Why we need a separate reading class when we have English class?

English class

As children, we learn to read. As adults, we read to learn!

The demand for reading has increased in today’s society. Hence, the children must learn how to read. However, many students are not good at reading.

Some students learn it fast, even in a classroom environment, whereas others find reading English boring and difficult and fail in their academic careers.This is why English reading courses are recommended for kids with learning disabilities.

The following blog will explain in detail why your kid needs a separate reading class. Let’s read!

Why do kids need a separate reading class?

1. Improves vocabulary

Children are exposed to new words through textbooks, storybooks, newspapers, and more every day. Likewise, through reading courses, kids can explore many new words and help them to express their thoughts on views. This will help the kids know what the word is and how effective when kid applies it in their reading.

Even in some reading classes, kids will be asked to use the words to phrase a sense or a speech in the class. It improves their confidence and enhances their use of the words in the right place.

2. Enhance knowledge

Reading is the ultimate source of knowledge. What we read is what we reflect. In the traditional classroom, teachers won’t pay attention to the kids in an individual manner. But in the reading course, one-on-one instructions will be given for the kids based on their learning methods and understandability. As a result, it helps the kids in gaining knowledge.

3. Fosters concentration

Reading is the best practice to enhance a person’s concentration skills. But when reading, kids can distract easily. One can be trained and entertained with a reading course to practice reading. This will open the gate for the students to stay focused on their learning.

4. Encourage thought process

When reading, kids will be exposed to many imaginative thoughts in mind. You can connect it to your reading and enhance your creative and cognitive skills.

5. Better reader

It is widely believed that students become a better readers through reading. Learning how to read will help the kids to focus on the meaning rather than learning a language. Hence, it is obvious that a reading course will serve you with it.

6. Improves language skill

Besides all these, students who learn reading through English reading course helps the kids in improving language skills. They can be more knowledgeable and fluent compared to the traditional classroom readers.

7. Improves writing skill

In reading class, kids are not only taught with reading abilities. Also, they’ll be trained how to write, how to frame sentences with learned words, and more. So, kids can enhance their writing along with reading.

8. Motivate to read

One of the needed things to encourage a child to read is “Motivation”. Without motivation, no one can succeed in their work. Likewise, kids should always be motivated to achieve their goals. In English reading courses, teachers highly motivate the students to discover new things in their reading.

9. Improves fluency and grammar

Fluency: In the reading course, students will be trained to read aloud. By reading aloud, kids can develop clarity in voice by exercising lips, vocal cords, tongue. Also, reading out loud improves pronunciation and helps them learn fluently.

Grammar: Reading is a good skill to improve your grammar. Similar to fluency and vocabulary, reading makes you stronger in various grammar structures. It is the key for the readers to learn English words.

10. Improves loves for reading

From textbooks to games, kids can learn new words in English. This attracts the kids to read more. Even the kids who don’t like reading can also love it when reading is taught in the right method.


The benefits listed above are just like a pinch of salt in food. There are more benefits that you can earn from a reading course compared to classroom reading. If you find difficulty in reading, then why not grab a reading course? Reading courses offer a lot for the kids. Choose the right reading course and be a better reader. If you are looking for a good online reading course, book a course at Nurtem. We offer a flexible and good reading platform for you.

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