Creative Writing- Beginner Guide

creative writing

Do you love to write creatively but have writer’s block?

Writing stems from within you. Whether you are a first-time writer or a seasoned writer, creativity starts in your head. Research shows the creative side of the brain is the right side of the brain. And anyone who uses their imagination and originality and puts it on paper can write creatively. So as long as it is not entirely a true story, it can be whatever you want it to be.

A creative writer goes above and beyond traditional Writing. It defies categorization into a particular writing genre. Creative Writing is not restricted like the other styles of Writing impose.

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Creative Writing, unlike academic and technical Writing, has no limitations. It can be used to create a narrative from here and a story from there. We use Creative Writing to express ourselves and entertain others.

But where and how do we start writing?

What exactly Creative Writing is?

Creative Writing is the art of using your imagination to write. Creative Writing uses the senses and emotions to invoke a solid visual into the mind of the reader. To hone your creative writing skills, you must infuse your style and creativity. That is why Writing is unique and full of self-expression. At the same time, another style of Writing leaves the reader with facts and information.

what is creative writing
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Creative Writing has different styles and genres, which include fiction and nonfiction. Whether it is poetry writing, storytelling, prose, novel writing, and much more, it pulls you into a new world created from your imagination. Some write for fun while others write to achieve something. Either they want to become a writer, earn a certificate, or a degree.

Regardless of the reason, there are many ways to get started.

How to start Creative Writing?

Some of the greatest literary works happen by chance. So, if you are new to Writing, don’t worry. Creative Writing helps you share new ideas and has many benefits. Right from giving you a perspective of things, getting you a dream job, or enjoying it as a pastime. Since creative Writing is entirely the outcome of your imagination, there is no right or wrong. All that it does is convey meaningful Writing, which grasps the attention of the reader. Despite its benefits, many find it challenging to try a hand at Writing. So how then do we start writing?

how to start creative writing
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We have compiled tips below to start your Creative writing journey:

  • Write things down to unlock your imagination
  • Collaborate with others for fun learning and ideas
  • Break up your Writing and editing to simplify the Writing
  • Play with new words and use of language to engage readers
  • Know your purpose of writing to the target audience

What are the concepts of Creative Writing?

Creative Writing demands a variety of concepts. So to create something good, you have to know a collection of elements. These elements must work together effectively to make sense. Writing an excellent description of a place is not the same as creating a character. To create a masterpiece, you must make sense of everything. You must balance and do justice to your Writing. A great story can come apart without a good writing style. But what if you had the power to change that?

concept of writing
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1. Unique style of Writing: to have a unique style of writing to express oneself is essential. It would help if you had a natural, clear, and consistent flow to engage the audience. Having clarity in Writing helps writers to avoid muddled language.
2. Characters: when the characters come alive in any writing, it engages the audience. Writing needs to be robust and highly imaginative to bring out the characters.
3. Plot: Most of the plot is written in the first person as if the author was an eye-witness. Or sometimes, in the third person, where the author describes events that happened to others.
4. Visual descriptions: visuals help readers understand the events better that took place. Readers are drawn in more because it helps them to imagine themselves in the character’s shoes. That is the sole purpose of reading.
5. The author’s point of view: on the characters and events in Writing is essential. What was the author talking about, and who?
6. Emotional connect: a good writer leaves the reader wanting more. The trick is to connect them emotionally with the storyline.

Examples of Creative Writing:

Creative Writing isn’t limited to just short stories and poems. It has different genres to suit different situations and personal expressions. Find out which one you would like to try!

example writing
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  • Novels
  • Short stories
  • Plays
  • Blogging
  • Personal Essay
  • Articles
  • Scripts
  • Letters
  • Memoirs

Why is Creative Writing important?

Writing is essential to describe the world in an honest and unfiltered manner. Creative Writing uses new writing styles, explores and experiences the sharing of new ideas. These factors help you in becoming a better writer both professionally and in everyday life.

why creative writing
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Words are compelling and intense. Stories can move us through powerful Writing. We, as writers, are hungry for more. So the more we write, the stronger we become. Creative writers make the world a better place, whether they write for themselves or others.

Benefits of Creative Writing

1. Creative Writing builds confidence

To write, you must be able to express yourself fully. It is the most effective way to develop a writer’s voice without being constrained. Therefore you will feel at ease in asserting your opinions in Writing. As a result, Creative Writing builds confidence in you by making you think optimistically.

2. Creative Writing improves imagination

When you write creatively, you envision places, characters, and circumstances. So, creative Writing stretches and stimulates your imagination. It makes you think outside the box. It helps you find new ideas and alternatives to old ones. It expands your knowledge and improves your writing skills.

3. Creative Writing fosters empathy

Because writers create fictional characters and situations, they tend to imagine things, personalities, and places. However, those things do not exist in their own lives. Writers express more effectively when they have a deeper understanding of others’ points of view. A creative writer is more sensitive to emotions, allowing him to empathize with others.

4. Creative Writing clarifies thought

Creative Writing improves your thought clarification process. This clarity helps them to share their thoughts and ideas with others. Because they have mastered the skill, they can incorporate the skills into their way of thinking. Whether professionally or in any technical field, writers can assist them in clearing their doubts.

5. Creative Writing is fun

In case you think that Writing is monotonous, you are mistaken. Writing is enjoyable. Whether you are writing new music or a drama, you are creating new worlds and people. You have complete control over your Writing. As a result, when you devote so much of your time to Writing, something beautiful emerges.

Effective Creative Writing apps for students?

Creative writers use a little bit of reality and a lot of imagination. Imagination awakens their creative side. Sometimes it is difficult to write because of a loss of inspiration. But with great tools and apps, you can keep the writers engaged. These tools generate ideas, access accessibility, and share words with visuals. Let us find out some ways for getting ideas flowing and make Writing enjoyable?

writing apps
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  • Grammarly
  • Hemingway
  • The brainstormer
  • Outflow
  • Draft

What will I learn in an online creative writing class?

An online course helps you develop your creativity. No matter wherever you are, there are creative writing courses to suit your style. This program introduces you to the four genres of Creative Writing. They are fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and drama. We learn to do screenplays, stage plays, journals, and book writing. It includes all of the tools required for Writing. You will get the techniques and the skills for Writing. These courses will help you to develop characters, stories, and ideas. It will help you figure out what to include and exclude from your Writing.

What are the Creative Writing methods of practice in Nurtem?

Creative writing classes at Nurtem are fun and interactive. Nurtem makes every struggle worth it for those who struggle to write. The classes help create transformative experiences and growth in your Writing. It is never a waste of time to learn the rules of Writing.

why nurtem
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  • We practice free Writing with students to draw out some interesting ideas
  • We ask them to break down the story into pieces to understand better
  • We make students understand the story from another point of view
  • We help them build words from random sentences
  • We suggest they read others writing and learn from it
  • We ask them to choose a topic of their own and start writing
  • We ask them to observe people and write on actual-world incidences


Writing requires patience and dedication. Its easy to sit hours at your laptop and have nothing to write. Or to cross out Writing after writing only to get stuck. Although it can be mind-boggling at times, it is worth it. Creative Writing is also therapeutic for many. Writing helps them to work through whatever discomfort they are feeling.

It has been shown to improve mental, emotional, and physical well-being. You will feel satisfied after a completed piece of work. Any Writing brings immense pleasure. But to write creatively brings satisfaction. And creative writing style brings out the best in us. After all, the quality of content will determine the level of success in content marketing.

After all, good content is king!

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