Best Apps to Help Kids Sharpen their Coding Skills

Coding is not everyone’s cup of tea. But, some kids love to hone coding skills in their life. If you are one among those, you are at the right spot.

In this blog, we’ve listed a few applications that help you to enhance your coding skills. Let’s get into the blog.

What is coding?

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Coding is sometimes called computer programming. It is a communication between the system and the coder. Through coding, we can implement various actions. However, writing code is like creating a command for the computer to perform a task. Thus, by learning to code, you can tell your computer what it should do and how to behave. For example, Robots’ actions.

Why learn to code?

Undoubtedly, technology is dominating and creating a massive impact in different industries. “Learn to code” seems to be the phrase among the students. Even from Bill Gates to Obama, everyone is encouraging kids and young minds to give it a try to code.

But what exactly does learning to code entail? Why is it so important? Keep reading ahead to find out.

why learn coding
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  • Lead your career in software development
  • Helps in understanding the aspects of technology
  • Allow you to pursue your passion project
  • Enhance problem-solving skills
  • Improves interpersonal skills
  • Build confidence

Now that you got your answer for why it is essential to learn code, I guess. Shall we dive into the applications list to enrich your coding knowledge? Here we go.

Applications to improve your kid’s coding skills

Apps for elementary students (Age 5 to 10)

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1. Lightbot

Platform – Android and iOS
Cost – $2.99
Ages – 4 to 13 (KG to Grade 9)

Lightbot offers you games like Code hour, Programming puzzle, and JR. Code Hour is an hour-long free trial game for coders. Whereas, Programming puzzles and JR are the games that cost $2.99. So, if you are looking for the best apps, this application works for you.

2. Code Karts

Platform – Android and iOS
Cost – Free and In-application purchase of $1.99
Ages – 3 to 5 (Preschool to KG)

If your child loves to play car races, then Code Karts is the perfect match for them. This game is designed for preschoolers. Hence, it doesn’t require any reading skills. The first ten levels are free to play. In those levels, you can win by matching simple colors. To reach advanced levels, you need to unlock the levels by purchasing for $1.99. It will open up to level 60. When running high levels, the difficulty level increases as well. Hence, to win the game, you require progressive coding knowledge.

3. Code-a-Pillar

Platform – Android and iOS
Cost – Free
Ages – 3 to 6 (Preschool to KG)

Code-a-Pillar is specially designed for young kids. It is a game that uses drag-and-drop blocks of code. It is a standard app for kids to learn coding. Kids love this game due to its bright colors, friendly caterpillar, and fantastic music. The levels in this game will open up by playing mini-challenges like counting.

4. Spritebox

Platform – Android and iOS
Cost – Free Code hour, $2.99 to $3.99 for Spritbox
Ages – 5 to 7 (KG to Grade 2)

The makers of Lightbot designed Spritebox. It is a 2D game that gradually teaches kids how to code. Through Spritebox, kids begin to learn syntax over many levels. It offers free code hours as a trial for the coders. So, try the trial version, and if you love it, unlock more levels by purchasing.

5. Box Island

Platform – Android and iOS
Cost – Free and In-app purchases from $2.99 to $7.99
Ages – 5 to 10 (KG to Grade 5)

This game has impressive visual graphics along with colorful 3D animations. Though there is no special note on the drag-and-drop match, it will provide you with some tricks. This will help you understand the basic code logic and problem-solving methods. However, only the first 10 levels are free to play. To move further levels, you need to unlock by purchasing.

Applications for Middle School Students (Ages 11 to 13)

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5. Hopscotch

Platforms – iOS
Cost – Free, monthly subscription of $7.99 and yearly subscription of $79.99
Ages – 8 to 17 (Grade 3 to Grade 9)

It is an open-world application for kids to code. It has both STEM and Artistic skills for the kids to teach. In this application, the kids are given ample tools to command and control virtually the characters, illustrations, and designs.

Through this application, a kid can learn to create games and animations and share them online with their community. If you require more requirements and features, you must unlock them through your purchase.

6. Everything Machine

Platform – iOS
Cost – $2.99
Ages – 4+

It is a fun application to program and engineer. If your kids love learning to code, they should check this application out.

Through this application, students can learn to create widgets like voice disguises, stop-motion cameras, and more. This application’s natural beauty is that it doesn’t limit your kid’s imagination.

7. Sphero Edu

Platform – Android and iOS
Cost – Free, $129.99 for the Sphero robot. It may vary for other bots.
Ages – 5 to 13 (KG to Grade 9)

Through this application, kids can have control of the Sphero robots. It includes mini versions of droids, etc.; with the levels of coding ability, kids can use drag and drop code blocks, code texts, etc. Mind you, Sphero is a more affordable one that comes with app control.

8. Cozmo Code Labs

Platform – Android and iOS
Cost – Free, $149.99 for the Cozmo robot
Ages – 6 to 17 (Grade 1 to Grade 9)

Cozmo is an adorable little robot that moves, looks around, detects objects, speaks a short sentence, picks an object, etc. However, it can be controlled with the help of the Code lap coding application.

Applications for high school students (Ages 14 to 18)

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9. Robozzle

Platform – Android and iOS
Cost – Free, In-app purchase from $0.99 t0 $1.99
Ages – 13+ ( from Grade 9)

Does your kid love logic puzzles? Then I’m sure Robozzle will not disappoint them. With very few variables, you can open up to level 1000 in this application. Further, using this application helps you to think outside of your box. So, throw away your Sudoku and try this application.

10. Codes

Platform – iPad
Cost – $14.99
Ages – 13+ (from Grade 9)

It is another open-end coding application for the kids. It is similar to Hopscotch. This application allows you to create impressive games, graphics, and visuals using the programming language. Also, this application will enable you to write code simply by touching the commands. Connecting the menu option can incorporate sounds, images, and characters.

11. Programming Hub

Platform – Android and iOS
Cost – Free, In-app purchase from $0.99 to $74.99
Ages – 13+ (From Grade 9)

If your child is good with basics and ready to learn further, then the Programming Hub will be an excellent choice. With over 20 languages, this application teaches high schoolers to code better.

12. Mimo

Platform – Android and iOS
Cost – Free
Ages – 4+

Mimo is one of the significant applications that sharpens kids’ programming skills. This application will schedule daily practice to ensure you remember the essential concepts and logic required to add to the coding box. Further, it has different options to practice code. Make sure to use it to improve your coding skills.


Introducing these applications to your child’s learning will fascinate them to code better. Through these applications, begin to code with fun and imagination. Good luck!

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