Group Studying versus Personalized Approach

Several universities across the globe are adopting various teaching methods to teach students with a good knowledge base in their studies. Among them, some universities are leading their students towards individual learning patterns. In contrast, other universities show the students to follow a group study approach or both.

Guess which is the best way for the kids to learn? For this question, we can’t answer directly. Since every kid is unique, it depends on their learning habits. Though it is based on your opinion, you cannot choose it based on general perception. Both Group and Personalized studying methods have some pros and cons. You can go with group study or self-study based on your comfort zone.

If your mind is unclear about choosing the side, we will help you with it. We can’t suggest which is perfect for your learning style. But we can say, what are the benefits you can gain from both Group studying method and personalized studying method. By knowing the benefits and their drawbacks, you can be able to choose your learning methods.

Here we go with the pros and cons of Group and Self studying.

Group Studying

Benefits of Studying in Groups

As a student, you know the importance of studying. Keep in mind while choosing your learning method. Below are the benefits of Group studying for your knowledge:

1. Discussion

Studying will be effective only if you know the concept. Some people don’t understand the concept when they learn on their own. They constantly seek someone to explain it clearly for their better understanding. And Group study is efficient for those kids. Because studying with friends in a group can allow you to discuss the topic and helps you to understand the concept.

2. Brainstorming

When studying in groups, students can share their thoughts. This will lead the kids to better learning progress and brainstorms new ideas. This is because each student read the same topic from different perspectives. As a result, it broadens your mind and improves your thinking skills.

3. Doubt Clarification

When you have doubts about your topic, you cannot proceed further in your learning until it gets clarified. If you read alone, then there won’t be a way to clarify your doubts instantly. But if you learn with your friends in a group, they’ll help you refine your doubts.

4. Provides motivation

Studying in a group is one of the best solutions to break the monotonous learning process. It makes you more attentive to what others are describing. Participating in trial quizzes with friends will be more beneficial for the students.

Drawbacks of studying in Groups

1. Distraction

Group studies offer many benefits for the students. However, it has disadvantages as well. When you study in a group, sometimes you may get distracted. This is because some people used to speak a lot. Though you advise them to stay on the topic, they won’t shut their mouth for a while. If your group has such a person, then you may easily get distracted from your learning and begin to chit-chat with your friend.

2. Move too fast or slow

Some students are slow learners, while others are fast learners. When you study in a group, if a person is a slow or fast learner, it will also affect others’ learning. Make sure the people in your group have the same learning style as yours.

3. Lack of efficiency

Studying in a group lacks your focus on a particular topic, especially during the exam. When you are learning alone, you can prioritize the topics you haven’t prepared well. But, when you are in a group, you should go alone with your co-reader even if you’ve enough knowledge on a particular topic.

When is it best to Study in a Group?

  • If you require a person to discuss the topics.
  • When you lack motivation.
  • Don’t like a silent environment.

Personalized Studying

Benefits of Personalized Studying

1. Less distraction

Students who choose to learn alone can focus entirely on the topic without disturbance. Because they can’t turn their study period into a hangout time with their friends. Thus, with personalized study methods, students can pay 100% attention to their learning.

2. Personal study environment

Every kid is different. Some like to learn in a quiet environment, while others want to learn in a crowded place. If you are a silent learner, then you should go with self-studying. When you learn alone, you can choose your learning spot and prepare well for your tests. Whereas, if you are in a group, there will be some discussion or sound distraction when someone does something.

3. Focus

Whenever you learn a subject, you don’t need to cover all the topics. If you are clear and strong in a particular topic, just skip that topic and focus on the topics that need high priority.

Learning alone can help you focus on a particular topic. But, you can’t focus on a specific topic if you are in a group. Because you need to go along with topics that others choose. In other words, you can focus on your study schedule or plan.

Drawbacks of Personalized studying

A coin has two sides. Likewise, every learning method has advantages and disadvantages.

1. Feel bored

When students learn alone for more than an hour, they may feel bored at some point. Silence may feel exhausted when you are alone.

2. Lack of motivation

As mentioned above, learning for a more extended period makes you tired. This may lead you to give an extended break to your learning process. Motivation is like a spark for your learning. So, when you learn alone, you may lack motivation.

When is it best to study alone?

  • When you have a talkative group study with friends
  • Different learning methods
  • When you need to focus on particular topics.

Bottom lines

Usually, students give their best when they engage actively in their learning. So, if you ask me about self-study and Group study, I would say it depends on a person’s opinion. If you are looking for the answer to which type of study is best for you, we suggest you choose your side based on the pros and cons. It’s based on your learning style and habits.

Happy reading!

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