I Am From

I am from my box of Famous Five books and my apron

from the national parks and my summer break

I am from my forgiving mom and dad

And from “Matha, Pitha, Guru, and Devam”

I am from the Earth 

Whose plants give off Oxygen

I am from being bored and playing Scrabble

I am from my violin 

I am from Kamala and Saroja

I am from rajma, tacos, and lemon rice

I am from those moments when I am reading Little Women


There once was an old mapmaker

Who was also a bad baker

He baked an ointment cake

Made frosting with a rake

He liked to play The Awaker


Is an omnivore

Sleeping all winter in dens

Is big and furry

A widespread mammal

It hibernates in winter

Brown, white, black, and gray

Acrostic Poems


Disney Princess,

Is that ship full of treasure for Ariel?

So Cinderella’s fairy godmother casts a spell, 

Now Rapunzel has escaped from the tower 

Elsa creates a winter wonderland in the middle of summer 

You’re dreaming, Aurora!” says Merryweather.


Leprechauns aren’t


Cauldrons of gold

King of the clovers

You can’t ever see a leprechaun because they hide.


Call the birds

Here birds sing

In your backyard in the park

Ringing in your ears

Please listen to the birds



Ruler’s daughter 

Is kind 

Never tires of helping others

Crown on her head


She grins

She is helpful


Flutters in the air

A kind, small, and gentle woman who is tiny

If someone needs help, she

Runs to help 

You should meet one

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