Brown fur with a mane

Long tail with sharp claws and mouth

Predator not prey

I live in a pack

I hunt for my food at night

I sleep in the day

I can hold supplies

Kids mostly own me for school

Sometimes I travel


There once was a brown haired woman

Who sat on a dark red cushion

The red cushion grew

This was not too new

For the red cushion was wooden

Limericks co-written by Rhea and Sahana

There once was a birthday girl

Who got a magical pearl

She played with it a lot

She took it on a yacht

One day she gave it a twirl

There once was a colorful towel

Who was taken by a brown owl

She put it in her nest

Then she took a long rest

Till the towel let out a loud howl

There once was a tiger named Lion

Who met a funny friend named Brian

They went to a park

Where they met a shark

They laughed until they were cryin’ 


I like to fly my purple kite

l do not fly it in the night

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