English Reading for Beginners

English Reading for Beginners

Do you want to become a better reader by improving your reading skills?

“Today a Reader, tomorrow a leader!”

Reading opens up new worlds for your child. It is an essential part of your child’s development. To learn any language, you must be able to read. The more you read, the more the brain absorbs information about how language works. One of the sole purposes of Reading is to expand knowledge and discover oneself. When your child learns to read, it improves their attention, memory, and imagination. Reading helps in expanding vocabulary, improves cognitive development and empathy.

We learn to read as kids, and we Read to learn as adults. Reading can help your child learn English effectively, and it enriches your child to learn various other languages too. Reading is an important skill needed for language learners today. With Reading, we stay up to date with current events and happenings that surround us. Unfortunately, we live in a time where technology is eclipsing the practice of Reading. However, emphasizing the importance of Reading should be encouraged.

What is English Reading?

Reading is like peering into another world via a window. When we read, we use our eyes to receive written information. It’s the act of receiving information in the form of printed or written content. For example, the alphabet, numbers, and pictures. And then, we use our brain to process them and communicate to us. Reading is a receptive skill that allows us to receive or intake information, and it is also a productive skill that helps in receiving and transmitting the information.

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Reading is an essential skill in English, and it has many benefits when started early. When children read at a young age, they grow up to be excellent readers. It’s a social activity that strengthens your child’s analytical and thinking skills. Reading helps us to learn different stories from all around the world. Those stories shape us and make us more empathetic as people. It helps us to step into somebody else’s shoes and shows us a new perspective of things. Although Reading is challenging, it gives us access to a wealth of information. You can improve your Reading in several ways. 

How to improve Reading skills?

In our daily lives, we spend a lot of time reading. Whether texts, e-mails, recipes, newspapers, and much more, improving your reading skills and fluency will help you save time. It can also make you enjoy and help you get more out of what you read. Below are some tips on how to improve your reading skills the right way.

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  • Note down unfamiliar to develop vocabulary
  • Provide the right kind of books to read
  • Read a lot, and practice makes perfect
  • Read and reread to build fluency
  • Don’t rush and take your time to understand the words
  • Use your imagination and try to picture what you read
  • Have reading goals and reward yourself each time 
  • Summarize what you read at the end 

What is ESL Reading?

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English as a second language or ESL is a term used for the study of the English language. Nowadays, the English language has a significant influence on people worldwide. The primary language of the child may not be English. English as a second language is a high-demand subject of instruction and continues to grow. It is growing across schools as a second language, and it is becoming a compulsory language in many schools. ESL is designed to teach young minds and train them to excel in the subject. ESL is for individuals who want to improve Reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

How to teach ESL Reading comprehension for beginners?

Comprehension is extracting meaning from what we read. The process begins before a child can read. They see the text and enjoy the pictures, and they then start to associate the text with the words they hear. To improve comprehension strategies, students need to practice their reading skills.

  • Allow students to read the material again and again
  • Ask them to have discussions about what they read
  • Let students summarize the text and share it with others
  • Give them short stories to read and have them explain
  • Come up with questions and have them cleared

Why is Reading essential?

Reading is beneficial since it expands our minds and provides us with unlimited knowledge. It helps us to keep our minds busy with our thoughts. Unlike other things, books can help us retain our thoughts, feelings, and knowledge. Reading has numerous advantages, including improved mental health and the development of healthy habits. No wonder, Reading is one of the most popular forms of personal leisure. Even though books have been around for a very long time, their relevance has not diminished with time.

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Benefits of Reading

We all love books, don’t we? Every book that you read gives you a chance to explore something new. It broadens your perspective and increases your intelligence. It allows you to grow mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. However, The value of Reading extends beyond all these advantages. You will be surprised to learn how Reading books can be beneficial to your health and happiness. Let us explore excellent Reading benefits:

  • Increased vocabulary and knowledge
  • Enhances memory and brain development
  • Improves focus and concentration
  • Broadens your perspective and imagination
  • Improves your writing skills
  • Reduces stress, anxiety, and restlessness
  • Makes you a good listener
  • Makes you feel positive and happy

Ways to prepare children to read at home?

Make sure to take your time before you start reading. Children can start as early as 5-6 years of age. Word recognition is the first thing children learn. They need to focus on the words and build their vocabulary. Slowly they can increase their fluency. Some tips to get your child to read at home are:

  • Word recognition-Read together and understanding the words
  • Follow a schedule- sit down at the same time every day
  • Phonics-Decoding the words and knowing their meaning while reading
  • Please help them to understand the relationship between letters and sounds 
  • Readout loud and read to each other
  • Ask them to choose and pick books at the right level 
  • Brainstorm a lot of stories to read together

Where should I learn Reading?

Nurtem is an online learning platform that offers exceptional Reading classes. Our classes are intended to give students a solid foundation in Reading. We help them to focus on words, phrases, and sentences. We improve their reading skills and help them to gain confidence. Students get practice through seeing and reading books. These pictures and stories are designed to reinforce reading skills taught in classes.

We have excellent online tutors for both children and adults, ranging from academic to non-academic Reading. Easy breezy reading classes that are rather enjoyable. We have a dedicated team of experts available 24/7. We have flexible class timings to suit your schedule. We do have Reading sessions for collaborating activities as well. We also give them a certificate at the end of the course.


If you want students to excel in Reading, then Nurtem is the best choice for your child!

What will you learn in a Reading class?

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Reading classes, in general, will offer different levels for different age groups. With 42 different sounds, children get the tools to read almost every word. They will give importance to phonics. Phonics will help children focus on letter sounds and not just letter names. They will read a lot of stories, poems, and comics. The classes will offer them interactive tasks, stories and songs, and word games. They will emphasize the importance of spoken English.


Reading may appear boring to those who have never truly liked books. But the fact is books are entertaining and also beneficial to your health. Even if you aren’t a voracious reader, give it a try. Read, even if you are feeling stuck and want to give up. Habits take time to form, but it is definitely worth your time. I hope that it sparks a love of reading for your child.

Pick up a book from a library or a store that your child might like to read. Reading back-to-back stories helps children to get fluent. Whatever genre of books you choose to read, enjoy them. You will be surprised how much fun reading can be for you. If you haven’t started reading, you should now. Today is the best day to start reading.

Have a good time reading!

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