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Why is water so blue? Have you ever explained that to a three-year-old? Well! I guess he will believe you whatever color name you say. Children believe in us and learn by imitating and repeating what they see. They watch and repeat everything that you do. Thus, they will follow suit when you read it out to them too.

Since early childhood is the best time to develop reading skills, introducing your kids to early reading games which are fun can do wonders. Children learn to read games as quickly as 2 or 3 years of age. Therefore, reading should be engaging and fun for a child, not tedious. Giving kids a daily reading list is the worst approach to convey that idea.

The benefits of reading games online will hook your little one up. Thereby keeping them engaged for a long time. Children learn quickly while playing games. Small games played daily will help their young minds work. These fun reading games for kindergarten can go a long way towards equipping them with reading skills. 

Reading games are fun and promote fast learning. Moreover, it can help teachers and parents entertain their children while fostering a love for reading. Online reading games will expose kids to a variety of skills. A majority of reading games online are free to download and play. 

Let us have a look at the 10 most fun online reading games for kids which inspire them:

1. Cause and effect:

Skills: From cause to effect

1 Cause and Effect
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Most kids, or all I would say, love ice creams. This game makes kids practise the cause and effect reading skills more efficiently. The kids have to drag the scoops, which is the cause and place it on the cone, which is the effect. The scoops are placed on the left and the cones on the right side. Find the correct answer and place it on the respective cones. There are many quizzes, lessons and incomplete questions to be solved. The kids can save it in the worksheets offered and later take a printout of the game.

2. Sight word smash:

Skills: Sight words

2 Sight Smash Words
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Sight words are significant for kids in the initial years. This reading game will speed up the reading from an early age. It is one of the popular games for kindergarten. Kids get exposed to plenty of words such as Dolch and fry. Find the word after listening and smash the block. Altogether remove the block the second time by smashing it.

3. Monkey in the middle:

Skills: Middle sounds

3 Monkey in the Middle
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Young children learn how to combine sounds to create words. They need to drag the monkey to his vine to retrieve the letter. Students practice short, three-letter words by combining short middle sounds. Once they finish the three correct answers, they get to play a short game. 

4. Letter dance party:

Skills: letter recognition, comprehension

4 Letter Dance Party
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The children learn all the letters through a dance party with snuffy and the big bird. They can practise letters by tracing the letters. They get to dance with the big bird too. They entertain kids through colorful balloons and gifts to keep them entertained.

5. Explore with Molly:

Skills: Reading comprehension, the storyline

5 Explore with Molly
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Kids will love to explore molly’s town, where she is busy with neighbours friends. Her neighbors are busy picking up blueberries. This is an easy-to-understand story game for young children. Molly has new recipes for kids to follow and shows them her map to understand cultural differences. She also has a backpack with many amazing things stored to show kids.

6. Super Why:

Skills: Letters recognition, reading and rhymes

6 Super Why
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The kids will learn about letters written on bones. They learn about alphabets and their sounds. They connect the alphabets to learn the sequence of the alphabets. It is an excellent children’s game for learning letters, reading, and rhymes. Children learn to read while playing with their favorite Super Why character. Super Why, Wonder Red, Prince’s presto and Alpha Pig. They are going on a treasure hunt, thereby exploring maps. They also earn sovereigns.

7. Alphabet bubble:

Skills: Phonemic awareness

7 Alphabet Bubble
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Playing Alphabet Bubble helps to increase phonemic awareness. Match the letters to words that begin with the appropriate letter sound by popping bubbles. The image of the word is shown to the child when a match is made.

8. Match the opposites:

Skills: Identifying opposites, Reading with symbols

8 Match the Opposites
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Kids in kindergarten must understand the meaning behind the words to master the language. This is a fun and engaging matching game for early learners. The kid’s pair cards that are based on opposite attributes, such as big or small, hot or cold, and fat or thin. To play, they drop or drag the cards next to each other.

9. Letter and Number tracing:

Skills: Practice numbers and letters

9 Letter and Number Tracing
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Tracing is a fun way for kids to practice letter and number formation. Students can trace uppercase, lowercase, or number letters. A guide will show where each stroke should begin and end. The kids will listen to music while they trace. They can choose from pop, rock, classical and island musical themes. The book ends with a fun bonus game in which kids arrange numbers and letters to create a musical beat!

10. Shape and color BINGO:

Skills: Finding shapes and colors

10 Shape and Colour Bingo
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Finding colors and shapes or both never got more fun. There are 2D, 3D shapes or both. The kids will enjoy playing this reading game to find colors too. There are grids of colors where children can match the color. They also get to collect 20 Bingo Bugs.


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Kids love anything that is challenging for them. So, when it comes to reading games too, they find it enjoyable. Learning something through play is always fun, and they are more than willing to learn. How much time a student spends on a game is closely related to reading. So, keep reading because online reading games help children develop essential life skills.

Great reading exercises should encourage a child to begin reading. Reading games make learning a fun and engaging experience. Is it, however, expected of children to love reading? That will depend on the child and the love for reading. It also depends on how motivated they feel to do so. A child who enjoys reading will do an activity and devote more time to it. As they get more engaged, they will learn more. 

Meanwhile, let them read well because now is the right time to play!

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