Carnatic Music And Kids Brain Development

Carnatic Music and Brain Development

Have you ever wondered how Carnatic music helps in improving a kid’s brain development? If yes, then you are at the right spot!

We all love listening to different genres of music in our daily life. Some people might be a big fan of Carnatic, while others love jazz, rock, pop, western, or contemporary. But did you know that music can benefit babies? It could be difficult for you to believe. However, many specialists believe that Carnatic music has a significant impact on children’s brain development.

impact of music in brain development
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This blog will explain how Carnatic music helps develop kids’ brains. So, without any further hum, let’s take a look at the blog.

How does Carnatic Music improve Kids brain function?

Effect of Carnatic music on babies brain development in the womb:

One of the most important aspects of human life is “music”. Many studies have shown that music significantly impacts a baby’s brain development before birth.

carnatic music and brain development in kids
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Listening to music during pregnancy will lift the mother’s spirit and provide a positive impact on the baby in the womb. By week 24, the ears start to develop and respond to the voices and noise.

Effects of Carnatic music on child’s brain development:

According to the neuroimaging technique, a study has shown how early Carnatic music training produces physical changes in kids’ brains.

Several other researchers have found that listening to Carnatic music at an early age increases the white matter in the corpus callosum and improves the connection of brain cells. It also enhances the grey matter in the cerebral cortex, which helps the brain’s sensory-motor function.

carnatic music helps kids in brain development
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Another finding with neuroimaging has shown that Carnatic music can activate the left side of the brain.

A new discipline called Neuromusicology was discovered due to the consistent link between brain activity and Carnatic music. Experts have conducted studies utilizing the new technique over the last few decades and concluded that music has the power to activate every part of a kid’s brain.

Bottom lines

Babies are born with billions of brain cells, which connect with other brain cells over time, making the brain stronger. When a child grows up, listening to Carnatic music builds a strong connection in the kids’ brains.

So, as a parent, if you wish to boost your kids’ brain functionality, let them learn, or listen to Carnatic music at an early age would be the best choice.

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