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A Collaborative Story by Sanvi, Pragya, and Nethra

Ariel’s birthday was coming up. Belle decided to host a surprise party for her.

Beep beep! Mulan felt her phone vibrate in her pocket. 

“Hey, Belle,” Mulan answered. “What’s up?” 

“Let’s have a surprise birthday party for Ariel. We can have it at my pool. How about this Saturday at 12pm? Can you bring some pool toys?” Belle said.

“Sure. I can bring a beach ball, pool noodles, and a floatie,” Mulan  said. 

Next, Belle called Aurora.

“Hi, how are you?” she asked.

“I’m okay, I was just napping,” Aurora answered drowsily.

“Sorry to wake you. I’m hosting a surprise pool party for Ariel’s birthday on Saturday at 12:00pm. Can you come?” Belle asked.

“Sure. Sounds fun. What should I bring?” Aurora inquired.

“How about pizza, lemonade, ice cream, and popsicles?” Belle suggested.

“Great. See you then,” Aurora said.

After that, Belle called Elsa.

“Hi, Elsa. Is Anna nearby?”

“Hi, Belle. Yes, we just came home from ballet class and we are stretching. I will put you on speakerphone,” Elsa replied. 

“Hi, Anna. I’m hosting a surprise birthday party for Ariel at my pool. Are you free this Saturday at 12:00pm?”

“Sure! Definitely we are free. What should we bring?” Anna said.

“How about you bring Olaf and a birthday cake?” Belle laughed.

“We would love to!” Elsa exclaimed.

Then, Belle called Rapunzel.

“Hello?” Rapunzel said.

“Hi, Rapunzel. I’m hosting a pool party for Ariel’s birthday this Saturday at noon. Can you come?” Belle replied excitedly.

“Definitely. I can bring decorations,” Rapunzel offered.

“Of course,” Belle said. “See you then!” 

Finally, Belle called Ariel. 

“Hi, Ariel. Are you free this Saturday? Do you want to come over and go swimming around 12:30?” Belle asked.

“Sounds great. Anyone else coming?” Ariel replied.

“Nope, just us,” Belle lied. 

The day of the party arrived. Belle finished tidying her home and was setting up the pool area. She looked at her watch. It was 11:55am. Belle was so excited for her friends to get there so they could prepare for the party before Ariel arrived. 

Meanwhile, Mulan was on her way to Belle’s house. She parked her

car and suddenly realized she had forgotten to bring the pool toys.

“Oops! I don’t have enough time to go back and get them. Well, it’s not a big deal. We can still have fun without beach toys,” Mulan thought to herself. She rang the doorbell and Belle greeted her.

“Hi, Belle. Bad news… I forgot to bring the pool toys. I’m sorry. We can still have fun without them, right?” Mulan muttered. 

“That’s okay,” said Belle. She was disappointed, but the party would still be fun. 

Meanwhile, Rapunzel spent the whole morning painting her tower purple and gray. Suddenly, she looked at the clock.

“Oh my! It’s 12:00! I’m late and I won’t have time to make decorations like I said I would. Well, I better rush over to Belle’s. It’s not a big deal,” 

Rapunzel arrived at Belle’s house and rang the doorbell. 

“Hi Rapunzel. Did you bring the decorations? Mulan and I are setting up,” Belle said. 

“Oh, about that…” Rapunzel began. 

“Let me guess. You forgot them,” Belle said gloomily. 

“I’m really sorry,” Rapunzel apologized.

“It’s okay. Come on in,” Belle said. She was a little frustrated that Mulan and Rapunzel didn’t bring what they said they would, but the party would still be great. Belle looked at the time. It was 12:10. Where are Aurora, Anna, and Elsa? she thought. Just then, the doorbell rang. 

“Hi Anna, Elsa, and Olaf.” Belle greeted them, excited to see the birthday cake. Where’s the cake?”

“Oh, no! We forgot the cake!” Anna gasped. 

“We are so sorry!” Elsa apologized. “At least we brought Olaf?” she said hopefully. 

“You forgot the cake?! Mulan forgot the pool toys and Rapunzel forgot the decorations. Now we won’t have cake, either! And where is Aurora?!” Belle squealed.

“I can call Aurora and see where she is,” Elsa offered. 

“Okay, thanks,” Belle said calmly.

Elsa pulled out her phone and dialed Aurora’s number. It rang five times until finally she answered. Elsa put the call on speakerphone.

“Hello?” Aurora said sleepily.

“Are you kidding me?! You were asleep? It’s Ariel’s birthday party right now!” Belle shrieked. “So there will be no pool toys, no decorations, no cake, no food, and no Aurora, either.” Suddenly, the doorbell rang.

“Oh my gosh, Ariel is here!” Belle gasped. “Quick, everyone hide!” Belle opened the door. 

“Hel-” Ariel started.

“Happy Birthday!” All of her friends shouted. 

“Oh my! What are you guys doing here? I thought it was just me and you, Belle,” Ariel said. 

“Well, actually I organized a birthday party for you…but nobody brought what they promised. So there will be no pool toys, no decorations, no cake, no food, and no Aurora, either. She fell asleep,” Belle said almost in tears. 

Her friends stood silently, feeling terrible for breaking their promises. 

“We are so sorry,” Mulan said. Rapunzel, Elsa, and Anna agreed. 

“We ruined your party,”

The Greedy Girl and the Leprechaun

A Collaborative Story by Sanvi, Pragya, and Nethra

There once was a girl named Maytal. She went out for a walk with her dog, Darla, who was sniffing a patch of grass. Maytal looked down to see what she was sniffing. She found a four-leaf clover and bent down to pick it.

“Ow!” said the clover.

Maytal screamed, realizing that it was not a four-leaf clover, but it was a tiny leprechaun! He handed her a map. 

“Follow this map and you will find a pot of gold and diamonds,” said the leprechaun. 

“Really?! Yay! I’m going to be rich!” smiled Maytal, and the leprechaun disappeared. Maytal started to follow the map. She thought to herself, “I’m not going to share any of that gold or diamonds with anyone.”

Maytal and Darla came upon a maze. The walls were made of wheat and corn. Darla used her nose to lead Maytal out of the maze.

“Good girl, Darla!” Maytal handed her a treat. “I can’t wait to get all that gold and diamonds! I’ll buy myself a mansion!” 

Next, Maytal came upon a mountain. At the edge of the mountain was a valley full of quicksand. Maytal needed to cross a wobbly bridge to get to the other side. 

“Stay here, Darla. You can’t come with me. You will fall off the bridge,” Maytal said. “I’m so close to the pot of gold and diamonds!” Maytal started to climb the rainbow, but it was so slippery.  She saw the pot of gold ahead of her. Luckily, she had a backpack with rope in it. She made a lasso with the rope and hooked it around the pot. She held onto the rope and climbed up the rainbow. 

“Yes! I found the pot of gold and diamonds!” Maytal shrieked. She peered into the pot.

Splash!! A green underbaked cupcake was in the pot, and Maytal got frosting all over her face! 

“I hope you learned your lesson,” said the leprechaun who had just appeared.

“What lesson?!” Maytal asked, wiping green frosting off her face.

“You were greedy and wanted to keep all the gold and diamonds for yourself. If you had not been greedy, you would have gotten all the riches, and you would have been able to share the riches with your family, friends, neighbors, and anyone who needs it.” 

The End!

Poetry by Sahana


What a splendid sight

A nice beach in the sunset

Take a photo now!

 Hi hi hello hi

Greetings to you all tonight

Have a happy day

I am sometimes gray

My eyes are very striking

I travel alone

Black and white and fat

Super sweet and cuddly friends

Love to eat bamboo

I provide items

I can appear in sizes

People love me. Yay!

In igloos I live

Everyone knows about me

The moon never sets

I am very cute

Please guess who or what I am

I cuddle a lot

Please guess what I am

! @m ^%ry $!g @nd r0und

1 @m f!ll%d w!t# @!r


There once was a mother

who thought of none other

than her baby son

who was only one

but then there was a brother!!

Limericks co-written by Rhea and Sahana

There once was a birthday girl

Who got a magical pearl

She played with it a lot

She took it on a yacht

One day she gave it a twirl

There once was a colorful towel

Who was taken by a brown owl

She put it in her nest

Then she took a long rest

Till the towel let out a loud howl

There once was a tiger named Lion

Who met a funny friend named Brian

They went to a park

Where they met a shark

They laughed until they were cryin’ 


I had a beautiful balloon

When it popped it let out a tune!

Poetry by Rhea



Brown fur with a mane

Long tail with sharp claws and mouth

Predator not prey

I live in a pack

I hunt for my food at night

I sleep in the day

I can hold supplies

Kids mostly own me for school

Sometimes I travel


There once was a brown haired woman

Who sat on a dark red cushion

The red cushion grew

This was not too new

For the red cushion was wooden

Limericks co-written by Rhea and Sahana

There once was a birthday girl

Who got a magical pearl

She played with it a lot

She took it on a yacht

One day she gave it a twirl

There once was a colorful towel

Who was taken by a brown owl

She put it in her nest

Then she took a long rest

Till the towel let out a loud howl

There once was a tiger named Lion

Who met a funny friend named Brian

They went to a park

Where they met a shark

They laughed until they were cryin’ 


I like to fly my purple kite

l do not fly it in the night

Poetry by Sanvi

I Am From

I am from my bracelet that my teacher gave me

from India and California

I am from a family who is kind and thankful

And from my mom’s Oreo cake

I am from the playground by my cousin’s apartment in India

Whose giant slide is fun to ride

I am from playing with my little brother

I am from Indian songs

I am from Dhriti and Himanshi

I am from rice and rajma

I am from those moments on Saturdays when I get to Facetime my cousin


There once was a pretty girl

Who found a nice, pretty pearl

She rubbed and scrubbed it

With a cleaning kit

Then she took a bath and twirled


They are so cuddly 

They are white and brown and black 

They eat carrots. Yum!

Acrostic Poems


Eggs! Eggs! Everywhere!

An egg on a chair

Spot an egg on the table

There are 150 eggs


Run! Run for the golden egg. Yay!


Chirp, said the bird while flying up high 

He sang so much that he never cried

If he fell down, he got back up 

Red birds joined singing his song

Purr, comes the cat. Better fly high! 


Valentines is a happy day  

All the people sing and play

Love is in the air


Notes are sung happily 

They pass out cards in a tree

In the classroom they sing a song

No one is sad today

Everyone shouts “yay!”

Poetry by Nethra

I Am From

I am from my box of Famous Five books and my apron

from the national parks and my summer break

I am from my forgiving mom and dad

And from “Matha, Pitha, Guru, and Devam”

I am from the Earth 

Whose plants give off Oxygen

I am from being bored and playing Scrabble

I am from my violin 

I am from Kamala and Saroja

I am from rajma, tacos, and lemon rice

I am from those moments when I am reading Little Women


There once was an old mapmaker

Who was also a bad baker

He baked an ointment cake

Made frosting with a rake

He liked to play The Awaker


Is an omnivore

Sleeping all winter in dens

Is big and furry

A widespread mammal

It hibernates in winter

Brown, white, black, and gray

Acrostic Poems


Disney Princess,

Is that ship full of treasure for Ariel?

So Cinderella’s fairy godmother casts a spell,

Now Rapunzel has escaped from the tower

Elsa creates a winter wonderland in the middle of summer

You’re dreaming, Aurora!” says Merryweather.


Leprechauns aren’t


Cauldrons of gold

King of the clovers

You can’t ever see a leprechaun because they hide.


Call the birds

Here birds sing

In your backyard in the park

Ringing in your ears

Please listen to the birds



Ruler’s daughter

Is kind

Never tires of helping others

Crown on her head


She grins

She is helpful


Flutters in the air

A kind, small, and gentle woman who is tiny

If someone needs help, she

Runs to help

You should meet one

Poetry by Pragya

I Am From

I am from my unicorn locket 

from Redmond Avenue and Simons Elementary

I am from a family who is kind and grateful

And from people asking “Do you know a song?”

I am from my lemon tree

whose lemons I use to make lemonade

I am from playing outside after school

I am from Kidz Bop Kids music

I am from Kamala and Visu

I am from biriyani and rasam

I am from those moments when I am reading stories on my recliner in peace


There once was a silly lady

Who looked one hundred and eighty 

She never took a bath

She had an ugly rat

Whose name was Mrs. Katie


Dancing in the sun 

Amazing pink angels stand 

Sweet and feathery

Acrostic Poems



Here is the Ohlone tribe we are so




eke we got a picture with a tribe member


Easter is around the corner

Got eggs

Got to hide them


Boom boom



My, what a thunderstorm!


Valentines Day brings joy for 


Love is more than 


Not even gold is more valuable, nor 

Treasure made of gold or


Nothing is better than love which is more than 


See you later!

Ding dong 

All the bells ring 





Ringing doorbells everywhere there are dark colors and


Gooey slime 

Ha ha ha 

Teasing friends 



In the halls 

Never go to a witch’s house or a 


Innovative and Smart learning techniques to develop new ideas

Innovative and Smart learning techniques to develop new ideas

Looking for innovative or smart learning techniques to grab good grades? Then you are at the right spot. In this blog, we’ve provided few clever learning techniques for you. Implement these techniques into your learning process and enhance your life brighter.

We know you are burdened by too many home tasks, assignments, and tests now and then. You are not the only one who finds 24 hours less to manage your studies and the daily routine. Relax! You are not alone. Many students are in the same position as you.

Did you know? Twenty-four hours is good enough to manage your learning along with your personal life. All you need to do is, follow the below techniques.

Innovative and Smart Learning Techniques:

1. Meditate every morning

innovative and smart learning techniques

Meditating in the early morning will improve concentration and refresh your brain. This will enable you with better learning skills. Alongside, it will reduce your anxiety and make you feel relaxed.

2. Don’t Stuff

Dont Stuff 1

The first thing that you should do is, say goodbye to stuffing. The habit of stuffing the content in your mind will jam at some point. Instead, make a proper schedule and stick to it accordingly. If you are learning the night before your exam, then instead of stuffing, try to revise.

While learning, take a short break for around 10 to 15 minutes every one hour. This will lead you to focus on your studies and relieve yourself from stress.

3. Review

innovative and smart learning techniques

Before you begin with the new topic, always review the  topics that you’ve learned before. This will help you to remember the concepts.

4. Revise before bedtime

read before bedtime

Research has stated that sleeping will boost a person’s brainpower. Hence, before going to bed, revise the topics that you’ve covered while learning. This will significantly benefit you by improving your memory power and intense your recall ability.

5. Take a good nap

good sleep

A sound sleep is a proven existence that helps maintain a healthier life, both mentally and physically. On that note, you’d know that an uncomfortable night’s sleep can make you feel unrefreshed the whole next day.

Further, If you don’t have enough sleep, your mind will not hold much data for a longer time. Hence, a person should sleep at least seven hours to allow the brain to rest and promotes creativity.

6. Learn smaller portion

learn smaller portions

Whenever you learn a lengthy topic, you don’t need to absorb all the details at once. Split the issues into smaller sessions and learn. Once you’ve gone through it, move on to the next session. Learning in this way will be more convenient to remember the subjects.

7. Take Notes

Take Notes

Practical notes enable you to master your syllabus.

While learning, make a habit of note-taking. This will lead you to focus better by organizing information with a simple structure.

8. Try Visual learning

visual learning

Want to study in a short time? Try visual learning. Visual learning will improve your concentration power and memory retention. Also, it increases the thinking skill and enables you to learn better.

9. Study out louder

Read louder

Instead of stuffing, learning loudly is one of the useful smart learning tricks. In a study, it is stated that studying aloud will help you memorize what you’re pronouncing.

10. Plan Ahead

Plan Ahead 1

Studying at the last moment can stress you out. Hence, write down your study goals for the upcoming day every night. This won’t let you run out of time. Also, you can understand every concept clearly.

11. Set your goal

set goal

One of the crucial techniques to learn more brilliant is: setting the right goals that are not on the overboard.

12. Drink enough amount of Water

drink water

Research states that drinking Water while learning will improve your focus and boost your mental health by increasing your blood’s oxygen supply. By drinking Water while learning will improve memory and balance your mood.

13. Study with your friends

study in a group

Try to study in a group once a week. This may benefit you with a better understanding of topics by discussing with friends.

14. Test Your ability

test your ability

Once you’ve revised the topics, practice tests, puzzle yourself after completing each issue. This will help you to map your learning progress.

15. Don’t rush

dont rush while reading

Always don’t rush yourself beyond your limits. Try to achieve your practical goals little by little peacefully. Everyone has a different learning style and pace. Hence, don’t force yourself.

Final Words

Now that you know what are the innovative learning techniques to enhance your education in a better way. Remember to practice these techniques while learning in your life. Implement these techniques one or two at a time. Once you’re comfortable with it, try other methods. This will gradually lead you as a competent learner in this educative world.

So, Why still waiting. Go on and grab your grade by learning smarter! We wish you the best!

Reading strategies for Students with Learning Disabilities

Reading strategies for Students with Learning Disabilities

Learning Disabilities refer to a group of disorders. These disorders stop us from learning, reading, or writing better in our daily life. A learning disability does not mean that they can’t learn. A student with this disability has average intelligence. Students who have a reading disability will need direct teaching methods. Since they know a bit differently, the teachers can straightforwardly teach them.

Students with reading disabilities have the potential to be successful. Most students with reading disabilities improve through strategic reading, writing, and viewing. Provided they get help from the teachers the right way. Teachers, when intervened early, can offer intensive support to the students. Despite these efforts, many struggle to read.  They have difficulty reading unfamiliar and challenging words. Students cannot connect ideas and decode words.

Proficient Reading skills are essential for students to succeed. If students are not competent readers, they may be at risk. There are different types of learning disabilities. Today, we are here to address reading disabilities. Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein are all thought to have had a Learning disability.

Let’s start by looking at what the research says about reading strategies:

What is Reading Strategies?

The Ultimate goal of reading is to extract meaning from what you read. The older students with Learning disabilities need increasing instructional responses. So, when the students read, they have a lot going around in their heads. They use the power of sounds/symbols relationship in phonics to decode the words they don’t know.

In the case of a young student reading- they decode many or most words in the text as they build their vocabulary. They begin to rely less and less on sounding words. As their language grows, so does fluency. Fluency is nothing but the accuracy of reading the text steadily with an accurate tone.

Finally, the student understands what they read or comprehend. There are different comprehension strategies we use to know what we are reading. We make new images in our minds, connect to the text or use reasoning. The following are some ways we can help students with Learning disabilities.

Let us start with the basic:

Decoding Words and Letters:

Communication is a result of sentences that we use every day. Sentences are from words and words from sounds. Children, at first, play with new stories and create new language patterns. They develop phonemic awareness by singing songs, chanting rhymes and reading books. Students learn new words every day. They make an understanding of how oral language works in many ways.

Beginning readers develop their concepts of letters. By recognizing letters in print, name, singing, students begin to understand this relationship. For some children, teachers also have to provide small-group instructions. Teachers have to be open, systematic, and supportive than they usually are. This way they can develop a direct relationship with phonics.

Phonics helps students develop a sound-letter relationship which allows them to decode better. Think about solving the word ‘fish,’ and you need to hear first, understand terms, and put them into effect.

The following are some ways the teachers can help students to learn how to decode:

  • Breaking down of big tasks into smaller tasks
  • Helping students organize the information in a systematic manner
  • Following a predictable pattern
  • It helps them build a word study pattern

Having Fluency:

Reading fluency is the ability to grasp and read texts fluently quickly. Fluent readers do not have to decode words with difficulty. They learn from developing good reading proficiency. Since fluent readers have a useful vocabulary, they make connections between different texts.

Students with Learning Disabilities tend to read calmly, laboring over the text structures. Sometimes the text may be too challenging to read. A lack of fluent reading means that the students lack confidence. If they encourage students to read more, they can become fluent readers. It also gives them improved reading skills.

Fluency comes with oral readings. Fluency is targeted through many other factors like:

  • Reading the same words again and again
  • When the reading is shared repeatedly
  • Self-Identifying reading errors
  • Visualization

Developing Vocabulary:

Students need to develop word awareness, to help them recognize words automatically. Children with learning disabilities think and understand differently. Understanding what they read and remember is the central act of learning. During the reading process, the students have to know what they read. They also have to figure out the different strategies that work. Students develop recognition of most words they hear, see and write.

Vocabulary has to be developed, expanded, and taught. Extending the language and expanding it requires exposure to words and their meanings. They must be taught to use various strategies which enhance their word strength.

Some of the effective vocabulary strategies occur when:

  • Activity-based methods
  • Computer-assisted methods
  • Exposure to new words
  • Interaction with the same terms to process deeply
  • Making connections between old and new words

Final Notes:

Prevention and early intervention provided by well-trained teachers can improve reading methods. It can change from a poor reader to a good reader. If we delay intervention, approximately 75% of the children continue to have reading disabilities.

Why Python is better than other languages?

Why Python is better than other languages?

Are you a beginner who is interested in learning code? Then, Python will be a great place for you to get started with.

There are plenty of programming languages to learn. But, Python is one of the best programming languages designed with simplicity in mind. As a beginner, you might have wondered “why Python is better than other languages?” If you’ve puzzled with such a question, the answer is here for you.

In this blog, we’ve provided you some reasons why you should choose python. Without any fuss, let’s take a short tour to explore some interesting facts about Python.

What is Python?

What is Python exactly? Python is one of the most popular programming languages that can be widely used for a variety of applications. Also, it is a general-purpose coding language that includes high-level data structures, dynamic binding, dynamic typing, and much more.

Despite these, Python is one of the beginner-friendly programming languages. It serves as a gateway to the coding world.

Why is Python so popular?

For the past few years, Python has witnessed incredible growth in the programming world. The key fact that drives Pythons’ booming popularity is: it is an open-source language. Anyone can download and use it to develop an application. It can be used on a wide variety of platforms like macOS, Microsoft Windows, etc. Also, it has been used for large scale projects at Google, YouTube, and many others.

Apart from the key fact, there are other reasons why Python is more popular. Here we go with them:

1. Easy to learn and code

Consistently, Python is ranking as one of the easiest programming languages to learn. This is due to its high reliability and simple syntax which is quite similar to plain text. So, you can write a Python code simply and execute it much faster than the other programming languages. Even, one can change the code base of Python for the quick experiment as it is an interpreted language. Due to the ease of use, Python is even more popular among all kinds of developers.

2. Has a Healthy, Active, and Supportive community

In general, the Programming language may lack documentation and developer support at some point. Python has neither of those issues. It has plenty of documentation, tutorials, and guides to learn. Additionally, the developer community is active. That is, if someone needs any help or support while using Python, they can get instant support from the supportive community. The active community will ensure you with the developers from the basic skill level to the expert.

3. Support from great Corporate Sponsors

Usually, programming languages will grow faster especially when it has a great corporate sponsor at its back. For instance, Visual Basic and C# by Microsoft, PHP by Facebook, and Java by Oracle and Sun. Likewise, Python Programming language is heavily sponsored by Amazon web services, Facebook, and specifically by Google. Back in 2006, Google adopted python and have used it for many applications and various platforms since then. Further, Google has created a dedicated portal for Python. This is an added benefit for Python and becomes more trending among the developers.

4. Amazing Libraries and Frameworks

When you work on bigger projects, libraries can help to cut down the initial development cycle and save time. Due to a supportive community and corporate sponsorship, Python has an excellent selection of libraries from SciPy to Django for web development. Furthermore, few libraries include some specific focus like nltk for natural language processing and scikit-learn for machine learning applications. Also, Python has library-like tools to offer cross-platform support to the developers.

Aside from these, other few libraries and frameworks are accessible in Python. Some of them are:

5. Big Data, cloud computing, and Machine Learning

The use of cloud computing and big data in this enterprise world is one of the main reasons for the popularity of Python. Next to the R language for data science, Python is the most widely used tool. Hence, many data processing workloads in enterprises are powered by Python. Also, Python is mostly used for research and development due to its ease of analyzing and usable data organizing.

6. Versatile, Reliable, and Speed

If you ask any developer, they will heartily agree that Python Is reliable, efficient, and faster than other languages. Python language can be used in any kind of environment without facing any issue or loss. Also, it is versatile to use. Thus, you can use Python in various environments like web development, mobile applications, and much more. This makes it more attractive to use Python.

Importance of Learning Python Programming

We guess you might have a glimpse of why Python is so popular compared to other languages. Now, it’s time to know why you should learn Python and the importance of learning Python programming. Below are some reasons why you should learn Python.

1. Versatile and multiple programming paradigms

Like other programming languages, Python supports multiple programming paradigms like object-oriented programming and structured programming. Also, the features of Python will support various concepts like aspect-oriented and functional programming. As well, Python features automatic memory management and a dynamic type system that help you for developing large and complex software applications. Furthermore, Python has an automatic memory management system to deal with dynamic storage for easy handling.

2. Fast growing with high demand

In recent days, Python is used across many corporate industries and applications. Also, the explosive use in machine learning, data science, and Artificial intelligence increased Python’s popularity in the developer community. Hence, due to the lighting speed growth, Python programming is in high demand for jobs.

3. Web testing framework

Python has many in-built testing frameworks that cover the fastest debugging workflow. Also, like Selenium and Splinter, Python has many modules and tools to make things much easier. Well, we all know testing is a tedious task. Python is a booster for testing. Because it supports testing for cross-browser and cross-platform with the testing frameworks like PyTest and Robot. So, if you are a tester, you should go for Python.

4. Simplify complex development

The main goal of Python is to provide simplicity to get rid of complexity. So, Python is quite easier to read, write, and learn than other programming languages. Hence, you can use the Python programming language for developing both web and desktop applications. Further, Python is designed with some special features to facilitate visualization and data analysis. So, you can take the benefit of data analysis to create big data solutions without any effort and extra time.

5. Easy Access

Well, do you wish to access databases easily? Python will do it for you. Python has two strong points that allow the user to customize interfaces like Oracle, MySQL, etc. This allows you to access other databases rapidly. Furthermore, its integration and flexibility will allow it to run with other programming languages like CPython, Jython, etc.

Advantages of Python

Whenever you learn a new language, you must be aware of the advantages of that language. This will help you to get better knowledge to use the language powerfully while building a robust application. Below we have listed the advantages of Python. Make sure to keep your eyes on them.

1. High-level language

Python looks more similar to the human-readable language than other programming languages. This gives the ability to code at a faster rate than other languages. Python can be extended to other programming languages. So, you can code in languages like C or C++.

2. Simple Syntax

When compared to other programming languages. Python’s syntax is easy to learn. Both the programmers and non-programmers can begin programming right away.

3. Do more with less code

As we mentioned previously, Python is easy to learn and write, you can do more with less coding. That is, you can construct a prototype and test out your ideas faster in Python. So, using Python, you can save valuable time.

4. User-friendly Data Structures

Python is designed with an in-built dictionary data structure that can be used to build fast runtime. Further, Python doesn’t know the variable type, it automatically assigns the data type while executing the code. Hence, programmers need not worry about the variables and their data types.

5. Support libraries and third-party modules

Python has a large standard library. It includes areas like string operations, internet protocols, and operating system interfaces. The standard library of Python will reduce the length of the code for writing significantly. Additionally, the Python package has numerous third-party modules. This makes Python more capable while interacting with other languages.

6. Object-Oriented Programming

Python supports both procedural and object-oriented programming paradigms. Object-oriented programming allows you to build data structures that can be reused. This reduces the repetitive work. So, have you ever decided to switch your programming language from Python? If yes, you have a significant chance to work with object-oriented programming.

7. Productivity

As Python has an object-oriented design, it offers enhanced process control, text processing, and integration. Also, the extensive library and language simplicity will render more productivity than other programming languages.

Is Python a Good Career?

The next big thing that we need to look up is: Does learning Python have a good career? Absolutely yes! Though Python is not the only programming language across the globe, it offers the most promising career opportunities. So, you don’t need to think of it anymore. Here are a few job roles that you can fill by learning Python:

Python developer

Python Developer is one of the most direct jobs that you can expect to land after acquiring Python skills. So, what does a Python developer do? Following are some of the key responsibilities of a Python developer:

  • Build Websites.
  • Write codes efficiently.
  • Troubleshoot problems related to data analytics.
  • Optimize data algorithms.
  • Implement security and data protection.

Data Analyst

Data Analyst is an interesting opportunity specifically for those who like to work with huge amounts of data. Many great companies are looking for people who can work with large sets of data. Specifically, many companies look for people who acquired Python Knowledge. This is because the Python libraries come in handy to accomplish this task. Hence, there is no wonder that companies are opening offers for people who are experienced in Python.

Machine learning engineer

If you are skilled in Python, you will be given high preference over other candidates for machine learning engineer. The role of a machine learning engineer is to build and train machines for making predictions.

Final Thoughts

It’s not too late to learn. If you are striving to learn new skills, then age is not a factor. Learning Python programming not only enlightens you with great skills. But provides you the ability to create something you love.

Hope you have a clear idea about Python. So why are you still waiting? Python has plenty of perks for beginners. So give Python a go!

Happy coding:)