What is the Importance of early childhood care and education?

early childhood

A child’s education begins the moment they are born and continues throughout their lives. During the first five years of life, 90% of the brain develops. During this time, they are capable of rapid learning and development. They grow in terms of their senses, motor skills, language, and behaviour. They become more mindful of what others think as they get older. They also try to copy people and learn from them. Therefore, the importance of early schooling is critical for a successful transition into adulthood.

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A child’s growth is highly influenced by the factors that surround them. Each child has a unique path to follow in their life. Those factors are determined by the experiences they have from birth. Staring from a mother to a caregiver, they feel a need to know. When they share their thoughts with teachers and peers, they learn. That is why it is important to connect and make connections. To build a strong foundation, they need to communicate. This helps them to learn and thrive. 

The majority of a child’s life is spent learning something. Proper instruction from a young age can have an impact on their behaviour. Children learn quickly, whether it’s social, emotional, physical, or cognitive learning. These encounters shape their beliefs and attitudes. The early years of a child’s life are frequently overlooked, even though these years have been critical to human development. Early childhood care and education, or ECCE as it is called, makes a big difference in their lives. 

Let’s look at some of the other advantages of educating kids before they start school.

1. ECCE develops brain capacity and has a positive effect:

Early learning is very important in a child’s life. It promotes cognitive development. Brain development is the most rapid among children. That is because the brain is still developing. They must make most of this time to secure future academic achievement. When there is a lack of support and nurture, it might harm overall growth.

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Children can easily pick up provided they are guided well. The more words you talk, the more words they are aware of. The reason is straightforward. The number of words people use when speaking to children determines the size of their vocabulary. No wonder quality learning and early education lead to positive growth.

2. Early intervention can help to reduce learning delays:

Many children are receiving early education and care outside of their homes. They go to child-care centers, pre-schools, creches and other community based learning programs. With early intervention, learning gaps can be considerably reduced. However, those children who did not enroll in such programs lag behind their peers.

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The fact that each child’s strength differs, their ability to grasp also differs. The diversity of social circumstances and family systems must also be taken into account. Despite that, we cannot take away that balanced parenting is important whether it is from a father, mother, or caregiver. By Strengthening families and communities, we can ensure quality care and education for our children.

3. Age-appropriate use of technology can enhance learning:

Technology is a boon for children when used correctly. It is necessary to enhance learning opportunities for children. When they are given the right support, it can be beneficial. Not only children, but even adults can also benefit a lot. It helps them to develop stronger connections, broaden their learning and solve significant learning.

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Technology, when used wrongly, can have adverse effects at all. It is always better for adults and peers to interact with children. This helps them to deal with issues and take risks. It also increases their confidence and creates learning opportunities. Thereby it provides a platform to support the progression in learning. 

4. ECCE improves concentration and makes it fun:

It is important to make the environment fun to accommodate different learning styles. Children between 3-6 years of age learn differently than the way older children learn. Direct sensory contact with things is the best way to learn. In addition, they gain first-hand information from investigating and experimenting. 

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Children’s attention span is limited. The desire to learn new things every day leaves the child confused. It makes it difficult for them to fi[ocus on a particular thing for a long time. ECCE programs help them to improve their concentration. It helps them to explore new locations, make new connections and experiences. By the time they enter kindergarten, they have mastered the art of interactions. They learn to listen, follow directions and focus on activities.

5. ECCE has a positive impact on their health and society:

Numerous studies have shown that early learning has beneficial economic consequences. They can benefit both individuals and the nation as a whole. Irrespective of the socioeconomic background they come from, children need security. ECCE provides them with better health, higher income, and fewer committed crimes. When they receive both care and education, they have long-term benefits. 

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Care and education should go hand in hand for all children. Children need social and emotional support throughout their growing up years. This increases their confidence and their overall health. Providing security and love to children improves their social and intellectual competence. It also helps them to enjoy and take advantage of learning opportunities.


Today is a crucial time for kids to learn. The vital part of early childhood care is to nurture your child. When the child does not get the push it needs, it may result in wasted time in school. Early childhood education has already become the norm nowadays. Many parents want their children to explore and learn. They want them to discover a world that responds to their developing abilities.

ECCE programs can have a powerful impact on a child’s development. Children who have access to ECE outperform those who don’t. It also provides children with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to realize their full potential. Early childhood education has individual health benefits. In addition, it also has a favorable impact on society as a whole.

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