How can a teacher’s personality influence learning?

how can a teacher's personality influence learning

“A great teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, and touches a heart.”

Teachers are the role models for the students. A modern-day teacher has gone beyond giving marks, lectures, making exams, and teaching. A teacher’s job is to influence and create a solid foundation for the future of society. With their teaching styles, they leave a lasting impression on the students. A teacher, either through positive or negative attitude in communication, affects the child. The approach of the teacher to students is related to their growth.

A teacher plays an important role in the student’s personality development. When the teacher asks questions, shows interest, understands their thoughts, and appreciates, it increases their motivation. Giving feedback for their work, complimenting, and wanting to listen helps them. Non-verbal actions and gestures like smiling improve the students learning development. When the teacher supports the student, it makes a lot of difference in his personality. Students whose teachers displayed positive attitudes will have a positive attitude.

Let us find out how the teacher’s attitude and behavior affect the student’s learning?

The teacher’s personality plays a crucial role

The personality of the teacher cannot be separated from the teaching and the thinking. A teacher’s behavior reflects his personality. His behavior should be open-minded and confident. So if the personality of the teacher is powerful and strong, the students will benefit. A good teacher is the one who can weave a web of connections between themselves, students, and subjects. They know their subjects well and prepare them with a variety of examples. They bring to life their subjects and make them vivid and imaginative.

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The characteristics that make a great teacher are:

  • Strong communication skills to build a teacher-student relationship.
  • Friendly teaching style to foster adaptiveness.
  • Impeccable listening skills to develop a bond with students.
  • Deep understanding of the subject and knowledgeable.
  • Excellent organization skills to manifest growth.
  • Community building skills that create oneself.

Influence or Impact on the student

A teacher’s attitude can help or hurt a student’s achievements and state of mind. Studies show that a negative teacher can impair academic achievements. It also hampers the mental growth of the student and increases stress. Teachers who are humiliating and sarcastic are harmful. They instil fear and leave a child feeling belittled. Teachers who are harsh and loud tend to lower the child’s self-esteem. They work against the basic principle of growth of a child.

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Those who show indifference to the child may leave a lingering feeling of negativity. The students may feel overwhelmed by the bad remarks of the teacher. Teachers who nag students, underestimate them may leave them with lower self-esteem. Some teachers are quick to react and have a bad temper. The students will hate them, and they will be less approachable. Some teachers are rigid; they take everything seriously and never accept mistakes. This behavior will hurt the students. Some students may even emulate such teachers and become one of them.

Effective methods to work on

The teacher’s goal is to ensure what they want to teach and find a path to get there. For this, the teacher has to take the student’s abilities into consideration. They have to master the skills of being patient and taking care of their needs. To ensure that the student understands better, not get stressed while learning. They have to motivate them constantly and take care of their needs. Give them lots of encouragement and avoid unnecessary insults. To focus more on the struggling students and shaping their future. Tapping their inner strength and allowing them to grow into finer human beings.

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Another good method is to call their parents when they did something positive and showed off their good work. Allowing them to open up by being liberating with them. Treat them with dignity and respect. Some teachers have an attitude problem. They expect the students to follow them blindly without any motivation. When the teacher does that, the student suffers. The teachers are driven by ‘How can I get better at this?’ which make tons of difference. Another effective way to consider is how much does the teacher want to learn, improve and grow? This is the key to a good teacher.


Teaching is both a science and an art. The teacher can make teaching more enjoyable and constructive. The best teachers are those who can maximize the learning potential of the student in a classroom.

Furthermore, fruitful results will be obtained if he considers himself not just an instructor who teaches. But also the one who cares about the needs of the students and behaviour. Teachers who try to perform their job righteously and devote their time are crucial. The teachers that can balance patience and discipline will go a long way.

As rightly stated by Brad Henry, “A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning.”

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