was still very sleepy and did not notice Lolly and Jimmy. He put his claws away from the herb and fell back asleep. Jimmy quickly ran and plucked the herb. Both of them were out of the cave in a jiffy.
When they reached Minerva’s house, Lolly put the herb in Jenny’s mouth. As soon as it touched her tongue, the cut on her hand vanished. She opened her eyes and felt very strong.

“Hi Lolly!” Jenny smiled, “Who is this?” she said, pointing at Jimmy.

“Oh, this is my friend Jimmy, who helped me save your life,” Lolly exclaimed.

“Thanks so much, Lolly and Jimmy!” said Jenny with teary eyes.

Lolly looked at her watch and said, “We still have a few minutes before Minerva can cast her spell. Let’s hurry up!”
They noticed that Minerva was not in her house, so they quickly sneaked in. Jimmy took out the page with the details on how to make the potion for an unconsciousness spell. Jenny, Lolly, and Jimmy teamed up to find all the ingredients for the potion in the house. Luckily, they found everything. Once the potion was ready, they had to come up with a plan to give this potion to Minerva before she could cast her immortality spell, which seemed an impossible task.

Jenny came up with an idea to switch the potions. “The immortality spell was in a brown cauldron,” Jenny remembered. So they searched Minerva’s house for a brown cauldron.

“Hey, guys!” Lolly yelled. ”I think I found the potion!”

Jimmy and Jenny ran towards Lolly. Right next to Lolly there was a cupboard, and in that cupboard there was a brown cauldron. Jenny took the cauldron outside, dumped it out, and brought it back inside.

“There!” she said as she poured the other potion into the cauldron. They put the cauldron back in the cupboard and hid under one of the tables.

Finally, Minerva returned and entered her house excitedly. She ran inside to get her magical potion and drank it while Jimmy , Lolly, and Jenny eagerly waited to see what would happen next !

In an instant, Minerva fell down on the floor.

“Yay!!” the three of them cried happily.

“But how will I get back home?” Jenny sighed.

“Look, this magic wand will take you back home,” Lolly smiled as she got the wand from Minerva’s pocket.
Jenny hugged Lolly and Jimmy.

“Goodbye! It was great meeting you guys,” she expressed with a heavy heart. Lolly waved the wand at Jenny.

“Jenny! Jenny, wake up dear. It’s time for school!” Jenny heard her mom calling her name. And then she realized she was on her bed.

“Oh! Was I dreaming this whole time?” Jenny wondered groggily. Then, she rolled on her bed and saw candies lined up on her table: a beautiful white chocolate doll, gummy bears, lollipops, monkey shaped gummies…

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