What a splendid sight

A nice beach in the sunset

Take a photo now!             

 Hi hi hello hi

Greetings to you all tonight

Have a happy day

I am sometimes gray

My eyes are very striking

I travel alone

Black and white and fat

Super sweet and cuddly friends

Love to eat bamboo

I provide items

I can appear in sizes

People love me. Yay!

In igloos I live

Everyone knows about me

The moon never sets

I am very cute

Please guess who or what I am

I cuddle a lot

Please guess what I am

! @m ^%ry $!g @nd r0und

1 @m f!ll%d w!t# @!r


There once was a mother

who thought of none other

than her baby son

who was only one

but then there was a brother!!

Limericks co-written by Rhea and Sahana

There once was a birthday girl

Who got a magical pearl

She played with it a lot

She took it on a yacht

One day she gave it a twirl

There once was a colorful towel

Who was taken by a brown owl

She put it in her nest

Then she took a long rest

Till the towel let out a loud howl

There once was a tiger named Lion

Who met a funny friend named Brian

They went to a park

Where they met a shark

They laughed until they were cryin’ 


I had a beautiful balloon

When it popped it let out a tune!

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