How can social studies make elementary students fun?

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Every teacher wishes to find a better way to make their social studies lessons more engaging for their students. Unfortunately, some teachers fail in their attempts due to a lack of strategies. Thus, students get bored in Social Studies class. So, how can you make social studies exciting and fun for elementary students?

The truth is there are many exciting and fun ways to teach Social Studies for elementary students. In this blog post, we’ve listed a few fun teaching methods in Social Studies that excite your kids to learn. Ready to explore the teaching methods? Let’s dig into the blog and glimpse your knowledge with some interesting ideas.

Make Social Studies fun to Elementary Students:

1. Play Historical Charades

History is one of the interesting chapters in Social Studies when you help the kids connect the past with the present. You can incorporate it with games like Historical Charades.

Historical charade is a fun way for the kids to learn critical historical figures and developments. How to play it?

1. charade game
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  • List the essential names and events on paper pieces that are covered in the class.
  • Please place them in a large bowl.
  • Split your class into two teams.
  • Pick a person from a group and pull a topic out from the bowl.
  • Limit time for the students and let them act out the name mentioned in the paper piece.
  • Continue the game with the alternating teams.
  • Provide points for the winning team.

2. Geography puzzles

Playing puzzles can be more exciting for the kids. In this game, you can use the names of countries, cities, and other geographical regions like landmarks and oceans. How to play this puzzle game?

2. geography puzzle
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  • Write names of geographical regions on cards.
  • Split the students into teams.
  • Pick one person from each team.
  • Limit time for the students to give clues about the place.

Playing this kind of game may help the kids excited to learn better.

3. Board Games

It is another way for the teachers to teach students about the countries across the globe in a fun way. How do you play this board game? 

3. quiz game
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  • Split the students into teams.
  • Assign different countries to each team.
  • Create a board game with rules and questions about the assigned country.
  • The team should take the class to the rest of the students.
  • The other team should advance their topic and take the class for other students.

So, give each team a helpful topic to play. This will help each team with helpful resources like countries of the world.

4. Visuals

4. visual learning
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Visual learning is one of the best ways to teach students. Many students love visual classes rather than a traditional classes. This is because, through visuals, one can view photographs, statues, maps, ancient artworks.

5. Integrate technology

Just because you are teaching about the past doesn’t mean your teaching has to be stuck with old methods. There are tons of Social Studies, Geography websites online. Find the best way to get the students to use technology to learn about historical moments.

5. technology
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Some of the technologies that a kid can use are:

  • Virtual museum exhibits
  • Digital collection of primary sources
  • Virtual Field Trip
  • Audio or Video Podcasts
  • Animated videos
  • Augmented reality to print primary sources.

6. Field trip

If your students are still bored of your theoretical class, then take them on a field trip. There are lots of museums and organizations across the globe. So, try picking your students to the nearest museum and let them know about the historical things. You can also invite a guest to do a presentation for the students.

6. field trip
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Even there are numerous virtual field trips online for elementary students. So, discover the learning either via In-person or Virtual Field trips.

7. Debate and Discussion

7. debate and discussion
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Debate and Discussion is a great method that involves a group of students in different groups and initiates discussion or debate about the historical activities. This will help the students in paying attention in learning Social Studies.

8. Project-based Learning

8. Project based learning
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Inquiry-based instructions in Social Studies are the best way to make students engage in lessons. Experiencing experimental studies provide an opportunity for the students to read and present historical events or data on controversial topics. With these learning experiences, students make a mental connection to the things that they learn and improve in organizational skills. On the whole, project-based learning actively engages the students, not only building interest in studies but also improving the needed skills in learning.

Bottom lines

No matter what we choose for our career growth. We all live in this world. Thus, learning about the world matters. We hope the methods mentioned might have helped you in making Social Studies fun for you and for your students.

If you have any queries regarding Social Studies, leave your comment below. For further updates, please stay connected with us!

Happy teaching:)

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