I Am From

I am from my bracelet that my teacher gave me

from India and California

I am from a family who is kind and thankful

And from my mom’s Oreo cake

I am from the playground by my cousin’s apartment in India

Whose giant slide is fun to ride

I am from playing with my little brother

I am from Indian songs

I am from Dhriti and Himanshi

I am from rice and rajma

I am from those moments on Saturdays when I get to Facetime my cousin


There once was a pretty girl

Who found a nice, pretty pearl

She rubbed and scrubbed it

With a cleaning kit

Then she took a bath and twirled


They are so cuddly 

They are white and brown and black 

They eat carrots. Yum!

Acrostic Poems


Eggs! Eggs! Everywhere!

An egg on a chair

Spot an egg on the table

There are 150 eggs


Run! Run for the golden egg. Yay!


Chirp, said the bird while flying up high 

He sang so much that he never cried

If he fell down, he got back up 

Red birds joined singing his song

Purr, comes the cat. Better fly high! 


Valentines is a happy day  

All the people sing and play

Love is in the air


Notes are sung happily 

They pass out cards in a tree

In the classroom they sing a song

No one is sad today

Everyone shouts “yay!”

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