How can oral reading skills help to improve communication skills

oral reading improves communication skill

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It is always good to introduce reading early in kids’ lives. This is because, at an early age, they learn the basic skills to develop their language. Reading is one of the assets that a child can earn in their life. Through reading, they can enhance various skills in their life. It includes communication skills as well. Guess how?

In the following blog, we’ll explain what reading is and how oral reading helps improve communication skills. Without any detailed notes, let’s get into the blog.

What is Reading?

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Reading is a process that helps to understand the written text. It is one of the critical components that should be given to kids in their early childhood. It is a crucial piece of every child’s education. This is because it provides them with good vocabulary and recognition skills. In addition, it improves their comprehension skills which impact their schoolwork.

Furthermore, oral reading provides life-long benefits for children with good communication skills.

What are the different types of reading?

how reading helps in communication skills
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Following are the different types of reading for your knowledge:

Word reading – Word reading begins when a reader recognizes a word. It can also be called oral reading. The more time the reader spends, the more passages they read out. This helps in improving the communication skills of a person.
Sight reading – sight reading is the process of learning through the eyes. A person reads a word through their eyes before they spell it out.
Conversation – when you talk with your kids, you can spell some new words. This helps them to read new terms in their daily life.

How do you encourage kids to read?

Sometimes if we don’t pay attention to the kids when reading, they may get exhausted. So, it is always essential to encourage them to read. Here are a few tips for you to promote your kids:

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  • Create a reading schedule – This should be your first step when you try to motivate your child to read.
  • Read with your child – Not all kids are smart enough to read. So, read out with your child, and explain what it says.
  • Tell the kids how much reading is essential in life.
  • Have a good conversation with your child.

How oral reading skill helps in improving

reading and communication skills
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1. Increase vocabulary

Without vocabulary, we cannot communicate better.

You can communicate and convey your thoughts and ideas to others if you learn more words. Often, people don’t express their thoughts and opinions to others due to a lack of vocabulary. Hence, knowing technical terms and complicated words through oral reading will help your kid enhance their communication skills.

2. Faster, strong, and better brain

Another way is through oral reading skills; you can translate to better communication skills by training your mind. The brain is the primary element that helps your kids enhance their overall learning functionality.

Studies state that constant mental challenges like reading increase the brain cells and maintain a solid connection between numerous cells and neurons. This stimulates your brain faster and aids in enhancing better communication skills.

3. Helps in understanding others

Regarding communication, body language matters; it is not just about the words we say but also about the words and actions that the opposite person does.

If you are unsure how reading helps improve communication skills, understand what others are trying to communicate with you. If you don’t understand, you can’t communicate with them more meaningfully. However, understanding others’ thoughts will also improve your child’s critical thinking skills.

4. Have a conversation with information

Another thing that affects your communication skills is the lack of data on your content.

Imagine you are reading a small passage in your textbook. Whether it is about science, animals, or anything through oral learning, you’ll gather some new information regarding the topic. This broadens your knowledge and aids you in communicating with others.

5. Make solid points

If you have broad vocabulary skills, you can not only understand others’ thoughts; you can make solid points. Through your points, you can able to convince others with your views. This will be more effective when it comes to communication. People won’t listen to your words if you can’t make clear points.

6. Self-confidence

Various studies have shown that oral reading skills are related to a person’s self-confidence. People with good vocabulary skills, better argumentative skills, and base knowledge tend to be more confident.

When it comes to communication skills, confidence matters more. If you are not confident, you’ll not express your thoughts in your mind when communicating with others.

7. Focus and Memory

One of the best things to improve your communication skills through oral reading is improving focus and memory. Oral reading at a young age affects the brain’s ability and lets the kids stay focused on their learning.

When communicating with others, you cannot hold a lengthy conversation or argument if you are not in focus. This may fail you in delivering your strong points to the receiver.


Through oral reading skills, kids’ brains connect different parts and help them comprehend what they read. Furthermore, reading is a great way to improve grammar, vocabulary, and understanding of the word we come across.
Overall, Oral reading skills are one of the best activities to enrich your communication skills. So, if you have a toddler or a kid, let them explore oral reading skills.

Have a happy conversation with your good communication skills. Good Luck!

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