A Collaborative Story by Sahana and Rhea

As Ivy walks along the sidewalk, she thinks to herself, “Ugh. No teenager in the world wants to be friends with me.” Ivy moved to the city a few months ago. Her new classmates tease her for being from the country. She misses her old friends. Ivy kicks a pebble and she watches it roll off the sidewalk and onto a small, black creature.  

“Ahh!” she exclaims, before realizing that it’s just a bunny. Ivy picks it up and looks into its hazel eyes.

“You poor thing!” Ivy exclaims. “I’ll take care of you,” she coos. In her excitement, she ignores the thought that maybe this bunny belongs to someone else. A strap of her black tank top slips down as the bunny tries to jump on her shoulder.

“I will call you Ralph,” Ivy giggles.

Meanwhile, Lily is walking to her friend Jasmine’s house. They are planning to walk to the new ice cream shop downtown. When she gets there, she sees  Jasmine comforting her little sister, Rose. 

“What’s going on?” Lily asks. 

“I was playing with Fluff on the grass in our front yard. And then I turned around to tell my mom I wasn’t hungry for lunch, and when I looked back, he was gone,” Rose sniffles. 

“Oh, no. I’ll help you look for him,” Lily says, patting Rose on the back. 

While Lily is out looking for Fluff, she encounters a girl who looks to be about her age holding a black bunny.

“Oh, yay! You found Fluff,” Lily says.

“Found? No, this is my bunny, Ralph. I’m sure this isn’t the bunny you’re looking for,” Ivy gasps, pretending that she hadn’t just found the bunny moments ago. 

“A little girl is crying because she lost her bunny named Fluff. I think the bunny you’re holding is Fluff,” Lily says skeptically, but polite at the same time. She is convinced that Ivy is lying. “How about you come with me to see the girl who is missing Fluff. She will know if that bunny is hers or not,” Lily says. “If it is, she will probably let you play with him. And if it isn’t Fluff, then I’m sorry for bothering you.”

“Well, okay. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to see the girl,” Ivy says. She imagines the girl missing her bunny and starts to feel guilty, knowing how it feels to miss a friend. 

Lily leads Ivy to Rose’s house. Ivy’s heart breaks when she sees the girl crying. Ivy brings the bunny to the girl, whose face glows with happiness at the sight of Fluff. 

“Oh! Fluff! Thank you so much for finding him! I missed him so much. I really owe you for your help,” Rose cries. 

“Happy to help… Do you think maybe I can visit Fluff sometimes? I don’t have a lot of friends here and Fluff made me feel less lonely. He’s a really great bunny,” Ivy sighs sadly. 

“Of course you can visit Fluff! Anytime!” Rose nods enthusiastically.

“Oh, thank you so much!” Ivy beams. Then she turns to Lily. “I’m sorry for lying about the bunny.”

“It’s okay. I understand why you wanted to keep Fluff. He’s so cute! Hey, do you want to go get ice cream with me and Jasmine? We want to check out the new ice cream shop,” Lily asks. Ivy lights up. 

“Yes! I would love to come,” Ivy says, excited to finally make new friends. 


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