How does Reading help in a child’s development?

child's development

One of the most effective habits a child can develop is reading. Books have a significant impact on our thinking. Reading allows us to travel from one world to another. Especially when we immerse ourselves in the lives of fictional people. We somehow put ourselves in the protagonist’s shoes and think. We become mindful and aware of the characters’ circumstances. Thus, we become more tolerant and patient with them and the others around us. Neither television nor video games can create this kind of awareness.

The benefits of reading from an early age can help with the child’s overall development. Be it cognitive, vocabulary or critical thinking. Children absorb everything around them like sponges. Even when they are listening to us speak, their minds are active. So, the more a child reads, the more active his brain becomes and develops better. Thereby improving concentration, memory and knowledge.

How parents can start reading to their children:

Start Reading to your child from an early age. This will help their brains to develop, strengthen your bond with them and much more. Children love the sound of language when you read it out to them. So, starting young helps a child to incorporate those words into their vocabulary. It enhances their learning skills and spark’s a child’s imagination. It expands their knowledge and stimulates curiosity. It also develops their listening skills. When reading becomes a part of who they are, it becomes as easy as talking and eating. 

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Reading with them once a day at a fixed time can help them greatly. Make it a part of their routine. Spending a good 30 minutes or more will make a massive difference to their lives. You can keep your child hooked by reading different books and encouraging variation. Because boring stories can put your child to sleep. Keep motivating them to read along with you and correct them when wrong. With a little bit of patience, your child will keep improving. 

When you start reading to your children, you cultivate a lifelong habit. You get to spend quality time with them, and this leads to a unique camaraderie between you and your child. The children also look forward to that particular time you get to spend with them. Start with short stories, singing or using books of different languages. Encourage your child to read out aloud or ask them to read with you. This will help the child to feel confident and foster a love for reading. 

How reading helps in a child’s development:

Children learn in many ways and more through reading. Books not only benefit the brain but also the body. It helps to improve a child’s physical and mental or emotional development.

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Following are a few ways reading can influence a child physically and mentally:

Physical and Mental Benefits of reading are:

  1. It develops your child’s brain-reading- and can enhance a child’s brain function. Books are an excellent way to improve children’s language skills. It enhances their memory, which is vital for academic success.
  2. 2. It improves their fine motor skills-Your child will be able to turn the pages all by himself after a while. This leads to hand-eye coordination. Pointing to a word or letter encourages children to do the same. Thus, fine-tuning their muscle movements when they hold pens or draw.
  3. It improves sleep patterns-Reading stories during bedtime helps kids to relax. This routine, when practiced regularly, keeps the mind calm and improves their sleep. 
  4. It reduces stress-Curling up with a good book not only helps in reducing stress but also enhances sleep. When our mind is set on a single task, it is like doing meditation. When the brain is in a meditative state, it has been shown to reduce stress levels and relax our minds.
  5. Social skills improve-Kids need to be focused on improving their social skills. Once they are focused, they will be great at social interactions. Reading also helps them be patient with others, making them better at resolving issues. And reading improves focus and concentration.
  6. Expanded vocabulary-A child will learn new words and try different ways to express the exact words. They get exposed to a variety of words and concepts every day. It also improves their grammar and makes them more articulate. 
  7. Imagination and creativity-When your child reads a book, their minds create images. They are trying to recreate a scene from a book and develop their version of it. Thinking outside the box helps them to boost their creativity and spark curiosity.
  8. It improves concentration-Reading regularly to kids can enhance their concentration. Your child is trying to focus on the words and keep their attention to what you are saying. This may help them to improve their discipline skills too.
  9. Develops empathy-Reading exposes kids to different stories and learning about new emotions. This leads to the emotional and social development of a child. The child can then correlate their emotions with words and find a way to express themselves. As a result of this, children become more empathetic and compassionate.  
  10. Lasting and a healthy bond– Reading is an excellent way for both parents and children to connect. Reading triggers interactions with your child that help them to express themselves. Thereby forming a lifelong lasting bond with them. 

Reading is fun:

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Reading is fun because books don’t judge us. It gives us the freedom to be who we want to be. It transports us into a whole new world. Reading provides a sense of wellbeing and nurtures your little one. Children like being read to with their parents. It creates a positive attitude toward literacy in a young child’s mind. It also sends out a strong message that reading is worthwhile. Give them the books and watch them reap the benefits. A commitment to lifelong learning is sure to follow. 

So, what are you waiting for? 

It only takes a few books, some motivation and some time.!

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